Thanksgiving Still Life Art Activity for Kids

Thanksgiving cranberries

You’re busy in the kitchen, trying to get Thanksgiving dinner ready. You’ve got the cranberries out, the potatoes are chopped and there are piles of spices everywhere. As you’re prepping away, the kids are saying, “We’re bored!” They’re picking the cranberries out of the pile and they’re knocking over your perfectly measured cups of milk and flour. Before banning them from the kitchen, try an artsy activity that uses what you’ve already got. The kids can draw their own still life artworks, with the Thanksgiving meal as their inspiration. This doesn’t mean that they need to wait until the meal is on the table. Instead, find an out of the way place in the kitchen (away from the stove or any sharp utensils), pull up a chair and try this Thanksgiving art idea!


  • Drawing paper, construction paper or a sketch book
  • Crayons, markers or colored pencils
  • Optional: If you don’t have a drawing surface handy, give your child a clip board or a piece of thick cardboard to put the paper on.


  1. Ask your child to pick a food item (or a few). If possible, let your little artist arrange the item or move it around. For example, if the potatoes are hiding the bowl of fresh cranberries, help your child to move each food item so that she can see both.
  2. Draw the food. Your child can create a Thanksgiving still life artwork, as she looks at the food that you’re cooking. Ask her to pay attention to the colors, how the light is hitting the food and the surroundings.