Thanksgiving Place Card Craft

Thanksgiving activity

Set the Thanksgiving table with a cute craft that the kids create! Kids can make simple place cards that don’t require serious crafting knowledge. Before your holiday celebration kicks into high gear, slow things down, have the kids take a seat and get artsy with this easy project. When it’s time for the guests to arrive, the kids can set the table – adding their holiday creations to each place setting!


  • Light-colored card stock paper (you’ll need a thick stock to stand up)
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Tempera paint (in fall colors)


  1. Place an 8×10-inch piece of card stock paper vertically. Fold it downward. Cut at the fold.
  2. Use each piece of cut card stock as one place card. Fold a piece in half to make a tent shape.
  3. Open the card back up. Your child will only ‘create’ on the bottom half.
  4. Pour a few puddles of paint onto a paper plate or piece of wax paper. Use yellow, orange, red and brown (autumn hues).
  5. Write the guest’s name onto the bottom half of the card.
  6. Draw an empty tree branch next to it.
  7. Dip a finger into the paint. Finger print leaves onto the branch and around the name.
  8. Continue the finger printing, using different colors.