8 Nights of Kids’ Hanukkah Art

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Get crafty this Hanukkah and help the kids create awesome holiday art. You have eight nights to get artsy and try out paint, clay, collage and other types of projects with your kids.

  1. Paint Print Menorah: Cut apart a kitchen sponge and use it to paint print a colorful menorah. Your child can dip the sponges in tempera and press them onto a piece of paper to create the holiday art.
  2. Pipe Cleaner Menorah: If paint isn’t on the artsy agenda, have your child twist pipe cleaners into a menorah shape instead.
  3. Dreidel Drawing: Are you looking for something simple? Draw a menorah with crayons. Or draw four, one for each side.
  4. Clay Creations: Finger paint with clay. Smooth clay onto cardboard, using a finger painting motion. Your child can make a menorah, a dreidel or another Hanukkah-themed picture.
  5. Dreidel Gift Box: Turn a take-out container into a dreidel. Attach a cardboard tube to the top and draw a letter on each side.
  6. Mini Menorah: Use modeling clay to sculpt a mini menorah. No, it doesn’t really light. But it looks cute on your mantel.
  7. Sweet Sign: Welcome Hanukkah with a banner. Have the kids use fabric markers to write “Happy Hanukkah” onto a plain white bedsheet. Hang the sheet at the start of the holiday.
  8. Crafty Cards: Fold a piece of card stock paper in half. Use cut craft felt to create menorahs or dreidels on the front.