Creative Coloring Ideas for Easter Eggs

egg coloring

Those traditional dip and dye Easter eggs are so yesterday. Okay, so the kids still enjoy them. But, there are so many options for coloring these holiday eggs. Before you go with the same old activity, check out these creative choices for coloring your eggs.

Jelly Beans

Instead of using food coloring, try jelly beans! How can you swap in the candy for the coloring? Choose a few dark or bold colors of candy (reds, blues, purples and dark greens work best). Add a few beans that are all the same color into a cup of water. Repeat to make cups with other colors. Let the beans sit. The color will start to come off of the candy and move into the water. Strain the jelly beans out of the colorful water. Pop the eggs into the cups of water and watch what happens.

Chalkboard Paint

Paint the eggs with craft chalkboard paint (not the kind you get at the home improvement store for walls). Let the paint dry. Use colorful chalk to draw pictures or write holiday greetings. Keep in mind, these eggs are not edible. These are for decorative purposes only. Do not peel and eat the eggs underneath. To make sure that no one accidentally eats them, poke a small hole on each end of an uncooked egg. Point the egg downwards and gently blow the yolk out. Now you have an empty shell that’s ready to paint!

Silk Transfer

Again, these eggs are not edible. Do not eat them. Cover the egg in a piece of patterned silk. Use a fabric swatch or a piece of a silk tie. Make sure that the colorful patterned side is facing the egg. Cover the silk with a piece of plain white cotton. You can use a piece of an old pillow case or a fabric scrap. Tie the fabric tightly on with yarn or use rubber bands. Put the egg into a pot of water. Add ¼-cup of white vinegar. Boil for 20 to 30 minutes. Take the egg out of the water with tongs. Let it cool completely. Unwrap the egg to reveal a print.