Hanukkah Menorah Crafts for Kids

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Lighting the menorah is one of the most well-known traditions of Hanukkah. But with young children, it can get tricky. The flames, the fire risk and the possibility of burns may make you shy away from lighting the candles. If your little ones aren’t exactly candle-ready, try these no-fire mock menorah options. You can still go ahead and light the real thing (even though you’re making a flameless menorah too) — just keep the candles far away from your child.

Cardboard Tubes

Reuse cardboard tubes from paper towel rolls, turning them into faux candles. Paint the outsides, line them up and “light” them each night by adding a piece of yellow r orange tissue paper to the top.

Craft Felt

Cut rectangles and small yellow ovals from craft felt. Your child can press thin rectangles onto an 8×10-inch piece of felt, creating a menorah shape. Each night you can add another rectangle as a candle. Mock light it by pressing an oval on top as a flame. When Hanukkah ends, peel the shapes off and pack the playset away in a zipper baggie until next year.

Hand Tracing

Trace both of your child’s hands onto a piece of paper — minus the thumbs. Draw a center candle in the middle, using the four fingers on each side and the other eight. Your kiddo can draw a flame onto a finger for each night.