Holiday Party Games for Kids

Christmas game

Christmas is coming and you need something to entertain the kids during your holiday parties. Crafts are cute, but difficult to do with a broad age range during a major family get-together. So, you’re looking for a few games. These holiday arty kids’ activity options are easy to adapt for children of all ages, and will keep everyone busy during your next Christmas party.

Snowball Relay

Okay, so you can’t bring real snowballs inside. Or, at least, doing so might get messy. Instead, blow up snowball-sized white balloons. Split the kids into two equal teams. Line them up and give each line-leader a candy cane. Set up a point that each child must walk to. The child must bounce the balloon snowball on the candy cane down to the point, turn around, go back and hand the whole thing off to the next person in line. If you have younger kids (who are struggling to balance the balloons) push the candy cane end through marshmallows (as fake snowballs) instead. Using snowball marshmallows turns the relay into a speed, and not balance, game.

Gift-Wrap Race

You know they can unwrap presents at a sonic pace, but how fast can the kids wrap gifts? Depending on how many children you have, either give each one a box or split them into teams (relay-style). They must race to wrap the box, using gift wrap, tape and ribbons. The first one to successfully wrap it all up wins!

Holiday Hunt

Set up a holiday-themed scavenger hunt. Write out clues that feature special holiday spots (such as the Christmas tree or where the stockings are hung). Leave behind little treats (such as mini candy canes) at each scavenger hunt spot.