Kids’ Fruit Crafts for Sukkot


Celebrate Sukkot with a kids’ craft project. These artsy explorations help your child to better understand the holiday, spend time with the family and experiment with different art-making processes.

Paper Mache Fruit

Decorate the sukkah with pretty paper mache fruit. Blow up balloons, cut strips of construction paper and mix up a batch of your favorite paper mache paste recipe (or use a store-bought paste from a craft supply store). Dip the strips into the paste and cover the balloons. After the paste dries, paint the paper mache to turn the spheres into apples, oranges, limes, lemons and other types of fruit. Hang the fruit in the sukkah or use it as a centerpiece on the table.

Tissue Paper Fruit

Cut colorful tissue paper into circles. Layer the paper. punch a hole at the top and thread a piece of yard through. Now you have delicate apples, oranges and other harvest picks to hang in the sukkah.

Foil Fruit Decor

Add to the holiday fruit decoration theme with this foil craft. Crumble kitchen foil into balls. Cover each foil ball with red, green, yellow or orange duct tape. Add a piece of green tape on top to create a stem or leaf.