Passover Seder Fun for Kids

Seder activity

The Seder is a major part of the Passover celebration. That said, sitting at the table for what could be hours isn’t always easy for young children. You want to include the little ones in your holiday meal and give them a start in their Jewish education. But, you also don’t want to hear the whines and complaints when they’re forced to sit as the adults leisurely dine. What can you do to make the Passover Seder fun for your children? Check out these kid-friendly holiday meal ideas!

The Four Questions

Asking the four questions is an important part of the Passover Seder. Your youngest can get in on the action (and get into the spotlight) and read these. But, what happens if your young child doesn’t know how to read yet? That’s okay. Before the Seder, go over the questions. Read them over and over again with your child. If that’s not working, have her draw pictures of what she thinks the questions mean. Bring these to the Seder table and have her use them as visual guides during the dinner.

Make Your Own Matzah Meals

Give the kids something to do during dinner, and have them make their own matzah sandwiches. This is extra helpful if you’ve got a picky eater. Instead of expecting that your preschooler will eat everything you’ve painstakingly prepared, set out a mini buffet of items to sandwich between two pieces of matzah. Your child can pick her own fillings and create her own ‘sandwich’.

Eye Spy

Pick out different items on the Seder plate or objects in the room that are of interest. Play an ‘Eye Spy’ game during dinner, asking your child to find them. This is also a great way to help her to understand the holiday.