Passover Seder Plate Crafts for Kids

kids art

The Passover holiday is a time to celebrate. Along with the Seder meal, you can create crafts with your child to help them better understand this Jewish holiday. As you prep for Passover, try one (or all) of these Seder-themed kids’ art activities.

Felt Plates

Your crafty kid can construct their own felt playset with a Passover Seder theme. Cut plates for 8×10-inch pieces of craft felt (your child can cut out circles). Next, cut out different colors of felt to make the items for each plate. This includes matzah, eggs, a shankbone, charoset, karpas vegetables and bitter herbs. Your child can practice taking the felt plates apart and putting them back together.

Crayons and Markers

If your child is looking for a craft that’s more permanent, hand over the crayons and markers. Use a plain paper plate as a backdrop and invite your child to raw each item that goes on it for the Seder.

Painted Plates

Use a brush or finger paints to create matzah, bitter herbs and everything else that goes on the Passover plate. Add some science to this art activity, making this a color-mixing lesson too. Give your child the primary colors (red, yellow and blue) plus white. Have them mix the colors to create new ones for painting a Passover project.