Tu B’ Shevat Recycled Cardboard Tree Art for Kids


Does the cold February weather make it tricky, if not impossible, for your child to plant a tree in honor of Tu B’ Shevat? Even though the ground is frozen and the mercury has dipped too low to support a sapling’s growth, you can still celebrate the Jewish “new year for trees.”

This easy kids’ art activity gives your child the chance to design and craft their own tree—without having to brave the cold!

Art Materials You’ll Need

  • Cardboard- Instead of buying new board, save money (and the environment) with an upcycled box.
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Tempera paints- Green and brown
  • Tissue paper- Green
  • A paintbrush
  • Clear-drying school glue

How To Art-Making Steps

  1. Draw a tall, thin tree trunk onto the cardboard. Use an old appliance box to get the largest piece of board. Flatten the box before your child starts to draw. Leave room for the top of the tree (leaves).
  2. Draw a bubble or cloud-shaped tree top.
  3. Paint the trunk and leaves. While you can cut the tree out before painting it, a paint-first approach can reduce the spill and mess risks.
  4. After the paint dries, cut the tree out. You may need to help your child with this step—especially if the board is thick.
  5. Tear or cut green tissue paper into squares. Glue the paper to the tree top to add a textured collage element to the art activity.