Tu B’Shevat Activities for Kids


You just celebrated New Year’s Day–and now it’s time to mark the new year for trees! Tu B’Shevat is the Jewish holiday that is known as the new year for trees. If you’re searching for a fun-filled, family-friendly way to celebrate, check out these kids’ activities.

Plant a Tree

January isn’t the best time for planting outside. But this doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate this holiday with a real tree. Instead of an outdoor gardening activity, try an indoor version! Choose a small potted tree and place it into a decorative planter. Don’t have a decorative planter, read on for ideas!

Design a Decorative Planter Pot

No that your child has chosen a tree, they need somewhere to plant it indoors. Start with a larger ceramic planter pot. Pick a pot that’s completely plain. Your child can draw a design with permanent markers on the outside of the pot. If they want to plan the design first, they can lightly draw it with a pencil–and then cover it with the markers. Add craft paint to make the design stand out.

Craft a Tree Book

Save a tree and use recycled materials for this board book. Instead of a new paper source, use cardboard pieces from old boxes. Cut the upcycled board into 8×11-inch rectangles. Designate one piece as the cover, one as the back and the rest as the pages. Your child can draw a different tree onto each page and make a cover with the holiday’s name, their own name and the date. Punch two holes on the left side of each piece of board. Make sure each hole lines up with the next. Stack the board and bind the holiday book with yarn.

Judaica Israel Religious Trade Card Sticker The Rebbe of Aleksander Tu B'Shevat picture

Judaica Israel Religious Trade Card Sticker The Rebbe of Aleksander Tu B'Shevat