Yom Kippur Tzedakah Activities for Kids

rake leaf

Celebrate Yom Kippur by giving to charity. This tradition, known as tzedakah, is something that both kids and adult can do. Gather the family and mark this very special holiday with a few charitable acts. What can you do? Check out these tzedakah ideas!

Food Pantry

When you’re at the grocery store, buying food to break the holiday fast, pick up a few extra items. Whether it’s canned food or some other non-perishable item, pack a bag and bring it to the local food pantry. If you’re not sure what they need, call ahead and ask what the high-demand items are.

Clothes Donation

Yom Kippur is a fall holiday. That means the weather is getting colder. Gather together last year’s warm sweaters, coats, mittens and anything else that’s still in good shape (but that the kids have outgrown). Donate these items to a homeless shelter or another similar charity.

Collect Money

Sometimes monetary donations go the farthest. Think of ways that your kids can earn money to donate. This might include doing chores around the house, offering to rake the neighbor’s leaves or having a mini fundraiser. Research charities, and ask your child to pick them one that she wants to donate the money to.