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A Trip to the Moon The Day the Earth Stood Still War of the Worlds The Thing When Worlds Collide Forofferden Planet Mighty Joe Young The Man From Planet X Star Wars

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The following 9 postersconstitute arguably the greatest science fiction/fantasy film poster collectionin the world. Certainly, one couldn't say they have the greatest sciencefiction/fantasy collection without them. 8 of the 9 posters are unique and arethe only originals known to exist. All 9 of these posters transcend the movieposter field. Anentire business can be created around theseposters.Theywould certainly make an overwhelming public display. The magnitudeandimportance of these artifacts warrant presentation at the SmithsonianInstitute or The Museum of Modern Art. These are among the rarest and finest movieposters that do exist worldwide!

You get ALL of the following for far LESS than the price of one single baseball card, or comic book for that matter:

  • #1-1914 - A TRIP TO THE MOON - 1-sheet (27 1/4 by 40 1/2 inches)-Here is trulyone of the earliest - if nottheearliest - most imaginativepieces of science fiction poster artwork ever discovered: an original 1914one-sheet for “A Trip to the Moon.” This amazing artifact has an unusualhistory, which represents the best in early cinema, science fiction, and motionpicture animation:

    Thereare very few things in life that garner unanimous consent; man’s liking of themoon is undoubtedly one of them. In 1865, Jules Verne tapped into thisphenomenon of human interest with his groundbreaking novel, “From Earth to theMoon,” which is often cited as being seminal in establishing and popularizingscience fiction as a literary genre. Thirty-seven years later, in 1902, anotherFrenchman, Georges Méliès, applied the same premise to motion pictures with hishistoric film, “A Trip to the Moon.” The film became a motion picturesensation, securing its place in history as beingthe first movie titleto achieve worldwide fame.

    Mélièswas not the only first-generation filmmaker to cash in on his film’spopularity; Thomas Edison, Sigmond Lubin (sometimes spelled Siegmund), and ahost of other motion picture players at the time, were cited for illegallyduplicating and distributing “A Trip to the Moon” throughout the Americas.Georges Méliès promptly responded by sending his brother here to the UnitedStates to stop the pirating of his hit creation. The Mélièsbrotherssubsequently prevailed in the US courts – many of the copyrightlaws that still stand today were implemented because of that initial effort.Nevertheless, they were unsuccessful in actually stopping the movie from beingillegally distributed. Additionally, Sigmund Lubin, of the Lubin films creditedon this poster, decided that he wasn’t going to be stopped in exploiting thepopularity of the widely familiar title. He figured out an innovative way ofdoing it without paying Méliès any royalties.

    Lubin,from the very earliest days of film, was an innovator and pioneer in themedium. He’s credited with manufacturing and selling the first motion pictureprojector ever offered for sale, and so, continuing with that pioneer spirit,he rendered one of the earliest FULLY animated films ever produced, an Americanversion of “A Trip to the Moon.” Animated films were extraordinarily unusualfor the time. The production is so early in the history of motion pictureanimation that it was released to the public the same year as -six monthsprior to - the cinematic release of Windsor McCay’s “Gertie theDinosaur”– which is often (incorrectly) sighted as the beginning of movieanimation –making this the earliest movie poster to ever surfacerepresenting a significant title in animation.

    Besidesthe purposeful and obvious intent of creating confusion with the popularMéliès’ film, this poster’s artwork and graphic design is notable for beingunusual for several other important reasons. Few films back in 1914 carried anyunique elements. There were no movie stars or well-known feature films. CharlieChaplin and “A Birth of a Nation” had not yet come on the scene, and so fewfilm posters expended much attention or space towards highlighting the name ofthe movie as a headline attraction. Happily, this poster is a rare exception,resulting inan emboldened definition and refined clarity in the titletreatmentthat’s decades ahead of its time. Yet, the artwork of themoon itself is rendered in a style patterned after 19th Century classicillustration design. These contrasting sensibilities add wonderfully to yet,perhaps, the most unusual element featured on this early 1910’s poster -futuristic outer space travel. Worldwide, there are no posters know to exist ontheMélièsversion of “A Trip to the Moon,” and, it’s highly unlikelythat there were any ever made for it. Almost all the known surviving examplesof film posters produced during that earliest period in motion picture history(when Méliès produced his film) advertise the new and novel medium of filmitself, showing nothing but a projector and/or an audience viewing a genericprojection. And so, findinganyearly turn of the century filmposter withanyspecific imagery from a movie (especiallydepicting space travel) would be an extraordinary event. Science fiction was inits infancy when this poster was printed, making this one of the finest andearliest representations ever discovered.

    Lubinspared no expense in producing this poster. The fine stone lithograph hasunusual elements seldom seen on any poster, printed in any era! The white colorwithin all the artwork is printed white, meaning it’s actual white ink printedon top of the other colors. It’s NOT the white of the paper. This extratechnique in the printing process creates a dimensional effect, which helps togive the poster a true surreal presence, adding nicely to the many otherworldlyelements shown on this charming antique treasure. The A.B.C. Co. in ClevelandOhio is credited with making the poster, which was printed by the Otis Litho.Co.

    Thismovie poster’s obvious significance as an early science fiction artifact isundeniable, yet at the same time it represents the beginnings of motionpictures and film animation like no other. An earlier, or more importantexample, of any kind, has not come up for sale anywhere. This poster is unique,being the only surviving original known, and it’s likely to stay that way.Nearly 100% of all posters made prior to 1915 are now lost. Only a few handfulsstill exist today, mostly on insignificant, unknown conventional films. Withanimation (and science fiction) now dominating the film industry – as the mostpopular genres – this item continues to grow in importance. It’s projectedthat, in years to come, the vast majority of all films will consist of being(in one form or another) a vast majority of all animation. Besides itstradition of honoring the animated short subject, the Academy of MotionPictures Arts and Sciences recognized this growing trend back in 2003 bypermanently adding a new major category to their globally watched AcademyAwards telecasts – Best Animated Feature Film, and so this poster will onlygrow in importance as animation takes over the industry.

  • #2-1951 - THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL - 24-sheet -The 1950s were notall "Happy Days," the war was over but the aftershock was still verypresent. Post-WWII paranoia spawned from the fear of the new atomic age. Thisprompted a wave of science fiction cinema, exploiting the nightmare propositionof annihilation and radiological mutation.

    TheDay the Earth Stood Still, granddaddy of the 1950s films, is one of the fewmovies to change cinema - it was theStar Warsof its day. TheDay the Earth Stood Still holds up well as a classic, it's still very relevantand entertaining today. This poster shows all of the main elements: the robot,the girl, the government, and, pandemonium - as alien forces grip the world! Thisis Robert Wise's best film.

    It'sa well known researched fact that the studios typically designed their postercampaigns - STARTING FIRST with the 24-sheet billboard designs - The resultbeing that the 24-sheet would most often have best and the strongest images.This collection of posters more than proves that point. This "The Day theEarth Stood Still" couldn't be more spectacular, as a more fantasticposter does not exist on any title! This poster is also as rare it they get -being THE SINGLE ONLY ORIGINAL KNOWN TO EXIST WORLDWIDE! It's not surprising asthe 24-sheet posters are the rarest poster size. Very few 24-sheets survived onany films, only several hundred were originally printed. Most were destroyed intheir original outing - when they were pasted-up on billboards, or displayed ondead walls throughout the city. They'd even use the 24-sheet posters by pastingthem to the sides of trucks. It's remarkable this poster survived. The story ofhow it was rescued is impressive:

    The 24-sheet billboard posters in this collection were actually obtained by one ofthe pioneer movie poster collectors back in the early 1950s, when almost no onein the United States collected posters! 24-sheets are nearly nonexistent on anyfilm. The only reason this group has survived was becausethecollector originally purchasedthem directlyfrom the posterexchange back in the 1950's by this collector -at the time when the filmswere originally released! It’s pretty remarkable for someone tohave that foresight over six decades ago. This group has remained intact forover 60 years, making this one of the oldest collections of movie posters eversaved here in the United States. The poster measures approximately9-feetby 20-feet. I had it linen-backed in one piece (WITH NO RESTORATION), and soit's ready for display. The photo I posted was taken with a 35mm film camera,so it's a little grainy, especially on the robot - but you can still see theglory. "Klaatu barada nikto."

  • #3- 1953 - THE WAR OF THE WORLDS - 24-sheet -For just plain style thisposter wins the prize! The remarkable artwork, coupled with the fantastic titletreatment, adds beautifully to the legend that isThe War of the Worlds.It began as classic novel by H.G. Wells, then it was turned it into the mostlistened to and talked about radio play of the century by Orson Welles. Fifteenyears later, George Pal made this classic film version. "The War of theWorlds" clearly is one of the most important and enduring stories and atthe top of the 1950s science fiction movie genera.

    Asa note of fact: The 24-sheet posters in this collection were ALL printedsharper than their smaller 1-sheet counterparts. Different printing presses ofhigher quality were used. The War of the Words is a great example of thesuperior resolution. On the 1-sheet, the two human characters are soft. Ifyou've ever seen the one-sheet you know what I'm talking about, it's one bigBLUR! That's why the one sheet on this title does not sell for more on thecollector’s market - it's uninspiring in it's execution. This 24-sheet is justthe opposite -It's razor crisp! In fact, upon close-upinspection, the images (down to the tiniest detail) are clear. I've posted adirect high-resolution scan of the image at the bottom of the poster(seephoto #10)toshow you just how sharp this amazing treasure reallyis. If you own the blurry one sheet you might not want to look at this photo,it will likely upset you. This poster was never used and measures approximately9 feet by 20 feet. This War of the Worlds 24-sheet poster is also the onlyoriginal that is known to exist.

  • 4 -1951 - THE THING - 24 sheet -Howard Hawks' 1950's masterpiece! AKA - TheThing From Another World. This production is noted for having the first spacemonster on film, as well as being rumored to have had Orson Welles' input onset during filming. A classic film and a classic poster! This is anotherexample of how the 24-sheet design is far superior to the smaller (blurry)paper. The exquisite sharpness brings the bloody letters to life when viewed inperson. It's impressive and effective - A GREAT piece of movie art! This posteris unused and measures approximately 9 feet by 20 feet. It's the only originalknown to exist.
  • #5- 1951 - WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE - 24-sheet-One of cinema's firstdisaster films. This early George Pal science fiction won an Academy award forspecial effects back in 1951. A breathtaking poster with tons of impact!What an amazing display! A great companion to the rest of the posters inthis offering.This poster is unused and measures approximately 9 feet by20 feet. It's the only original known to exist.
  • #6-1956 - FORofferDEN PLANET - 24 sheet - No serious science fiction collection iscomplete without this title. LEGENDARY! Shakespeare's The Tempest inspace. The definitive robot (Robby the Robot) on the definitive robot poster.AMAZING is the word! However, the photo I've posted is not too amazing, but itgives you ageneral idea of the colossal nature of this item. However,I've posted direct high-resolution scans of the poster (see photo #11) so youcan see how nice it truly is. Again, this is the only original knowntoexist, measuring approximately 9 feet by 20 feet. Robby the Robot at hisbest!
  • #7-1949 - MIGHTY JOE YOUNG - 12-sheet -This iconic image is fromthe same filmmakers of King Kong. This "kinder gentler" version isloaded with lots of charm. It made a star of Terry Moore and showcased thegreat classic animation created by the master, Ray Harryhausen. The filmdeveloped a tremendous following throughout the years, largely due to holidaytelevision broadcasts. The story became so popular a remake was produced someyears back.

    In1933, when King Kong was first release, RKO issued a special upright six-sheetto promote the spectacular colossal nature of King Kong. In 1949,theytopped themselves and inventedthis unique upright 12-sheetposterking -Specially just for the original 1949 first release ofMighty Joe Young. Amazing artwork -The best for this film!

    Thisposter was found in a collection of rare circus posters, andis theonlyoriginal known to exist!It is even RARER thantheoriginal 1933 King Kong one sheet and three sheet postersas well asbeingequally as rare as the Kong upright 6-sheet - Quite a find! In fact,it's the only upright 12-sheet poster known to exist onANYfilm!" The poster towers at approximately 12 feet tall and was never used.

  • #8- 1951 -THE MAN FROM PLANET X - UnitedArtists Lobby Standee cut-outKit -"TheWEIRDEST Visitor the Earth has ever seen!" One of the most popular1950's movie titles and poster images. Here is the biggest of them all! Thisdisplay when assembled stands 3 inches shy of 10 feet tall! 117 inches by82 inches to be exact.

    Thekit includes the original United Artists MAN FROM PLANET X – 24-inch by 82-inchtitle banner. It also includes the 3-panel (24-sheet)image of the manfrom planet X (see photo #12). This is the left side ofthe 24-sheetposter printed by the studio. United Artists along with ALL the major studiosdesigned and produced their 24 sheet posters to be displayed infull ANDto be made into cutout lobby displays. This information comes from thepressbooks. It is quite common for pressbooks toshow illustrations on howto make the cutouts.This poster WAS DESIGNED TO BE ACUTOUT.This section was found together with an additional small bottom piece(see photo #12 of the 4 sections you will get). This is the only original knownto exist. The colors and the printing are fantastic. The standeewouldneed to be assembled by a qualified expert. The photo pictured of thecut-out(photo #8) was digitally assembled to show what the poster willlook likewhen mounted. IT HAS NOT BEEN CUTOUT YET!This display is oneof thestrongest entertainment memorabilia items to be offered on .
  • #9- 1977 - Star Wars - 24 Sheet -Certainly, no Science Fiction collection can omit the movie industry's most important title:Star Wars,and, if you'relooking for the ULTIMATE Star Wars poster, well - YOU JUST FOUND IT!Thismore than fantastic 24-sheet has artwork rendered by the legendary posterartist Tom Jung. It'sanother amazing artifact of cultural significance.It was made in 1977 to advertise the upcoming film Star Wars, produced by 20thCentury-Fox - The rest of the story we all know. Star Wars became a force ofworld changing history that still impacts everyone on the planet today. This isthe beginning of that movement. OWN IT!

    This24-sheet billboard poster size was only issued when the film first came out.There are less than ten of these known WORLDWIDE! That's RARE by any standard!Many consider it the HOLY GRAIL of ALL Film Posters. It's definitely the MOTHERof ALL Star Wars posters. This poster, as is the case with all the 24-sheetposters in this collection, was printed in 12 sections. When assembled, itmeasures 19 feet 7 inches by 8 feet 9 inches. I know this because about 25years ago I obtained another one, which, in 1999, I had professionallylinen-mounted in one solid piece. I carefully measured it then, before it wascut down from the stretcher.Photo #9 shown here on is of thatposter mounted.I went to great lengths to have it professionallyphotographed back then, and so I'm able to provide this great photo now - youcan really see how stellar of an item this original truly is.Theposter you'll be buying is folded down and is still UNBACKED ORIGINAL STATE!That'show it was issued back in 1977, folded.Photo #12 shows the foldedsections you'll be getting.Photo #12 also shows the stamp that's onthe back of the 24-sheet. The stamp was put there to show the paperhanger howit goes together. This, as well as all the original 12 and 24-sheet posters inthis collection can easily be mounted in one section, but I'll leave thatdecision up to the new owner. As a service, I can provide the winner with allthe necessary information on where and how this can be done for them, if theyso choose to have them mounted. Many collectors like to keep these type ofitems in their original state.


After 100 years of being the industrystandard,paper billboards are now an artifact from the past. Thefilm industry discontinued printing their 24-sheet and 30-sheet moviebillboards on paper, just like that - overnight - in the early 2000s. Theyswitched to manufacturing them on thin plastic or vinyl to save money onprinting and hanging. Unlike poster paper, vinyl is NOT archival or stable! Itdegrades and breaks down over time. Vinyl is also exceeding difficult to store.Basically, vinyl poster stock is not viable for long-term collecting andprocuring! I won't touch it. Happily, all the vintage 24-sheet billboardposters in this collection were made on glorious USA high-quality paper. It wasright about 2007 (or thereabouts) that the paper movie billboard sadly came toan historic end in America. Nevertheless, the paper billboard had enjoyed afull 100 years of prowess. It more than stood tall; it stood mighty, as aunique art form and an important part of our heritage. Life would look a wholelot different here in the United States if it weren't for the creation of thebillboard.There's no question, billboards have literally changed thelandscape of this country - from sea to shining sea.The best of them needto be preserved. This collection contains the very best of them!

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A Trip to the Moon The Day the Earth Stood Still War of the Worlds The Thing When Worlds Collide Forofferden Planet Mighty Joe Young The Man From Planet X Star Wars

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