"the One" Showstopper Loree Rodkin Heavyweight Gold/diamond Cross Ring: Psalm 23

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"the One" Showstopper Loree Rodkin Heavyweight Gold/diamond Cross Ring: Psalm 23:

“THE ONE”: Size 9 1/2

This is it. The ultimate Loree Rodkin piece that hails from a day when you couldn’t buy Loree Rodkin online.. on her website.. but rather only from the artist herself. You walked in to her small office, and from a single jewelry drawer she would produce a small collection of her one off, personally handcrafted masterpieces. There were no mass produced jewelry lines - nothing was “ordinary.” This ring - it could be argued, is the most substantial Loree Rodkin piece ever produced. Strictly from a material standpoint, nothing Loree Rodkin has made (both in the past and present) can contend with the sheer mass of solid yellow gold she uses here. I highly encourage you to comb through the internet, her jewelry archives, etc. in search of a Rodkin ring that even remotely resembles “the One.” No matter where you look, how you look - you simply will not find a Rodkin ring of this scale… period. In terms of this model itself existing elsewhere? Forget it… it has no online presence, it has no ‘twin,’ it does - not - exist. Rodkin’s ‘gothic line’ came and went as quickly as her popularity grew. Bold.. unique.. majestic excess pieces such as this were quickly swapped out for lightweight abstract collections.. her use of gold replaced largely by silver. These days, Rodkin has a “minimalist” appeal. Her jewelry today incorporates high amounts of diamonds and gems - precious metals are no longer used heavily or as a focal point, but merely serve to provide a loose structure on which countless jewels can be plastered. Rodkin’s roots were real, they were unique, they were untamed.. Jewelry designers simply didn’t make.. couldnt make.. solid high karat gold pieces that weighed near 40 grams.. but Rodkin did. They didn’t make those pieces that (on top of an unparalleled heavyweight gold composition) then incorporated multiple large, high quality diamonds… but Rodkin did. This.. was how Loree Rodkin became famous - she excelled in and was expert on all things excess… No.. nobody was making what Loree Rodkin was - ultimately, because they couldn’t. This is a ring that many jewelers would argue shouldn’t exist.. to make such a ring would mean depleting resources, bankroll, and time.. Yet, it exists.. because Loree Rodkin had the bankroll… had the resources… had the time.. not to make many, not to make a few, but to make one. This… is “The One.”


Rings of this calibre are not commonly seen in the modern world. Those that have the funds needed to create whatever they choose - celebrities, professional athletes, etc. are far more concerned with brand than they are material makeup. People pay life and limb to wear a piece inscribed “ICEBOX” or “Cartier,” when in fact the quantity and quality of what they are wearing is worth a third of what they paid. Thin, lightweight wedding bands of 14K cost more than a month’s rent at Kay Jewelers.. You’ll be lucky to find a jeweler who openly will give you a gold pieces weight. Why? Because they don’t want you to know you are being robbed.. don’t want you to realize your piece isn’t an investment, but a scam.. Investment pieces (pieces you buy on quality alone) are a thing of the past. While your icebox chain may be trending, trends fade. When the trend fades, you’ll find your lightweight cartier ring or thin, fragile tiffany necklace won’t even land you close to breaking even if you decided to put it up for sale. Thus.. the beauty of this ring. There is nothing “trendy” about this ring, rather - it is of a style that aways has been, and always will be desirable. Gold… serious, heavy.. high karat gold. We’ve drooled over it since the dark ages, we’ll drool over it for eons to come.. and its only getting more valuable. There is something primal about this ring.. something “raw.” It isn’t perfectly symmetrical, like that of a mass produced, perfectly smoothed, “brand” release.. it has character.. it was produced by human hands - to appeal to human nature. Rodkin uses as her base a solid 18K deep yellow gold. She shapes the gold by hand.. deciding where it dips and where it rises.. where theres a hill and where theres a valley.. this is undeniably where you will see gold at its best, as it allows for contrast in hue, warm shadows, changes in the way it reflects light. Rodkin’s early obsession with gothic style shows an understanding in what gold jewelry could and should be. Kings of old and noblemen alike wore pieces as such - excessively bold.. unimaginably heavy.. brilliantly pure. The idea was to make a statement, and in a time where tiffany and cartier didn’t exist, the way to do that was to have the blacksmith transform a hunk of gold into a hunk of gold you could wear… the more the merrier. Loree Rodkin’s “The One” follows in kind, stunning with excess.. standing out out from the rest by being better, being MORE than the rest. at an unparalleled 39 Grams of solid 18K yellow gold, and featuring a thick, raw, perfectly imperfect band design you can only get through manipulation by hand - Rodkin resurrected the “Ring of Kings.”


A “Ring of Kings,” an adornment of those once believed to be closest to divinity. Those “blessed by God,” close to God… Inscribed in an age old King James Biblical font - “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me besides quiet waters.” The man who wears a ring like this is without a doubt the king of his own world, but a king who knows nonetheless that his reign, his day, his prosperous life here on earth- is subject to the will and whim of the ultimate King of Kings. A statement piece.. excessive, bold, impossible to miss - yet still humble.

Diamond Cross:

Of course.. a king’s crown does not just bear the finest gold, but also the finest gems. At the center of this ring, surrounded by the inscribed word of God, is a HEAVY diamond cross. Composed of 5, large, circular fine cut diamonds. While an engagement ring might boast just 1 of these, Loree Rodkin’s “The One”… has 5. And why wouldn’t it? In the realm of excess, the sky (or rather the Heavens) is the limit.

Ring’s Inside:

The inside of Rodkin’s “The One” gives off a warm, dark yellow hue when exposed to light. It’s quality emanating from within.. unable to be contained, controlled, tamed.. In a brilliant choice in design, Rodkin chose to leave the diamonds open at their back. This allows for light to fully penetrate the diamonds, passing through them instead of colliding with a solid wall of gold. Take the ring off, hold it up to the light, peer inside the band and you can see the unhindered radiancy of this otherworldly precious gems cross. Beautiful… perfect… like that of the Man who made the symbol what it is today. Rodkin’s signature/hallmark on this ring, too, is altogether unique. It comes in the form of perfectly clear miniature cross, followed by her initials “LR” - in the same, age old King James styled font present on the ring’s biblically inscribed front. This hallmark is preceded by the copyright symbol. There is, of course, also a stamp for authenticity that reads “18K.”

Overall, this is not a piece of jewelry, but rather a timeless, incredibly rare investment. In material makeup alone - “The One” stands out from the rest.. No skimping… no “paying for the brand,” you pay for what you ACTUALLY get… brand aside…..

of course, the fact that this ring of excess was made by none other than Loree Rodkin, is a one of one vintage piece, from a collection that no longer exists? Priceless…

Size: 9 1/2

Weight: 39 Grams

~If you have any further questions, or would like to see any additional photos, please do not hesitate to reach out in the form of an email. I will get back to you promptly.

~Will ship overseas, but not responsible for any customs fees that might be incurred.

"the One" Showstopper Loree Rodkin Heavyweight Gold/diamond Cross Ring: Psalm 23:

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