Antique Art Qajar Tabriz Carpet Omar Khayyam Poetry Calligraphy

Antique  Art Qajar Tabriz Carpet Omar Khayyam Poetry Calligraphy

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Antique Art Qajar Tabriz Carpet Omar Khayyam Poetry Calligraphy:

An exquisite Antique Persian Carpet with one of a kind exceptional design having Calligraphy of Omar Khayyam Poetry all around it, from late 19th Century to Early 20th Century Qajar Dynasty, Persia.

This is a unique carpet made with super fine details and beautiful color coordination, having an extraordinary design mix of Tribal patterns in the center, Persian Miniature Figurative Painting Falconers on top and bottom of the carpet, along with beautiful Persian Poetry of Omar Khayyam Masterfully written on all sides. The carpet is handwoven with the finest quality of work and technique of a master weaver from North West of Persia, City of Tabriz. The weaver signed his masterpiece with outmost humbleness on top and bottom of the carpet as “جاروب کشی ز بارگاهت “ “Jaroob Keshi ze Bargahat” literary meaning “ A Sweeper of your Shrine” or “ A Servant of your Court”.

This style of signature was common in Persian Culture with outmost humbleness, as always, the masters believed that it is the God Almighty who makes them able to create such works and they never gave credit to themselves and their abilities. Most Writers, Calligraphers, and Artists always used titles as Worthless, Servant, Indigent and etc. In the Persian Culture the greater the Master the humbler he must become, as it is believed a Down To Earth tree is one Rich with substantial fruits. It is the weight of fruits that brings a tree Down to Earth.

This carpet was catalogued in 1981, “SH. Sameyeh Exceptional Oriental Carpets, Catalog #1, Page No. 84”

Region: Northwest Persia, Tabriz

Provenance: Collection of Chemouel Sameyeh, 1981 Hamburg, Germany. Cataloged in his Exceptional Oriental Carpets catalog #1, Page No. 84.

Design & History: Unique / Antique Tabriz

Knots 6 x 6 = 360 Per Sq. CM

Condition: Perfect, Full Piles

Size: 267 x 195 cm

The Poems of Omar Khayyam in this carpet are selective verses of three famous poems by him. Bellow is the reference of his poems in this carpet:

فارغ بودن ز کفر و دین دین منست

گفتم به عروس دهر کابین تو چیست

گفتا دل خرم تو کابین منست

Drinking wine and being happy is my religion,

Being free of either faith nor blasphemy is my religion.

I told the bride of life, what’s your dowry.

your happiness is my dowry, she replied.

اي واي بر آن دل كه در او سوزي نيست

سودا زده ي مهر دل افروزي نيست

روزي كه تو بي عشق بسر خواهي برد

ضايع تر از آن روز ترا روزي نيست

Shame on the heart that knows no pain

A heart that is not madly in love with an attractive beauty

A day spent without being in love,

is waisted, and a more worthless day cannot be imagined.

می خور که ز دل کثرت و قلت ببرد

و اندیشه هفتاد و دو ملت ببرد

پرهیز مکن ز کیمیایی که از او

یک جرعه خوری هزار علت ببرد

Take a glass of wine that removes prejudice and discriminations

The one that eliminates the division between all nations

Do not avoid a potion that makes

A thousand problems, disappear with a drop.

Tabriz Carpets:

Tabriz rugs are distinguished by their excellent weave and by their remarkable adherence to the classical traditions of antique Persian rug design. But they cannot be distinguished by any particular pattern or by their coloration. The city of Tabriz, in northwest Iran / Persia, was the earliest capital of the Safavid dynasty, and it can claim to have been a center of carpet production longer than any other city in Iran. Consequently, it is not surprising that the carpets woven there have been able to preserve the highest technical standards and the most varied repertoire. Antique Tabriz rugs offer classical medallion designs and a host of allover patterns as well in every color imaginable, from brilliant rich tones to soft pastels. What sets them apart from other Persian rugs is their quality. Tabriz is the capital of Azerbaijan, a province in the north of Iran. It has survived repeated destruction by numerous earthquakes and invasions by the Mongols, Tamerlane, Ottomans and Afghans, as well as two Russian occupations. There is no traditional color scheme and the variety of color is limitless, ranging from rich jewel tones to subtle pastels. Tabriz rugs are precisely drawn and executed with care making them extremely popular among designers. Traditionally, Tabriz has been a city of master weavers. The ateliers in this influential carpet-weaving city established a strong reputation for classicism and quality that is still respected today.

Antique Art Qajar Tabriz Carpet Omar Khayyam Poetry Calligraphy:

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