Antique Massive Damascus work Hanukkah Menorah Judaica Museum Level 35pnds

Antique Massive Damascus work Hanukkah Menorah Judaica Museum Level 35pnds

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Antique Massive Damascus work Hanukkah Menorah Judaica Museum Level 35pnds:

Antique early 20th Century Bronze/ Copper Hanukkah Menorah,Damascus work Silver & Gold Inlay. Heavy Solid Copper/Bronze Hanukkah menorah Inlaid in Silver and Gold and portrays The western wall in Jerusalem & 2 Menorahs.Elements such as the Star of David,heads of praying figures,lions head and other little decorations are made in high karat gold while most of the inlaid areas are silver. The Writings in Hebrew letters translate to "western wall" and semicircular writing are the Hanukkah Prayers of lighting the candles.On each side 2 large pillar like Sabbath candle sticks.Size : 83 height x 70 width cm (almost 32 3/8 X 27 1/2 inch).weight - 15860 grams - ( 35 pounds ) .condition is generally very good, firm and usable (if desired). Antique Massive Damascus work Hanukkah Menorah Judaica Museum Level 35pnds Antique Massive Damascus work Hanukkah Menorah Judaica Museum Level 35pnds

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Description :

Antique Early 20th Century Massive Hanukkah Menorah with silver and gold Inlay.
Executed in Traditional Damascus work of inlaying Silver and Gold on to coarser metals.
Hanukkah Menorah is made of both Bronze and copper with a back cooper plate and holder.

All is hand of Artist made - Adorned with silver and gold hammered embedded ornamental designs and Judaical motives and symbols makes the menorah astonishingly impressive. Regarding this kind of Damascus work Menorah this specific one is of huge proportions and yet has detailed decorations and elaborated embossed craftsmanship work. Such items are of Museum Level and are even considered in museums a rare acquisition. Mostly inlaid in silver while certain symbolic parts such as the lions heads,the writing of the ten Commandments ,the crown,faces and flames are done in Gold (usually high carat 20-22k is used). In the center of the Hanukkah Menorah depicted the western wall with the writing in Hebrew"western wall" above and above it in a semicircular pattern are the three blessings for lighting the candles on the Hanukkah days.On the upper part are 2 lions - symbol of Jerusalem - holding the ten commandments with Crown .On each side are tall Menorahs with their seven flames each .Mid way are 2 stars of David .

The Hanukkiyah/Hanukkah Menorah is very solid and well made .It is firm and all parts holding well ,in overall very good condition with expected minor thinning of certain silver inlay areas.on The sides are two Candle sticks that are used on Fridays for the sabbath.

In the 19th and early 20th Century, when such Metal works where made, was a time of revival of the old Mameluke style. Metal smiths and artists worked to resurrect the Mameluke style. Both in Europe and among the Muslims grew an interest in such craftsmanship. The craftsmen inlaid softer metals such as silver and gold ,into harder metals commonly copper and Brass but also into coarser metals. Such metal works exemplify the Mameluke revival period, taking ordinary metal and inlaying it to create an impressive and high-status item.Out of the Craftsman where also Jewish artists and Metal smiths who occasionally ,by order or to a smaller target market adorned pottery and other items with Jewish ornaments ,Biblical writings and Jewish Symbols.These as a whole where much less common and where practiced mostly in South of Turkey and Syria (as opposed to General Mameluke style inlaying that was common also in Egypt and Iraq). These same artist migrated to Israel,and the earlier migrations settled in Jerusalem. In the late 19th century and more, after the establishment of the nation, continued their Art works in Palestine to become Israel - Such, making the Jewish motives ornamented metal pieces a high valued collectors item.The peak of Refinement of these technique were mastered in The Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem, of which works are exhibited in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

As already mentioned this Hanukkah Menorah is a rarity of Museum Level and for such considered a treasure find among Islamic Judaical collectors. It is both rare for it being a Judaical Damascus work and inside that narrow segment more of for its' unusual size.
This item can be further polished to reach a shinier appearance.

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Dimensions and Detailed Condition :
Total weight is 15860 grams (over 15kg - approx 35 pounds ). Length/width - 70m (approx 27 1/2 inch). Height 83cm (approx 32 3/8 inch).max depth/thick - 9cm (approx 3 1/2 inch ).

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Antique Massive Damascus work Hanukkah Menorah Judaica Museum Level 35pnds:

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