BEST 4K Virtual Pinball Machine WORLDWIDE - REAL MECHANICAL FEEL - 1300+ Tables

BEST 4K Virtual Pinball Machine WORLDWIDE - REAL MECHANICAL FEEL - 1300+ Tables

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BEST 4K Virtual Pinball Machine WORLDWIDE - REAL MECHANICAL FEEL - 1300+ Tables:





"Feels like a mechanical Pinball Machine without the Maintenance & Single Game Boredom (1200+ Tables)"
Don't take our word for it! Read real Facebook Testimonials here: HIGH PERFORMANCE PC EDITION - New Model v6.0 -
FULL Force response DOF enabled Digital Pinball Machine
Edge-to-edge IPS Industrial 4K LG 120Hz Monitor with Active Lighting

by RecRoomWorld (USA, Ohio Seller)
Bezel- Free / Edge-to-Edge
49" 4K 120Hz Industrial Playfield Monitor
(IPS Ultra HD Industrial Monitor - not a smaller 43" TV!)features
FULL FORCE response
(8 Solenoids / 2 Contactors / Shaker Motor / Gear Motor / 2 Bass Kickers / 4 Transducers / Knocker)7.1 HQ Sound with built-in Subwoofer & Bass Kickers
(Easy Access Amplifier Settings / SSF Sound enabled)ANALOG NUDGING
(Accelerometer enabled)DIGITAL PLUNGER
(Williams Style Plunger with removable Knob -enables skill shots)ACTIVE LED Flashers
(game-controlled)ACTIVE LED Strips
(game controlled - back-glass and under-cab perimeter mounted)Physical TILT Bob
(with ON/OFF Switch)Physical Knocker
(activates when you win a free game)Physical Gear Motor
(activates when objects move on the playfield (i.e. cranes))EXTRA Ball Buy-In Button
(game controlled)Soft Shut-Down Button
(under-cabmounted)7 ON/OFF Shut-Down Buttons
(under-cab and rear-cab mounted)and

Compatible with over 1300 Virtual Pinball Table ROMs
(Visual Pinball (VP9, VPX), Future Pinball, Zaccaria, andPinball FX2 / FX3 tables)

The ULTRA VP is the most advanced commercially available 4K Ultra HD Virtual Pinball Machine on the Planet, compatible plug-and-play software with over 1300 (not just 300+) Visual Pinball, Future Pinball and Zen Studios Pinball FX Tables, all in a single unit. Unlike competitive VPins who only use a 43" playfield monitor (flat installation), our ULTRA VP features a FULL SIZE 49" 4K 120Hz industrial LG IPS playfield monitor (properlyslanted installation). In other words, you are getting a full size pinball cabinet that fits perfectly next to standard mechanical pinball machine!Just like the name implies, the ULTRA VP is the best at everything it does. Don't be fooled by other vendors, this unit is by far the most realistic feeling Virtual Pinball Machine you can buy commercially. Check all the specifications below, starting out with the fact that the ULTRA VP features the LARGEST full size 49" 4K LG play-field monitor (industrial monitor, not a TV like others use).
This incredible machine sucks you into the game with our advanced tactile response system (DOF mechanical response). You'll feel every knock, click and shake that you would feel on a mechanical pinball machine.Grab a hold of the real plunger and let her rip! About to drain a ball? Go ahead and shove the machine left or right for that last second death save, because our built in nudge sensor let's this virtual ball behave as if it was real.The RGB LED Strobes further suck you in with a stunning visual light show controlled by each individual game. It even features under-cab game controlled DOF RGB LED strips.Ball motion physics are ultra realistic and allows you to replay all you favorite pinball tables all in one single gorgeous pinball cabinet. You are sure to lose track of time playing these immersive pinball tables! We cannot emphasize this enough... this enhanced ULTRA VP Virtual Pinball Machine is compatible with thousands of Virtual Pinball tables* (Visual Pinball, Future Pinball, Zaccaria and Pinball FX tables).
Not convinced that we build the very BEST Virtual Pinball Machine?! Find REAL Testimonials on our Fa c e Bo ok page under search term: recroomworld
Avoid buying the smaller 40" or 43" Virtual Pinball Machines with ugly Bezels around the Playfield and flat playfield installations
(those smaller screens do not represent a full size pinball machine nor the traditional playfield slant)Avoid buying cheaper 49" 4K units from other Vendors
(Their units are vastly inferior (hence cheaper) and missing many of the required peripherals that make the ULTRA VP feel like a mechanical pinball machine - i.e. Stinger & Creative Arcades VPins)
Avoid buying units with 1080p Playfield resolution only
(Current software version now support 4K pinball tables)Avoid buying units with TV Screens instead of bezel-free Industrial Monitors
(we only use high-quality LG Industrial IPS Monitors)
Avoid buying units that do not use "FreeScale" Control Boards
(FreeScale Control Boards offer superior Accelerometer nudging sensitivity)Avoid buying Chinese units with over 1000 tables that do not work properly
(many of those virtual pinball tables are sluggish, only in 1080p, or don't work all together)Avoid Cabinets that do not have the proper proportions, are not full size (or use ugly bezels to be full size)
Avoid Virtual Pinball Machines with Touch-Screens
(they do not provide the needed depth under the glass shield to reproduce the look and feel of mechanical units)Avoid Cabinets that do not have a REAL functional Lock-bar

(over 200 choices)
For a link showing all available artwork choices, please contact us!

- 2Year Warranty-
(Lifetime Warrantyon all Buttons)FREE MAINLAND USA SHIPPING


ScanTroon5K Independent style="font-size:14pt; font-family:Arial; text-align:center;">New Google Drive 2020 ULTRA VP Intro Video Link below (must see):

RecRoomWorld Virtual Pinball General Intro - YouTube

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GAMEPLAY Demo Video - Virtual Pinball by RecRoomWorld

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RecRoomWorld Virtual Pinball General Intro - YouTube

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Don't let the pinball legacy die, this pinball machine holds ALL the pinball tables in ONE UNIT... truly AMAZING! We only use the very best components to faithfully bring back the nostalgia of playing pinball, but this time without spending a fortune in coins! You will truly be able to relive all the pinball tables you love and adore in a single unit!

This enhanced Virtual Pinball machinefeatures...

  • 49" 4K Industrial 120HzIPSPlayfield LG Monitor (not a TV)

  • 32" animatedBack-glassLED Industrial Monitor (cycles with the play-field tables)

  • 15.6" full color LED IPS DMD (Stern type)
    Dot Matrix Display / Scoring Display
  • Edge-to-edge Play-field Design(No ugly bezels! Cabinet is custom build to fit around the monitor. Monitor features adjustable contrast/ brightness - monitor menu buttons)
  • Haptic Mechanical Force response Package
    (DOF enabled - 8 x Solenoids & 2 x Contactors (Flippers) & 1 x Shaker Motor(intensity adjustable))

  • Digital Nudging Support (Accelerometer enabled - Freescale FRDM KL25Z)
    (allows you to bump the table and the ball will move accordingly. Slam Tilt enabled)

  • Digital Plunger (and a large LAUNCH button underneath)
    allows for accurate Skill Shots - Williams style plunger with removable knob

  • Mechanical Knocker
    loud physical Knocks when you win a free Game
  • Mechanical TILT Bob
    with front under-cab On/Off Button
  • Mechanical Gear Motor
    (activates when objects move on the playfield (i.e. cranes))
  • 5 x RGB LED Flashers(ROM game controlled - can be disabled withOn/OFF Switch)

  • 2 X RGB Strobe Flashers (outer edges of the RGB Flasher row)

  • Under-cab & Rear-cab RGB LED Strips (ROM game controlled- can be disabled withOn/OFF Switch)

  • High Quality 7.1 Surround Sound(4 wall mounted transducers, 2 bass kickers, large built-in sub-woofer, 2 high-quality back-glass speakers)
    allows for SSF spatialsurround sound support and immersive sound reproduction

  • Dual Flipper Buttons on each side (MagnaSave & FIRE function enabled)
    Our Flippers utilize higher quality Japanese made buttons & leaf switches

  • Tempered Glass Play-field Shield
    Our Play-field Monitor is installed at the exact same angle as mechanical Play-fields (not flat)

  • Black Powder Coated Steel Legs (never smudges)
    Silver is optional at no charge

  • Black Powder CoatedSteel Lock-bar (functional)
    Silver is optional at no charge

  • Silver is optional at no charge

  • Working Coin Door
    takes quarters or other currencies - easy to adjust

  • Free-Play Coin Button

  • Extra Ball Button
    Buy-In Button needed for certain Tables
  • 6 x Front Under-cab On/OffButtons
    positioned onthe front underside of the cabinet for easy access - power cord in the back
  • "Smooth Shut Down" Under-cab Power Button
    extends longevity by allowing the computer to shut down gracefully before you turn off the unit
  • OPTIONAL: Police Beacons and White Strobe (+$95)
    Game activated by certain pinball tables like High Speed, Rescue 911, F-14, and more...
  • OPTIONAL: Topper Monitor for PUP-Pack Video Playback (+$200)
    High quality 12.3 inch IPS 1920 x 720 monitor in custom metal enclosure. INCLUDES Police Beacons
  • Control Board Specifications:
FreeScale FRDM KL25Z
Best control board with Gyroscope assigned to handle various DOF functionality

  • Computer Specifications
- HIGH PERFORMANCE PC -CPU:Intel i7 Processor Graphics Card: nVidia RTX 3060/ 8GB DDR6
OS: Windows 10 Pro
RAM Memory: 16GB DDR4 (XMP memory)
Hard Disk: 1TB SSD
  • Compatible Pinup Popper Software available with over 1300 Pinball Table ROMs
    (VisualPinballX(latest v.10 akaVPX), Future Pinball, Zaccaria, Malzbie, andPinball FX2 and FX3 tables)
DISCLAIMER:For legal reasons here in the United States we cannot include the pinball table ROMs. However, a 100% compatible plug-and-play hard drive (SSD) isvery easy to order for a marginal fee ($150) from a reliable international third party. We will walk you through the process after your purchase, which will take less than 5 minutes to get it ordered and up and running, plug & playguaranteed! When new tables become available they are added and become available periodically with their Hard Drive Exchange Program!

L: 53" x W: 32" x H: 74"
Play-field Width: 27"
Weight with Crate: 397 lbsWeight without Crate: 298 lbs



Our current delivery time-frame is 30 days.

We use curb to curb LTL freight shipping, signature will be required.

In home delivery is only available for local orders
(within 150 miles of Columbus, Ohio, USA)

Contact me for payment methods to pay on pickup.

- Terms and Conditions -

This virtual pinball machine is custom built for each new order by applying customer chosen artwork. As such, returns are not accepted for reason's outside of 's policy.

In such of an occurrence, please contact us within 48 hours of accepting the shipment. Return shipping & mandatory shipping insurance must be paid by the Buyer. Refunds will only be issued after the unit has been received and fully inspected against damages. In case the unit is returned damaged, it is up to the buyer to claim damages with the shipping company (instructions will be provided before we ship).


Partial refund requests will NOT be honored nor accepted.

BEST 4K Virtual Pinball Machine WORLDWIDE - REAL MECHANICAL FEEL - 1300+ Tables:

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