Commercial Electric Mini Pastry Tart Tartlet Pie Machine 110v Cupcake Pie Desser

Commercial Electric Mini Pastry Tart Tartlet Pie Machine 110v Cupcake Pie Desser

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Commercial Electric Mini Pastry Tart Tartlet Pie Machine 110v Cupcake Pie Desser:

Electric Mini Pastry Tart Tartlet Pie Machine 110V

The machine requires that the current of working Environment circuit

is above 29Amp (3.2KW/110V=29A),if less than 29A,we don't suggest

you to by this machine, because it will keep tripping the breaker.

Buyer is responsible for the shipping cost if item return due to this reason.



Electric mini pastry tart tartlet pie machine 110V

This machine is apply to commercial use and heavy-duty in cafe,

tea shop, restaurant, street vendor, home etc.




110v Power 3200W Size

Machine: 17.3*20.5*17inches/44x52x43cm

Material Machine body: stainless steel

Mould Plate: aluminum withTeflon coated(non-stick surface)

Baking Time 1-5 minutes for one tray(13pcs pies) Apply To Commercial or home use

Such as Party, Cafe, Tea Shop, etc.

Packing Included 1 unit tartlet shell make


1.Before use of the product safety grounding.

2.Cleaning may not wash with water pipe

At furnace product line is absorbing the advantages of similar foreign

products designed with fashionable and rational structure, convenient

operation, warming fast, uniform temperature, energy-saving features,

apply to shopping malls, supermarkets, cold drinks shop, snack,

higher than it places.


Installation and use of the Environment attention

1.This product should be on a smooth, about formulating technology for

inflammable left side of 10cm and above, should be back from

formulating technology for inflammable (such as brick) 20cm above.

2.This equipment must be used with a supply voltage of the power

supply voltage nameplate product line.

3.Users need to install suitable equipment near the power switch,

fuse and leakage protection, not allowed to switch before stacking debris,

convenient operation.

4.The use of this equipment must be safe before grounding!

5.Boot should be checked before the product is firmly connected

electrical components, safety grounding reliability.

6.Replacement power lines should use the same type cable and

professionals to replace.

7.The products connect electrical installation and maintenance side,

should be invited to the operator’s certificate holders electrician to install.


The method of operation

1.Temperature of product in front to control the heating temperature,

from the need to ensure that the use of temperature.

2.Connect power, the power switch, light-switching power supply,

temperature control for rotating clockwise direction, the required

temperature at the location of the required temperature, heating time

orange bright light, this time for the current to have the furnace,

heating began heating up when the temperature at the required temperature,

for temperature control that automatic temperature control with the ability to

connect power, bright orange light, the resumption of electric heating,

the temperature rose, so repeated cycle to ensure that the set temperature

within constant, as required to regulate the temperature to the required

temperature calibration, the pie can be produced at the desired result.

3.Question heating machines, after all template at the furnace cleaning,

food oil, the good ice-cream powder modulation add to the mold,

stamped on the mold, the timer redeployed to the time required to

set heating time will remind you of the time has come to open the mold,

with a wooden stick from the circle model of the ice-cream percutaneous

vertebroplasty model cubes but after removal,ice cream paper

has stereotypes do.

4.As in use, abnormal phenomenon, we must immediately stop

using the troubleshooting checks may continue to be used.


Cleaning and maintenance

1.The clean-up and maintenance, we should cut off power to

prevent accidents from happening.

2.After a day of work available is non-corrosive cleaning agent

wet towels, cleaning furnance power lead-out device surface

and the surface, no direct water rinse! Damage to electrical performance.

3.Clean process, the timely liquidation of all template water to prevent spills..

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Commercial Electric Mini Pastry Tart Tartlet Pie Machine 110v Cupcake Pie Desser:

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