Exclusive Statue Figurine "grace"

Exclusive Statue Figurine

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Exclusive Statue Figurine "grace":

Sribnyk – Gallery of Silver Art

Exclusive statue figurine "Grace"

Details: color and shape of the statuettes' and composition's base can be different from the one in the photo. If you need the base as it is on the photo, please let me know before you make an order.We accept individual orders, the price of individual order depends on the complexity of work and the materials required for its production. If you want to change the item please let me know before you make an order. If you have any questions please feel free to ask them.

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  • Grand Prix by "The Jeweller Expo 2014" for the exclusive chess "Bouratino" ("Pinnochio").
  • "The Best Silver Adornment" award by "The Jeweller Expo 2014" for "The Cabaret-Snail" piece.
  • Grand Prix by "The Jeweller Expo 2013" for the exclusive office table set "Marvel by St. George".
  • Grand Prix by "The Jeweller Expo 2012" for the exclusive cabinet adornment "Descendant Touttie's toy".
  • Grand Prix by "The Jeweller Expo 2011" for the exclusive chess "Bender vs Bender".
  • "The Best Interior Adornment" by "The Jeweller Expo 2008" for the exclusive checkers "The Ravens vs the Rats".
  • "The Best Interior Adornment" by "The Jeweller Expo 2007" for the exclusive adornment "The cheerful Cards".

Exclusive Statue Figurine "grace":

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