HUGE Heavy Solid Gold ICED OUT Baguette and Pavé Round 72 Diamonds Christ Ring

HUGE Heavy Solid Gold ICED OUT Baguette and Pavé Round 72 Diamonds Christ Ring

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HUGE Heavy Solid Gold ICED OUT Baguette and Pavé Round 72 Diamonds Christ Ring:

HUGE Heavy Solid Gold ICED OUT Baguette and Pavé Round 72 Diamonds Christ Ring


We all want to make something of ourselves in this life… to be met in this infinitesimally short existence with a fleeting moment of self recognition… “I did it” . This ring? The very physical embodiment of that moment… this is a piece that represents the long road to success… the ups down… trials and tribulations… obstacles overcome… hardships endured… This is a piece that not everyone can wear - as you can’t “feign” an achieved life. Put this ring on the finger of someone who hasn’t earned it, and it just wont - fit. Achievement alone, however, doesn’t determine this ring’s rightful bearer… as there is another deciding factor needing to present, too… humility. A recognition that all that you have accomplished, all of the hurdles you have cleared, all of the perks that come with your achieved life… are because of Him… because of that “Man” this work of jeweled art so beautifully depicts… Jesus Christ.

What do you see in the reflection of the SEVENTY-TWO baguette and brilliant cut natural diamonds on this piece… your face? Or His…


This ring belonged to my father. My father was born in a tiny town in Budapest, Hungary. Born to Hungarian parents, he spent his early childhood living in German war “camps.” He ate pine noodle soup, and (seldom) the occasional dead horse. Surviving the camps, he fled to the United States with his parents. Here, he settled in Cleveland, Ohio - sharing a tiny home with other immigrant families - his “bedroom” a small closet. To escape the day to day of abject poverty, and the spit and stones of racist bullies - he read books… MANY books… though his English was (at best) broken. The men he idolized — all writers. As a preteen, sitting in class - the question was asked of him “what do you want to be when you grow up.” “A writer,” he said. Everyone laughed… including his teacher. “Jośef,” he said “how are you going to be a writer? You can’t even speak English?”

Fast forward.

Journalist, published author, and finally — screenwriter. The boy who came to this country with nothing - had achieved more than just “something.” Ask my father to this day how he came to beat the odds… his response? “God.”


My father was living in Malibu, California at the time of this ring’s purchase. Just outside of Los Angeles, California there exists (to this day) an Iconic purveyor of high-end apparel and jewelry called “Maxfield.” Maxfield was known for showcasing one off, highly unique - elaborately composed pieces that one wouldn’t find on display at the typical jewelry store (Los Angeles or otherwise). It was here - at Maxfield - that my father first came across what staff referred to as “The Holy Grail.” Housed in a display case of its own - on a rotating all black model finger - something so - blindingly - radiant in its gleam it was hard to make out. A ring… but not just any ring… the ring. As he moved closer, squinting to filter out the high reflectivity of the seemingly endless array of inlaid diamonds, my father was met with a meticulously composed solid gold face of Christ… an undeniable display of excess - yes… but a fitting one at that. Encased in the glory of seventy-two natural earth grown diamonds, Glory Himself.

Having walked into Maxfield in an assuming battered pair of jeans and a v-neck t-shirt, staff didn’t budge to help the man captivated by the aura of “The Holy Grail.” They did come running, however, the next time he came into the store… with their legendary “claim to fame” wrapped around his big Hungarian finger.

The Ring Itself:

“The Holy Grail” is fashioned from a thick, heavy, solid 14K Yellow Gold - and set with TWENTY-EIGHT (28) earth grown round brilliant cut diamonds, and FOURTY-FOUR (44) earth grown tapered baguette cut diamonds. The top center of the ring features a yellow gold equal sided cross with a raised head of Christ. The cross measures 14.7 x 14.7 millimeters. There are two channel set rows of seven tapered baguettes extending outward and down onto the shoulders of the ring from the two sides of the cross. There are two channel set rows of four tapered baguettes extending outward and down from the top and bottom of the cross. The baguettes have an approximate total weight of 1.00 carat and display H-I color with SI1-2 clarity. There is one section of seven pave’ set round diamonds in each of the four corners of the top of the ring. The round diamonds have an approximate total weight of .33 carat and display H-I color with SI1 clarity. The ring measures 21.3 millimeters from top to bottom, 26.5 from side to side, 7.95 millimeters in height and has a SOLID back. The ring has a reflective polished finish, and weighs 19.1 dwt (29.703 grams).

Design Details:

This ring was made by a local Malibu, California jeweler who catered to notable celebrities living and working in Los Angeles. The jeweler in question developed a name for himself amongst Hip Hop musicians of the time, professional athletes, and Hollywood film icons. A gemologist, he got his start in the trade, acquisition, and sale of natural diamonds before branching into jewelry making himself - using as his base the inventory of gems he and his brother had procured throughout the years. His output was - very - minimal. Each piece was made for custom order, with the prospective new owner allowing for 6 months to a year for a finished ensemble.

Importantly, this ring has a very modern aesthetic. Though creation was at some point in the early 2000s, the design is a timeless one. This is a ring that would look at home on the likes of cultural icons synonymous with high fashion. An “iced out” piece if there ever was one… yet, classy, refined, opulent, meticulously composed.

Though some will (understandably) argue that what - makes - this ring is the excessive diamond composition, to not take note of the artistry that went into this ring’s composition would be doing the piece a disservice. Look, for a moment, at the DETAIL seen at the top cross. Notice the gold background of the cross behind that of Christ’s face is remarkable in its highly textured surface. The gold cross, to myself, looks like that of the clustered diamonds… like “golden shards of ice” - catch and throwing light in every which way. Of course, the face of Christ. This is no “vague depiction,” this is an anatomically sound portrait…. with facial features visible and distinct. From His thick eyebrows, to His ever so gently closed eyes, to His beard of finitely etched solid gold, and complex, intricately latticed crown of thorns… This.. in my mind - is what this ring more than just the sum of its innately highly valuable materials. The jeweler who made this piece is giving homage to his God through each and every time consuming, arduous detail present in the face of Christ - and the cross just behind him.

The gold throughout the ring is THICK, beautifully rounded, and highly polished… Chunky and masculine - bold and hefty… the DEEP yellow highly luminous gold creates STRIKING contrast when juxtaposed to the cool tone hue of this ring’s innumerable gemstones. Simply put? There is NO missing this ring when worn on the finger… in size and scale ALONE this is an impressive piece.. couple that heavy calibre build with high vibrancy gold, H-I color SI 1-2 and H-I color

SI 1 clarity diamonds? Unparalleled…. otherworldly…

The COA/Appraisal:

Replacement Value Appraisal: $11,000

This ring was recently appraised by that of “Bella Design Jewelry,” a high end jewelry boutique with a specialty in earth grown diamond acquisitions. All gemstones are graded and accounted for. The original appraisal (hand signed by that of gemologist Scott Lazarus) will be included upon sale. For matters of privacy, current owner name - and location - has been censored in the above photograph of the COA Appraisal Document.

Parting Notes:

Should this ring come to rest on your finger - I commend you for having had “your moment” in this life… for having reached a level of success that many will not find… and for remembering, always and forever, that through Him —- all things are possible.

~If you have any further questions, or would like to see any additional photos, please do not hesitate to reach out in the form of an email. I will reach out to you promptly. No overseas sales.


Ring Size:10 (can be resized)

Ring Dimensions: 21.3 mm from top to bottom, 26.5 mm from side to side, 7.95 mm in height

Weight: 19.1 dwt (29.703 grams)

Diamond Specifics:

Earth Grown Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

Number: 28

Color: H-I

Clarity: SI1

Total Weight: .33 carat

Earth Grown Tapered Baguette Cut Diamonds

Number: 44

Color: H-I

Clarity: SI1-2

Total Weight: 1.00 carat

~If you have any further questions, or would like to see any additional photos, please do not hesitate to reach out in the form of an email. I will get back to you promptly. No overseas sales.

HUGE Heavy Solid Gold ICED OUT Baguette and Pavé Round 72 Diamonds Christ Ring:

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