Herbert Hoover signed document DS President Washington Thanksgiving BAS COA

Herbert Hoover signed document DS President Washington Thanksgiving BAS  COA

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Herbert Hoover signed document DS President Washington Thanksgiving BAS COA:


Two-page, (front & back) Document signed by HerbertHoover,

the 31st President of the United States Of America.

The document is a November 3, 1932 Presidential Proclamation forThanksgiving day 1932, marking the 200th anniversary of George Washington's birth& incorporating Washington's1st ThanksgivingProclamation. There is slight skippingto the signature,

even toningthroughout, and an uneven bottom edge.

The UNFRAMED documentmeasures approximately 7” x 10”.

Museum-quality archival frame included in price (the frame is not new and has a couple of minor dings in it... you will have no problem putting it up on your wall as is).

The frame has acid-free cloth mattes with wrapped edges around all of the cutout windows, UV Plexiglass, and is a high-end wood Larsen-Jul frame. Framed with a professional photo/image and descriptive plaque.

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Herbert Hoover signed document DS President Washington Thanksgiving BAS COA:

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