LEON MARTINEZ-Incredible 26 Stone-Premium Sicilian Coral 925 Cluster Cuff -7.25"

LEON MARTINEZ-Incredible 26 Stone-Premium Sicilian Coral 925 Cluster Cuff -7.25

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LEON MARTINEZ-Incredible 26 Stone-Premium Sicilian Coral 925 Cluster Cuff -7.25":


Now this cuff is the perfect example between "low-end" southwestern jewelry & "FINE-TOP OF THE LINE" Navajo jewelry! I always say "The way to tell how good a piece is & how good the material is that it’s made with, is by looking at the price" because in this business you pay for what you get! (That however, is another story! :-)

This is as good as it gets & if quality plays a big part when it comes to what you buy, then this is a no brainer! It's a real keeper & the way coral is now becoming "Rare", the value of this will only increase in time! (Read "FYI" below )

When I look at it, all I can think of is how Leon's sole goal was to make it not only with the best of the best Coral there is on the market, but all the time you can just see that he put into it,to make it absolutely 'perfect"! (including the interior's underside!) It's a real honor to bring a cuff of this magnitude to you!

Made in a "Old School Navajo" way,where Leon did not buy 'store bought sheet sterling' like you'll normally find cuff's to be made with, but he actually 'rolled' it out,just like they would do decades ago! The sterling I would say feels like possibly a 4-6 gauge( ?) so it's super heavy & solid!! The heavy weight will be something you'll notice when you have this in hand!

Placed in a 'row style' are 26 cuts of PREMIUM coral that are laid in a double row setting & go to about 1" from the terminals. The terminals are covered by his hand made "Fan" appliques (see photos) & what contributes to the cuff's very precise look, is for the fact that the stones are not only well matched in size, but the color from one to the other, have the same saturation & have this deep,rich 'red-red' color (as opposed to 'orange red').Melted down beads of sterling sit in between at both top & bottom of each cut & then the very center is lined with Leon's hand made button concho's.If you zoom in on the extreme perimeter, what looks like a whole garland of twisted wire rope, are actual individual little cut's of wire to then be placed in between each bead. I do also want to mention that The cuff has a old style "Vintage Revival" finishing, where the top is heavily oxidized & the remaining sterling has a brushed matte finishing that literally brings the sterling up a few notches or more!

Don't forget to check out the the underside, where he did a traditional Navajo Rug Design by pounding through the heavy gauge sterling!!! The design is made from very old stamps that he inherited from his mother who was also a jeweler.

**This is a "UNISEX" cuff & would look EXTREMELY handsome on a man as it will on a woman!! Because of the heaviness of the gauge,this is NOT adjustable, so this has to fit! Please read at the bottom on "How to Fit a Cuff" if you're unsure if this will fit..If you need my help,I am an email away & would be more than happy to help in whatever way I can!!*********************FYI***:Anyone in this business knows how much the price of Coral has climbed to & has gotten so ridiculously expensive, which makes it unaffordable for many artists to even consider buying. Coral's cost has skyrocketed up to 500% in the last three years & compared to 3 years ago when it was at about $250 a gram,it is now at $1000 a gram!!. But to make matters worse,it's because of human disturbance, based on overfishing and indirect by climate change — This has left the sea’s slow-growing red coral population in a state of decimation. Coral is now on the "Rare" list & no longer can it be fished, nor brought in the USA. (These reasons are reflected in the price) Everyday the price goes up & like real estate, it will never be the price tomorrow, as it is today.Any more,it has become an 'investment' gem.********************ARTIST: Leon Martinez
TRIBE: Navajo
METAL: Sterling Silver
METAL FINISHING: Oxidized-Vintage Revival
STONE: Sciacca Sicilian Red Coral
CORAL SIZE: 8.5mm x 6.5 mm
CORAL GRADE: Premium-Gem Grade NOT Dyed!
CUT: Oval
WEIGHT: 5 Ounces -144 Grams
WIDTH: 1-1/4" (Measured from the backside)
(Total Wrist Circumference: 7-1/4")
HALLMARK: Sterling-Leon M.T.Z
Comes Gift REQUIREMENT:***Because of the price,this will have a mandatory signature confirmation requirement. If you're not home in the day & need it shipped where it can be signed for,please change that in your "Ship To" section before I create the shipping READ***Unless the cuff is defective(Which it isn't) there is now a 3% charge that will be taken out from the total price you paid if there's a return..(This applies to buyers remorse,too big,too small,too heavy,don't like it,doesn't fit,etc..)This is one good reason why you should go over measurements,readallthe detail I provided you & know your wrist sizebeforepurchasing.So please go over everything in order to avoid a return & hurting others chances of possibly buying this.
THE REASON:All credit card/merchant service companies changed their policies & are now charging the seller this 3% for any & all charge backs.Please ask any questions/concerns you may havebeforehand. I am a email away & can any question you have!**************************HOW TO FIT A CUFFYou can "You Tube" this by putting something like, "How to Fit a Cuff"
Cuffs fit different than any other type bracelet & it is important they fit right!
The best way to get a good fit is to measure a cuff bracelet you already have that fits you well. You can use my "across measurement" guide above or go by this:The total inside circumference is the inside circumference of the bracelet from end to end plus the gap (the distance between the ends)If you don't have a cuff bracelet , then measure your wrist where you want to wear the bracelet. Cut a strip of paper approximately 8" long and as wide as the bracelet you would like to wear. Wrap the paper around your wrist where you would wear the bracelet. You might secure the paper with a piece of tape to get a better feel of the fit. Remove the paper and measure from the end to the mark for the circumference of your wrist.
EXAMPLE: If the inside Circumference end to end is 5" and the Gap is 1", the total inside Circumference would be 6" and would be suitable for a wrist approximately 5 3/4" to 6 1/4" depending on how tight or loose you like to wear your bracelets..Remember the interior does not change,but the gap can be adjusted,either by yourself or your jeweler,depending on the thickness of the gauge.
IMPORTANT:****The thickness of the fleshy part (above your wrist) is equally as important as to whether a cuff fits properly & even though the cuff could fit your wrist,if the gap is too small or too large, can make a HUGE difference in the cuff fitting,so the gap is equally as imporatant as the interior measurement!!****
A cuff should not 'roll' around on your wrist(Too loose),nor should you see flesh hanging over the edge(Too tight) Always put the cuff on ABOVE the wrist bone where it is fleshy,(NOT on the wrist)then bring it down to wrist.And NEVER "squeeze" to tighten!! You will lose the integrity of the metal & if there are stones,they can loosen..To adjust & tighten,turn your wrist over,push down on one end at the terminal,push down on the other at the terminal..Go easy,if the gauge is lighter..Reverse this method to take off.****************************ABOUT LEON MARTINEZ:Nothing can be said about Leon without mentioning something about his family ties. 1st influenced by their mother & father,(who were also artists) Leon's immediate siblings happen to be "CALVIN,RICK & TERRY MARTINEZ" & his sister is the well known "READDA BEGAY" who is married to Ernest Begay Sr.(another well known,sought after artist) Leon is also the cousin of the late & much missed artist "KIRK SMITH"..Each of these family members are sought out for their unique traditional Navajo jewelry they bring to the table & you can see many similarities in their work.
It was the late "HARRY MORGAN" however who taught Leon just like he did Kirk Smith & it was Harry who laid the path & taught him a lot of the ropes about how to give Navajo jewelry a look as if the piece was made from decades ago. Harry was the 1st that brought Navajo jewelry to the market as if it was made in the 40’s & was the one who was also responsible for giving the sterling those heavily oxidized finishing’s that are now known as "Vintage Revival" as if the piece is aged.This is the style of jewelry that Leon has continued making & you'll find in every piece made..Never will you see in his pieces,high polished contemporary finishes with the sterling.
Having developed his own ''signature style",Leon has been at it now for over 30 years. What you're going to get in Leon's jewelry are time consuming made pieces,where they're made with precision,where literally everything that's apart of the piece,is still done with the power of the hand,just like his ancestors did..Everything will be made from scratch,with nothing being used by pre-made commercial manufactures.. He's all about using heavier gauge sterling, using only the highest quality natural stones available on the market & then each are hand finished in a "Vintage Revival" style finished sterling..
Earning ribbons at the Navajo Nation Fair in Window Rock, AZ & Gallup Ceremonial,his work also has been featured in the highly read "Cowboys & Indians" magazine & his jewelry exhibited in Museums..I am extremely proud to bring an artist of this magnitude to you,where you will experience what traditional "Fine" Navajo jewelry really feels like,with unmatched superb quality throughout! Leon's work is highly collectible & demands top dollar.

LEON MARTINEZ-Incredible 26 Stone-Premium Sicilian Coral 925 Cluster Cuff -7.25":

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