Martian Meteorite Pendant - Genuine Mars Meteorite Jewelry - 14Kt Gold - TOP

Martian Meteorite Pendant - Genuine Mars Meteorite Jewelry - 14Kt Gold - TOP

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Martian Meteorite Pendant - Genuine Mars Meteorite Jewelry - 14Kt Gold - TOP :

On Offer:MartianPendant - set in 14Kt gold thispendant features a genuine martian meteorite center stone. Center stone is hand crafted in the US from the martian shergottite meteorite NWA 10441. Chain not included.

Dimensionsnot including bail:Approximately 23.40 mm x 12.37 mm x 2.32 mm

Dimensionsincluding bail:Approximately29.13mm x 12.37 mm x5.24mm

Description: A 14Kt goldpendant featuring a piece of Mars ejected by a meteorite impacting the surface of the Red Planet and hurling it to Earth.This beautifulpendant features a unique center stone from the planet Mars. The center stone has been hand crafted and assembled in the US by AZ based artisan Josh Eisler. The center stone for thispendant was ejected from Mars and recovered by nomads in the Sahara desert. This beautiful martian meteorite was partially melted during the impact that ejected it, and sometimes small vesicles can be seen on the surface of the stone. This is not a flaw but rather a feature of the meteorite. This meteorite was found in the Western Sahara by locals and purchased there by D. Dickens and his partner while on expedition in 2015. It has been classified at the University of New Mexico's Institute of Meteoritics and given the name NWA 10441 with classification Martian Shergottite and published in the Meteoritical Bulletin.This is a lovelypendant with center stone hand carved from of a piece of the SNC group of martian meteorites known as the "Shergottites" with the specific name given to this particular group of shergottite meteorites all found in the same area is NWA 10441.
What you get:NWA 10441 Martian Meteorite Specimen set in a 14K goldpendant asshown, signedCertificate of Authenticity, shipping/storage membrane box.
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Northwest Africa 10441Basic informationName:Northwest Africa 10441
This is an OFFICIAL meteorite name.
Abbreviation:NWA 10441
Observed fall:No
Year found:2015
Country:(Northwest Africa)
Mass:239 gClassification
history:Meteoritical Bulletin:MB 104(2015)Martian (shergottite)Recommended:Martian (shergottite)[explanation]
This is 1 of 185 approved meteorites (plus 1 unapproved name) classified as Martian (shergottite).[show all]
Search for other:Martian meteoritesComments:Approved 26 Dec 2015WriteupWriteup fromMB 104:

Northwest Africa 10441(NWA 10441)

(Northwest Africa)

Purchased: April 2015

Classification: Martian meteorite (Shergottite)

History: Purchased by team eegooblago (Brahim Tahiri, Dustin Dickens and Sean Tutorow) while on expedition in Northwest Africa and Western Sahara in April and May 2015.

Physical characteristics: Six indentical appearing stones with no fusion crust. Saw-cut surfaces show an intergranular mix of light-green pyroxene and maskelynite. Dark colored melt veins and pockets are prominent, with most showing significant vesiculation.

Petrography: (C. Agee,UNM) This meteorite consists of ~50% pyroxene, ~30% maskelynite, and ~15% shock melt. Pyroxenes show igneous zoning, and some are partially melted from shock. Shock melt domains are up to 1 cm wide and many contain vesicles 1-3 mm in diameter. All plagioclase has been transformed to maskelynite. Fe-sulfide, Ti-magnetite, ilmenite, and silica observed.

Geochemistry: (C. Agee and N. Muttik,UNM) Pigeonite Fs49.5±9.2Wo15.7±3.3, Fe/Mn=36±3, n=31; augite Fs28.4±6.7Wo33.3±2.0, Fe/Mn=32±3, n=33; maskelynite An53.8±1.7Ab44.2±2.0Or2.1±0.7.

Classification: Martian (shergottite).

Specimens: 20.5 g including a probe mount on deposit atUNM, Sean Tutorow holds the main mass.

Data from:
Table 0
Line 0:Place of purchase:Northwest AfricaDate:P April 2015Mass (g):238.79Pieces:6Class:Martian (shergottite)Shock stage:highWeathering grade:moderateFerrosilite (mol%):49.5±9.2, 28.4±6.7Wollastonite (mol%):15.7±3.3, 33.3±2.0Classifier:C. Agee, UNMType spec mass (g):20.5Type spec location:UNM

Martian Meteorite Pendant - Genuine Mars Meteorite Jewelry - 14Kt Gold - TOP :

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