showbiz pizza Billy Bob Walk Around Mint Rock-a-fire Creative Signed By Fechter

showbiz pizza Billy Bob Walk Around Mint Rock-a-fire Creative Signed By Fechter

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showbiz pizza Billy Bob Walk Around Mint Rock-a-fire Creative Signed By Fechter:

showbiz pizza Billy Bob Walk Around Mint Rock-a-fire Creative Signed By Fechter.

Note: the first two photos have the overalls on backwards

The costume was sold to a woman and her husband (who recently passed). Her and her husband both were involved in many charitable organizations and fundraising organizations. From my understanding this was acquired through the involvement with one of the many organizations.

That being said my goal is to raise as much money as I can for her.

The costume is complete. The letter I have is from Aaron fetcher who wrote saying that the costume had sat at creative up until may of 2018. He then signed the inside of the head with the date of 6/4/2018. There are only a few issues I’ve noticed going over the suit and comparing to other examples.

Firstly, the feet. One is a different style hair. I think it was pieces together to sell as a whole walk around and this was overlooked or may have been what was available. Not sure just speculation. The pattern cutout is the same, sewing is the same, it’s authentic, just different material used and placement of materials to adhere to legs (see pics)

Secondly, a small pea size stain on the overalls. 1/4” X 1/4”. It can more than likely be removed, but I’ll leave this to the new owner as I don’t want to alter in any way.


The tooth. This can be repaired easily from my understanding, again while trying to keep it as original as possible it will remain as is until sale is complete. Some cracking on the nose(outer layer) honestly not bad, but again will need to be addressed in the long term.

Lastly, on the overalls the buttons (again see pics) need to be cleaned. These are the strapped buttons along the back. They have corrosion from sitting I imagine. No water stains or anything. Just look like after being stored for so long they started to develop a layer of corrosion that will need to be addressed in the long term. Otherwise they are vibrant and clean!

Other details

The head piece shows no signs of cracking, weakness around any parts, or signed of being brittle. The fiberglass is in great condition and all original parts are inside. The fan does work and electrical was tested.

The paint on the head is immaculate. Truly looks like it was airbrushed recently. One small spot where it almost looks as if something fell on it and wasn’t cleaned properly, but otherwise see pics for yourself. Really great.

The rest of the costume is great, nothing is missing to my understanding. Nothing is ripped. Everything is where it should be and in the condition it should have been when it was made. The cut out numbers for the patterns can still be seen in the inner parts of the costume. The rivets, leather patches, all of it just looks as new.

The series number is BBWA-239

That being said idk how many they made exactly, but this has to be one of the later ones. Maybe one of the last?

I know being signed, having provided information, documentation, and being able to say it was at creative definitively until late 2018 where after it was stored in a closet until being brought out to be put back out there for the wonderful world of rock a fire.

This is def a museum/ high end collection quality piece. This opportunity may not exist past this one again. From my understanding there are no more to find, no more are being made, and they just do not come up for sale. When they do prices of 1000 are being realized for a head with no nose.

I honestly do not want to ship this costume. I’m in the southern United States. Because of both the value and condition I do not wish to use the postal service to ship this on a 2-8 day parcel select. My wish is that if an acceptable price is reached for this depending upon location I’m happy to deliver.

I put as many pictures as I could on . I’ve shared a ton more on my instagram as well. I can provide as many pictures are required for serious buyers.

I really hope this goes to where it needs to and I’m able to help my client in the best way possible.

If you have ANY Questions please don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll be as open as I can with you on it and answer to the best of my ability.

Thank you in advance.

The costume as a whole is one of the better (if not the best) examples I’ve been able to find on the internet. I have reached out and spoken to many people involved in keeping the rock-a-fire movement and history alive and well and all I can say is not only is it an amazing group of people, but (most) everyone I spoke to was nothing short of amazing and supportive. Thanks to everyone who reached out to help with the hours and hours of research that went into trying to figure out what, where, how, when, and every other question I had.

Thanks a ton.

showbiz pizza Billy Bob Walk Around Mint Rock-a-fire Creative Signed By Fechter:

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