Boss’s Day

When is Boss’s Day

Boss’s Day is a U.S. holiday dedicated to bosses and employers. It is celebrated every October 16th, and is an opportunity to show your appreciation for the leaders and mentors at your place of employment. While not a public holiday, Boss’s Day has grown so popular in recent years that the holiday is now celebrated in other nations.


For years, many employees were taught to fear their bosses. Nowadays we all know that the most successful companies are those who foster good boss-staff relationships. Boss’s Day was founded on this very principle.

In 1958, Patricia Bays Haroski introduced the earliest concept of Boss’s Day. She was seeking to form a National Boss Day, which would give staff across the country the opportunity to show appreciation to their employers. The idea didn’t take off at first, but was adopted by Illinois Governor Kerner in 1962. Haroski had chosen October 16th to commemorate her father’s birthday.

Boss’s Day was soon adopted on a national level. Not only did Americans like the concept of supervisor appreciation, but there was also a will to improve relations between employers and staff. Ever since then, Boss’s Day has been recognized every October 16th, unless the date falls on a weekend. If this is the case, then the holiday is celebrated either the closest Friday or Monday. The concept has also spread to other countries, some with different dates.

Celebrating Your Boss

Boss’s Day is traditionally celebrated in subtle ways. Many employees choose to give their bosses cards, or perhaps small gifts like flowers and candy. Others decide to throw a celebration as a group at the workplace in the form of surprise parties. There may be a special potluck lunch, cake, or after-hours celebrations. The exact types of celebrations depend on the type of workplace. More intimate gatherings are commonplace at small businesses, while the celebrations can transform into parties within larger workforces.

Celebrations can also depend on the workforce dynamic. If a particular company doesn’t foster regular interactions between bosses and employees, then the holiday may be overlooked. Boss’s Day celebrations can also vary between industries.

Critiques and Controversies

While the concept of Boss’s Day stems from good intentions, the idea isn’t well-received by everyone. In some cases, the holiday is seen as a distraction from actual work – a critique that even many bosses agree with. Some workplaces instead transform the holiday into a day of recognizing the role of teamwork. Overall, the reception of Boss’s Day greatly depends on the role of communication in the workplace.

Another complaint is that the holiday may go to your boss’s head. You may even find yourself being forced to celebrate the holiday when you don’t like your boss. Keep in mind that this is meant to be a lighthearted holiday. If your boss demands special recognition on Boss’s Day instead of receiving praise modestly, then it may be time to find a new boss!

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Hallmark Ornament 2020 The Office-worlds Best Boss-coffee Mug-dunder Mifflin Inc

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