Medium Hanukkah Festival Of Lights On Matte - Case Of 180

Medium Hanukkah Festival Of Lights On Matte - Case Of 180

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Medium Hanukkah Festival Of Lights On Matte - Case Of 180:

Medium Hanukkah Festival Of Lights On Matte - CASE OF 180

Medium Hanukkah Festival Of Lights On Matte Gift Bags in Four Assorted PatternsGift Bag Size: 7.5" x 9" x 4"Paper gift bag with metallic rope handles4 assorted designsMaterial: PaperHoliday: Hanukkah

Product Details Brand: DD Manufacturer Item #: 2280644 Unit of Measurement: Units Per Listing: IMS CODE:

UOM KEY: EA (each) PK (pack) BG (bag) CS (case) BT (bottle) CT (carton) CN (cannister) TU (tube) DZ (dozen) KT (kit) GL (gallon) PR (pair) SL (sleeve) RL (roll) ST (system) TR (tray) VL (vial)

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