1765 Bound Volume W/ America Stamp Act Tax On Colonists & Many Plates Magazines

1765 Bound Volume W/ America Stamp Act Tax On Colonists & Many Plates Magazines

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1765 Bound Volume W/ America Stamp Act Tax On Colonists & Many Plates Magazines :

1765 Bound Volume w/ America STAMP ACT Tax on Colonists & Many Plates Magazines (Note: additional images are located below the description) THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, 1765 This is a bound volume with all 12 monthly issues plus the annual Supplement issue as well. This is a great year for American-related content with much on the historic & hated Stamp Act.

Some of the content includes:
"General Gage's Account of the Reduction of the Indians" "Reasons Against Extending Excise Laws", "Account of the Number of Acres in Maryland" with a nice chart.

A "Proclamation" by George Johnstone, governor of West Florida, which begins: "His Majesty having been...pleased to give to me instructions for the speedy & effectual settling of the province of West Florida..." which gives a descriptive account of it.

Reports from Parliament and the King has a dateline of "Friday, 22" beginning: "Lord Mansfield, as speaker, and the Earls Gower and Marchmont, by virtue of a commission from his majesty gave the royal assent to the following bills:..." and about 9 are listed, one of which reads: "for laying a stamp duty in the British colonies in America." Although a brief & somewhat inconspicuous report, it is an exceedingly historic one, as this is the official notice--in a British publication no less--of the King's approval of the Stamp Act. Schlesinger in his "Almanac Of American History" has under the date of March 22, 1765 a lengthy entry which begins: "In passing the Stamp Act, the English Parliament sets its first direct tax on the American colonies. The intent of this act is to raise adequate funds, together with the revenues from the 1764 Sugar Act, to support at least one-third of the total cost to British of maintaining a military organization in the colonies...".

Also a report: "By the act for laying a stamp duty on printed news papers, deeds, and parchments in America, the respective duties on each are the same as in Great Britain, the monies arising therefrom to be applied towards the necessary defense of the colonies." which was the British justification of the hated Stamp Act. A letter from a man at Pensacola which includes: "...People begin to build here very fast, though I believe it will be a long time before the place comes to any perfection. As for the harbour, it is certainly one of the best in the whole world..." with more descriptive text. A bit beginning: "The House of Burgesses of Virginia...have come to the following resolution in consequence of the late taxation of the colonies...". A half column headed "American News" which includes a report of a quarrel with Indians near Fort Pitt.
A report of ships arriving at Philadelphia: "...with the stamps on board for Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, when several citizens assembled in order to consider ways and means for preventing the stamp act taking place in that province...". Further on is: "The governor of New England, upon the arrival of the stamp paper for that province...sent a message to both houses of assembly desiring their advice & assistance in order to preserve the stampt papers safe and secure for his majesty's further orders...".
Another report is headed: "An Account of the Proceedings of the late Assembly at Philadelphia which met on Sept. 21" which has a number of Resolves relating to the Stamp Act, prefaced with: "The house taking into consideration that an act of parliament has lately passed in England for imposing certain stamp duties and other duties on his majesty's subjects in America...".
"The Grievances of the American Colonies Candidly examined. Printed by Authority at Providence in Rhode Island" "On the Privileges of the Americans" "The Importance of the Colonies of North America & the interest of Great Britain with regard to them, considered, Together with remarks on the Stamp Duty" "The Right of Taxing the Americans considered" "Proceedings of the Americans, an Account of the Stamp Act" "The Claims of the Americans impartially represented."

An article which notes: "...More of the stamp papers are arrived but the Governor has solemnly declared that he neither has power to distribute them himself nor to order or appoint any other person so to do, or even to unpack the bales.". Address of the governor of Massachusetts to his General Assembly concerning enforcing the hated Stamp Act, noting in part: "...the present state of the province...what is to be done at this difficult & dangerous conjuncture...the violences which have been committed in this town, nor the declarations which have been made & still subsist, that the act of Parliament for granting stamp duties in the British colonies shall not be executed within this province...". Much further on is: "...By this act all papers which are not duly stamped are to be null and void; and all persons who shall sign, engross or write any y such papers will forfeit for each fact ten pounds...". This is followed by the response of the General Assembly at Boston which takes over 2 pages.

Included are no fewer than 15 plates, many of which are foldouts and include "The Royal Palace at Windsor" among many others.

The full volume bound in blue library buckram in great condition, gold inking at the spine, 618 pages plus the index. Measures 5 1/2 by 8 3/4 inches with the pages within in very nice, clean condition.

This volume is offered at less than half of the value of the individual issues. A fine opportunity for the events of this significant year in American history.

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1765 Bound Volume W/ America Stamp Act Tax On Colonists & Many Plates Magazines :

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