1905 Handwritten Diary Herington Kansas New Bedford Ma Poole Dayton Cyclones

1905 Handwritten Diary Herington Kansas New Bedford Ma Poole Dayton Cyclones

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1905 Handwritten Diary Herington Kansas New Bedford Ma Poole Dayton Cyclones :

I have no problem at all with anyone purchasing my item and reselling it, however my description that I’ve worked hours on is not allowed to be copied by anyone for the above purposes. The main reason I write this is because I was contacted about a listing where someone had copied my exact sale and tried to sell a diary that they didn’t even have. It ended up being a fraudulent sale and I’m thankful they caught it in time. Thank you so much for your understanding.

I’ve taken several of her entries to give you a better idea of the contents….


“January 30th,

Mary is about sick with a cold. She has to be so careful. Is doctoring with all sorts of remedies; quinine and whiskey, camphor &c. Did not go down street for mail as thought better to keep quiet. Florence brought the usual letter. Mr. Reed’s people moved in Mr. Cook’s house.”

“February 7th,

Nearly every morning when we arise there has been a light snow fall during the night. Everyone in the house has a cold. Mrs. L. went out for the first time since week ago Sunday just walked out on the piazza. Mrs. Milner and her mother called in the afternoon. They are melting snow now for washing and using for household purposes as they expect their cistern will give out.”

“March 12th & 17th,

Attended church this morning. Professor Ward of Emporia College addressed us. It is enjoyable to listen to the words of an educated man and to such an intellectual person. Every word and every sentence fits the right place. If we could only remember them better. If we could only read them. We have enjoyed the address here and the privilege of attending church…..Thunder shower Friday eve. Foggy this morning. Rained some while we were getting ready for Mrs. Ashley’s luncheon party then ceased and after we had started commenced to rain again. We stood on Mrs. Neil’s porch and waited a little while. We had a lovely lunch and felt we were quite in luck to have an invitation. Herington ladies have such cute little sugar bowls and cream pitchers. 2 pretty dishes for salted peanuts and crystallized ginger. For refreshments first served grape juice or raspberry vinegar. 2nd course pressed chicken, small round turnips scooped out and steamed to use instead of paste for peas. Creamed potatoes, tiny little pickles, olive bread and butter sandwiches cut in form of shamrock. 3rd course, nut and apple salad and dressing served on lettuce leaf, cheese straws. 4th course. Ice cream in paper cups with green shamrock in paper around cups. Angel cake and chocolate cake. Coffee. Ladies Aid, 10 cts.”

“April 20th,

Cousin Edd brought my letter, it came late last night. I was very glad to get it. My sister sent me some quinine tablets for a cold but it is better. I was happily surprised to see Mrs. Lawton tonight. I went for a walk with her. Swept the storeroom and my room.”

“May 8th, 11th, 13th, and 30th,

Went to Opera House to entertainment given by Florence Dayton’s class, 2nd year high school. The singing by the school was fine. Mr. Jones had them well trained. The drill was very pretty that Florence was in. All had cheese cloth dresses trimmed with gilt paper. Long blue streamers of cheese cloth used in the drill. Thundered and lightened and rained and was very dark and muddy….At Marquette about 50 miles from here 25 wee killed in a cyclone and 100 injured and houses and churches blown down on both sides of the street for a half block. Think it happened on Monday May 9th. Mr. and Mrs. Dayton and Florence left here at 12 o’clock at night for Pratt and New Mexico…..

The wind blew fearfully all day and it rained and thundered and lightened. The lightening and thunder did not seem so severe as sometimes. Mrs. Mace said people saw two cyclones pass over Herington today but we have not heard whether or not they came to the ground and destroyed property and lives. Everyone here seems to be watching the clouds and are very much alarmed about the cyclones since the destructive storms at Oklahoma and at Kansas. Marquette $5,000….Went to the park to the Decoration or Memorial exercises at the park. They had a small monument just like a small tombstone covered with white cloth and the children marched around it and placed flowers on it and the Woman’s Relief Corps held or carried flowers and read and recited. They had organ music and singing “Cover them over with flowers.” Recitation and oration by Rev. Bowman.”

“June 14th -16th & 20th,

Went down street and carried the material for our dresses, black Mohair and Miss Crowe took our measurements. Got home in time for dinner. Very warm. Thermometer ranges from 90 and a little more and has for a number of days. It is hot and dry. Very little rain for a number of days and weeks. Attended the wedding of Miss Maud Morris and Mr. Lewis Waite Brewster at half past eight o’clock. St. James Episcopal Church Herington Kansas. It was a very pretty wedding. The bride looked very sweet. The little flower girl, Ina Pratt, walked in front of them and scattered flowers in the isle when they went into the church and when they left the church. The church was decorated in green and white. The altar was covered with white cloth and green vines laid all over it and green and white all around. Before the bridal party entered three ½ inch ribbon or wider was drawn in front of the pews and isles they passed up. Mrs. Munsell Kitten Lapham played the wedding march. Mr. Brewster repeated the ceremony over after the minister and promised to obey love and cherish. Then Miss Morris repeated. They were married with a ring. It was a very pretty service. She wore white and a long veil. Her father walked up the isle with her and Mr. Brewster met her, took her hand and assisted her up steps of the pulpit platform. Friday cooler in the morning but sultry and hot during the day…..It was raining when we got up at five o’clock. A gentle rain. Mr. Dayton came home early this morning after an absence of two weeks down in Indian Territory. Paid board up to date. It cleared off and is lovely and cool. Called on both the Mrs. Askley’s and Mrs. Tyler in the evening.”

“July 13th & 14th,

Mr. Dayton went to depot and purchased tickets for us to Chicago and planed to go as far as Kansas City with us but a telegram ordered him away on business. He says if we wish to return we will be as welcome as the flowers in May. Mr. and Mrs. Creach called….Very busy getting away and very warm. Mrs. Milliner called and her sister, Mrs. Lamb, Mrs. Mace and many other friends to say goodbye. We left at 12:30. Mrs. Dayton and Florence with us for Chicago. Arrived late. Took a car for Lincoln Park and rested at the park and shore of Lake Michigan. It is a beautiful park. Will never forget the beauties of Lincoln Park. About five o’clock we took a car for Dower’s Grove. It is a lovely spot.”

“August 10th, 11th, 17th, and 29th,

Cleaned brass in the morning. At 3 o’clock P.M. went to Dr. Wayman’s and at four o’clock took electric car for North Dartmouth. The little home by the wayside looked bright and attractive with the golden glow and hydrangeas. We arrived at Annie’s and had a fine visit. She had for tea, corncakes, very nice and husk an boiled corn. It was nice to have a car ride and we enjoyed it ever so much. Annie and Ed gave us lovely Austrian Apples and another kind. They walked to the car with us. We arrived home not far from ten and mixed the first bread since coming back. My friend called and brought us clothes sticks, black berries, beans, peas, and cucumbers, beats and we enjoyed them very much….Ironed white waists and dried clothes. Took Purchase St. car and met May and Lawton at drug store and all went to North Westport on car. Lizzie and Lydia met us at car and we went to Lizzie’s and had supper. Had the nicest corn I ever tasted. They let us have there carriage and Annie and Annette came from a days outing at Stone Bridge and we all drive up to Fannie’s together….Miss Barrett came form Scarborough Beach Maine at 3:25 in the afternoon. She is looking fine. She is looking fine. Annette went with Mary to meet her at depot. Miss Barrett went to South Dartmouth to see Miss Baker in the evening. Mary and she went to South Dartmouth cemetery Wednesday morning. Annette went home early after tea. Miss Barrett brought us collars that she had made.”

“September 16th,

Looked over things in the attic awhile in the morning. May invited us to go and call on Mrs. Wilcox and we went in the afternoon. Mrs. Wilcox showed us the house and we enjoyed seeing it very much. The partitions were taken down that made the hall and archways put in and all of the rooms thrown together. The two parlors and then an arch from south parlor into sitting room.”

“October 15th,

Went out to Dartmouth to see the home and Aunt M. and Meda and M. We liked the home quite well. It is quite pleasant out there and quite a good many pleasant things about it. The dishes from Australia were very nice and interesting. They are a kind of Japanese. There was two sets of dishes. They have a large cabinet of shells and curiosities. A good many convenient cupboards in kitchen. A nice back piazza and a line for clothes to dry. They had the Japanese dishes in honor of M. A pretty white bear rug and quite a lot of fur rungs. The halls are quite large. We arrived home about ten. Came on car. Annie and Edd were expected but company prevented.”

“November 10th,

We went to Mrs. Little’s Prepared to try on dresses but disappointed so we called at Capt. George Bakers. Had a very pleasant call. Mrs. Baker is knitting scarfs for a church fair. She casts on one hundred and fifty stitches and uses 4 skins of Columbia Shetland wool and ties in fringe into a crochet border. Mrs. Edward Potter called and we were so sorry to miss seeing her. Mary wrote to her telling her how sorry we were to miss seeing her.”


Handwritten items such as diaries and letters are never usually in mint condition. I try and describe my items the best way I can and post as many photos as I can. If a diary is tough to read for me I always say so in the description. If it is in bad condition I also say so and I usually describe the condition at the end of my descriptions. I have never, or I should say rarely, had a handwritten piece be in mint condition and there is a very good reason for that; they are made of paper, they’ve been carried around sometimes for 100’s of years and have been opened and shut hundreds if not thousands of times. So, please keep all of this in mind when purchasing diaries and letters from me..

MY BLOG: I’ve decided, finally, to start a blog site using the diaries in my personal collection. Over the years I’ve got so many amazing people emailing me asking me to share from my own personal collection of antique diaries. I’ve been trying to develop a web site but that is taking time so I thought I’d do this first and also facebook. There is also a page on the blog where I’ve written about why I collect. You can search for the blog by putting into one of the search engines (such as Google) the name; sallysdiaries (no apostrophe and all one word).

1905 Handwritten Diary Herington Kansas New Bedford Ma Poole Dayton Cyclones :

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