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1955 Rockola Model 1448 Juke Box For Sale

1955 Rockola Model 1448 Juke Box

1955 Rockola Model 1448 Juke Box
Up for sale is a beautiful antique juke box in original condition made by Rockola in 1955. These older juke boxes are great for parties or to entertain family, friends, and relatives. It's fun to listen to old records! These juke boxes fit very well in a game room environment along with pool tables, pinball machines, dart games, 50's themed items, etc.. These are very desireable to collectors as you can see the 45 records playing in front of you through a viewing glass. Also, this juke box is smaller than most and takes up less space again making them more popular. The dimensions are 56" high X 30" wide X 28" deep. Even though the juke box is heavy because they made them so well back in the 50's, it rolls around on a hard surface easy because of the castors. Another cool feature is the triangular shaped title strip holder - you depress a red button on the left of the selection keys and it rotates the triangular drum around. Each of the three sides holds 40 selections for a grand total of 120 selections. You can buy replacement artist title strips and by using a computer and printer you can print them with software that is available. The current flourescent bulb in the juke box is light red but you can change to a different color if desired. It is set on free play so you don't need to put coins in.
The condition of the juke box is very good for it's age. It plays real good and sounds great.. There's a light hum in the background that is hardly noticeable. We've been using it regularly since I purchased it from a homeowner who had it in his climate-controlled basement. He also had played it regularly. The selections play almost every time but once in awhile it will skip over a selection or play selections out of order - a technician can repair these problems. The small metal tag with the model no., serial number, etc., is missing from the back of the game. Someone says a Rockola badge is missing from the lower front grill? Not sure what that is. It's missing the cash box door and lock, cash box, and coin mechanism. When operators would take these juke boxes off location or route and sell to the general public, they would remove these items to make it harder for someone to compete with them. None of these missing items affect the performance or sound of the juke box and some of these items are available on , from juke box reproduction part co's., etc..
There is a little rust on the lower metal panel than can be removed by someone that restores these juke boxes. There is slight pitting in the main metal located in the midsection and the door frame but is hardly noticeable -see pictures.
I don't work on these juke boxes but this is what I have been told: A technician/restoration specialist that works on these jukeboxes should go through it and service the selector, check the pinboard, the amplifier/power supply, capacitors, vacuum tubes, adjust contacts, adjust any mechanicals, lubricate as necessary, etc.. The juke box works fine but doing some work now will preserve it for many years to come. You can enjoy this juke box now and get a technician later to work on it for you. Paperwork is included with the juke box including an instruction manual, installation manual, and a parts list. 45 records are included in this juke box.
If you need additional pictures please contact me within one day of sale close. I do have a picture of the inside back showing the mechanicals if anyone wants one.
Payment and shipping:
I do not accept Pay Pal unless you're willing to pay the extra fees they charge - contact me for a quote. If you pick up the machine in person please pay cash. If you are having it shipped, please pay with a bank-wire or a cashiers check. I will have to make sure your check has cleared your bank or any funds transferred have cleared the appropriate channels before the juke box can be shipped. Payment expected within 7 days of sale close or item will be relisted and negative response given. Zero buyers please contact me before offerding as I reserve the right to cancel your offer.
I guarantee that the game is working as described but once it leaves my residence you are responsible for all repairs, maintenence, etc..
U.S. shipping only. Door-to-door shipping is allowed from a carrier such as North American Van Lines (NAVL). Their agent is STI who uses Precision-Nal to book the jobs. Call Michelle Bianchi with Precision-Nal toll free at 877-432-2646 or direct at 630-352-3312 for a quote to ship from my zip code 61569 to your location. You also can use a similar door-to-door carrier of your choice. Buyer is responsible for all shipping arrangements and fees. I will assist you in any way that I can. I cannot drop off the juke box at another location or crate it. It has to be picked up from my residence.
Thanks and good
1955 Rockola Model 1448 Juke Box

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1955 Rockola Model 1448 Juke Box:

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