1977 Topps Baseball Card # 655 Tony Perez - Cincinnati Reds (hof)

1977 Topps Baseball Card # 655 Tony Perez - Cincinnati Reds (hof)

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1977 Topps Baseball Card # 655 Tony Perez - Cincinnati Reds (hof):

1977 Topps Baseball Card # 655 Tony Perez - Cincinnati Reds (HOF)

The 1977 Topps Baseball card set consists of 660 standard sized cards measuring 2-1/2 by 3-1/2 inches. Although a pair of Hall of Fame players, and one very popular borderline choice, have rookie cards in 1977 Topps Baseball, the set doesn't deliver a ton of other big-name rookie cards. The key rookies in 1977 Topps Baseball are Andre Dawson (#473), Dale Murphy (#476) and Bruce Sutter (#144). Dawson and Murphy both share their rookie cards with three other players. Other rookies in the set include, Dennis Martinez (#491), Jack Clark (#488), Mark Fidrych (#265), Garry Templeton (#161), and Jim Gantner (#494).

The checklist includes more than 20 Hall of Famers - including cards from legends like Nolan Ryan (#400), George Brett (#580), and Mike Schmidt (#140), to name a few.

The clean design and a couple of new subsets help the release feel fresh and distinct, even after all these years. The 1977 Topps Baseball card set also marked the first appearances of the "Turn Back the Clock" subset, which chronicles past baseball events and "Big League Brothers" which looks at the unique opportunity provided by family ties.


League Leaders (#1-8)

Milestones (#231-234)

Playoff highlights (#276-277)

Turn Back the clock cards (#433-437)

World Series highlights (#411-413),

Rookie stars (#472-479 and #487-494)

Big League Brothers (#631-634)


Featuring a white border surrounding the player photograph, the 1977 Topps Baseball card fronts make great use of color. The printing process saw noticeable improvement due to technological innovations as evidenced by the very vibrant colors of the photographs themselves. The top portion of the card is reserved for the team name which is labeled in an bold, italic block type font and outlined in black really causing it to "pop" off the card. Directly underneath the team name is the players full name in a contrasting color. Offset to the right and set at an angle is a pennant with the player's fielding position, also in a different and contrasting color. Also prevalent on the card is the facsimile signature of the player. If a player was designated as being an All-Star the previous year, a colored banner runs horizontally along the bottom edge of the player image. The result of the combined design elements, crisp photography, and stark white borders is an iconic design of the 1970's and instantly recognizable to this day.

The overall look of the 1977 Topps Baseball card backs is very similar to the previous year's. Green is the dominant color as is the grey of the card stock itself. Across the top is the players name and biographical information. The left side has a cartoon and comical anecdote, which gives way to career statistics which are also accompanied by a year by year stat line. Where there's space, short, informational write-ups about the player, team or league fill up the bottom of the card.

Distribution and Condition Issues

The entire set was released as a single series and was available in wax packs, rack packs, cello packs, and vending boxes. Individual wax packs cost just 15 cents. Topps utilized a very thin card stock in the 1977 Baseball card set. As a result the cards are hampered with numerous condition issues, making this a very difficult set to attain in high-grade. Edge wear, corner fraying and wrinkles are all common to the set. Additionally, but to a less extent is centering, which Topps appeared to be getting a handle on, again, most likely as a result of improved technology. It's thought that the toughest star cards to find in high-grade condition are Tom Seaver (#150), Thurman Munson (#170), and Catfish Hunter (#280).

Supplemental Release

In 1977 Topps also produced a 73-subject Cloth Sticker set. Measuring the same size as standard cards, the set is comprised of 55 MLB stars and two different nine-piece puzzles. When each were assembled, they came to form a picture of the American League and National League All-Star teams. The key sticker in the set is that of Nolan Ryan (#40), however many other Hall of Fame players made the checklist including Johnny Bench, Lou Brock, Mike Schmidt, Pete Rose, Carl Yastrzemski and Robin Yount to name a few.

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1977 Topps Baseball Card # 655 Tony Perez - Cincinnati Reds (hof):

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