An Antique Western Electric 233g 3-slot Payphone

An Antique Western Electric 233g 3-slot Payphone

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An Antique Western Electric 233g 3-slot Payphone:

A Western Electric 233G 3-Slot Payphone With A Working Coin Mechanism. This is a picture of the actual payphone being saleed. It is not a stock photo. _____ Step into 'The Wayback Machine' Submitted for your consideration: The only antique Western Electric payphone currently on with a coin mechanism that functions in a 100% historically correct way. Itis themarriageof vintage parts and 'state of the art'technology. Alittle telephone history. and If you're old enough, hopefully some pleasant memories. _____ Turn your speakers on. This sale has historically appropriate background music. (Sorry folks,doesn't work with the ipad browser.) ____ When I'm 64 The Beatles EMI Records 1967 _____ A LittleHistory In 1949, The Bell Systemintroduced the model 500 desk telephone. This newmodel with improved transmitter and receiver had a 425 network whichmaintained the audio of the telephone at aconstant level. Below is a picture of the inside of a 500 series desk phone. The 425 network is the block with the screws on the top. The 233Gwas Western Electric's payphoneequivalentof the model 500 series desk phone. Unfortunately, it wasn't possible to fit the425 networkinside the 233G payphone, so a separate box or 'subset' containing the 425 network and a ringerwas mountednext tothe payphone. Below is a picture of the inside of the subset that would have been used with this payphone. It is a Western Electric model 685. More about the need for this external 'subset' later in the sale. _____ The pre-pay 233Gwasintroduced in 1959 and was the first model payphone to coin relay' developed by Bell Labs. Below is a front view ofa single coil coin relay. _____ Condition This payphone has been refurbished and is in excellent condition. If you own a phone booth and have been waiting fora perfect 3-slot to put in it, this is the payphone for you. _____ It Comes With A modified Western Electric 531A external ringer A line coupler/power supply built into the external ringer A front andtop mounted instruction card holderwith instruction cards Locks and keys Acast chrome plated vault door _____ Added Assemblies To eliminate the need foran external 'subset' (previously mentioned), a speech networkboard was installed insidethe payphone. An RJ-11phone line interface board withan 'incoming call detector' was also installed. To make the coin mechanism function as it did when this payphone was in actual service, the coin relay was rebuilt so it would work in conjunction witha coin control module that was also added. I designed and manufacturedthese assemblies. _____ Operation If you aren't old enough to know (or are, but have forgotten), below is a description of how this payphoneoperates. In the 1950s and early 1960s you didn't walk up to a payphone, lift the handset and get a dial tone; you had to deposit 10 cents first. This type of operation was called 'Coin First'. Whenyou deposited a dime you heard two'dings' and you received a dial tone. Ifyou deposited twonickels, the first nickel was held in the phone until the second nickel was deposited; then you heard two 'dings'andyou received a dial tone. If your dialed call wasn't answered and you hung up, after a long time your initial deposit was returned. If your dialed call was answered and you hung up, after a long time your initial deposit was collected. ___ Every original detail has been duplicated in the design of this unique payphone; even the precise timing of the slower coin functions. Using this payphone is like taking a step back in time! _____ Below is a simplifieddescription of how this payphone operates. You lift the handset and deposit adime or 2 nickels. After the initial depositis madeyou hear a dial tone. You dialthe desired number. If your dialed number isn't answered,theinitial depositwilleventually be returnedwhen you hang up,ifit's been less than 60 seconds since you got the dial tone. If your dialed number is answered,theinitial depositwill eventually be collected when you hang up, if it's been more than 60 seconds since you got the dial tone. You answer incoming calls like you would with any telephone. _____ Below is amore detailed description of this payphone and its operation. This payphone is equipped witha programmable coin control module. The coin control module operates the coin mechanism of the payphone exactly as it operated when the payphone was in actual use. The coin control module and the coin mechanism are powered by a small, external 9 volt power supply. The control module and the coin mechanism take no power, receive no information, and are totally isolated from the phone line. Thispayphone wasdesigned to operate with modern featuressuch as'Call Waiting'. There is no need to worrythatthis payphonewon't work with your present telephone service, or if you change telephone service providers in the future. A Rotary To Touch Tone Converter can be added outside of the payphone at the wall jack,if it becomes necessary in the future. _____ A 7-ft. telephone cord comes standard with the payphone. If you need a longer cord, or have to replace it because of damage, one can be purchased from most chain drug stores or Radio Shack. _____ The payphone has an internal RJ-11 connector that makesreplacing the cord very simple. _____ Theassemblies not original tothis payphoneare: The speech network board The programmable coin control module and The RJ-11 phone line interface board. These assemblies are to makeiteasy to install and operate asit did in the past. They are what give this payphone 'PERSONALITY' _____ The picturesin this saleare the actual items you will receive. If a 'stock photo' is used it will be as an example for educational purposes. _____ Obviously thefun of usingthis payphone is making outgoing calls because you are using the coin mechanism. You answer incoming calls as you would with any phone. _____ PLEASE! Before you offer make sure your telephone service provider supports rotary dialing. If they don't, you will have to add a Rotary To Touch Tone converter between the payphone and the phone line. _____ Thispayphone was never intended to be used as a profit-making public telephone. It issold for amusement purposes only!


Scroll down and look at the pictures with detailed descriptions.

Please do not hesitate to email any questions you may have. _____ Internal Wiring This is the inside of the actual payphone in this sale with the top removed. This is not a stock photo. Added assembliesnot original to the payphone are pictured and described in detail below. _____ Line Input Board Below is a stock photo ofa line input board. The RJ-11 connector on the board allows you to replace the cord going to the telephone jack if it gets damaged,or you want a different length or color. Theboard has an 'incoming call detector' circuit. This circuit allows the payphone to connect to the phone line,by-passing the coin mechanism when the handset is lifted on an incoming call. _____ Speech Network Board Below is aclose-up of the actual speech network board in this payphone. The speech network electronically matches the receiver and transmitter components in the handset of the payphone to the telephone line. In conjunction with the external ringer,the networkboard eliminates the need for the _____ Coin Control Module The pictures below are stock photos that show the size of the module and the way it's mounted. The 9 volt battery is for size comparison only. There are no batteries in this payphone. Below is a picture of the coin control module mounted in the payphone. With the track for the coin can in placeit's not possible to see the control module. _____ Operation Of The Coin Mechanism When these payphones were in service, deposited coins were collected only if the called party actually answered. Unfortunately, do to changes in telephone technology, a payphone that is capable ofoperating that way today would be very expensive. Since this payphone is being used for amusement purposes and is not a revenue producing public telephone, the coin return/collect function can be timed. Thepayphone switches from coin return to collect60 seconds after the initial depositis made. This givesenough time to: Dial all the digits of the phone number, even ifit has lots of 9s and 0s, which take the most time to dial Allows time for the call to connect Gives the called party time to answer after 3 or 4 rings. ___ Timing this function adds coin control at a realistic cost. ___ The 'brain' ofthe payphone is the programmable coin control module. The coin control module tells the coin mechanism of the payphone how and when to function. The operation of the coin control module and the coin mechanism is a function of the length of time the payphone's handset is off hook. When a dime or two nickels is deposited in the payphone and a dial-tone is obtained, a signal is sent to the coin control module. The coin control module tells the coin mechanism to: Refund the initial deposit if the handset of the payphone is hung up before an elapsed time of about 60 seconds; Collect the initial deposit if the handset of the payphone is hung up after an elapsed time of about 60 seconds; Perform this refund / collect functionwith a delay of 2-4 seconds after the handset is hung up (this timing is dependent on the model andvintage of the payphone); Perform this refund / collect function for a period of 1 second so that the deposited coin will have sufficient time to clear the coin mechanism before it resets. These timed functions done by the coin control module are what givethis payphone its personality. Each coin control module is individually programmed to assure the operation of the payphone it is installed in is historically correct. The coin control module isdoing what the telephone company central office did in the past. These functions are powered by a small, external 9 volt power supply. _____ Payphone's Top This is the inside of the payphone'stop.
Itis 100% factory original, except for the substitution of a21B lock in place of the original 10G. The security lock (lower left hand corner) is nonfunctional. It is used for cosmetic reasonsonly. _____ Dial And 'Daisy' The porcelain dial 'daisy' is an original and inexcellent condition. The dial is a #6 Western Electric that has been ultrasonically cleaned andaccurately adjusted. _____ Instruction Cards
Front and top mounted instruction card holdersare included with the payphone. Theinstruction cardsarecopies of originals from the 1960s. The top card is from Brooklyn, New York andone of my favorites. This is a stock photo. There areplenty of antique 3 slot payphones sold on with instruction cards that arenothing but decorations. I'll bet this is the onlyantique payphone on that is capable of operating exactlythe way the instruction cards says it should. _____ Locks and Keys The payphone comes with a 21Bupper housing lockandkey. The vault lock is a type30C withonekey. _____ Coin Can A locking coin can is not supplied with this payphone. They are more trouble than they're worth. The track for the coin can is mounted in the payphone. If youmust have a locking coin can buy it from someone else and use it at your own risk. _____ Vault Door The payphoneis supplied with a cast chrome plated vault door. _____ External Ringer/Phone Line Coupler Power Supply The payphone comes witha Western Electric 531A external ringer. This ringerhas two brass bells. These bells sound great! Theringer has beenrebuilt to also act as a coupler. The coupler connects the payphone to the telephone line anda 9 volt power supply that powersthe coin control module and the coin mechanism. ___ The gray telephone cable plugs into the telephone line. The small power supply plugs into a standard 110V outlet. It is UL listed. The payphone plugs into the connector in the ringer box. ___ Below is aphotoof the inside ofthemodified ringer box included in this sale. _____ If the winner of this sale requires a power supply that is 230V AC, it will be supplied in place of the 110V unit at no extra cost. _____ Payphone Personality One of the characteristics of 3-slot payphones that gavethem theirpersonality was the delay after the handset was hung-up, until thedeposited coins were returned or collected. If you were a kid in the 1950s and 60s and grew up using 3-slots you didn't just hang-up a payphone and walk away. Back then ten cents was a lot of money to a kid! A candy barcost 5 cents. A Coke (in a real glass bottle) was a dime. Maybe 'accidentally' the coins in the payphone would be returned instead of collected. So, after you hung-up you stood and watched the payphone and waited and waited and waited, Remember? This payphone was designed to mirror every original characteristicof the way you remember these payphones operating in 'the good old days'. ___ If You Own A 3-Slot Payphone If you already own a prepay 3-slot payphone that is in 'as removed from service condition' and you would like the coin mechanism to operate, click on 'See Other Items' at the beginning of this sale. I manufacture an outboard payphone controller for that purpose. Adding an outboard controllerto your payphone is more cost-effective than buying a payphone with built-in coin control. _____ Sorry, No Popcorn The 233G payphone in the video that follows is not the one being offered in this sale. Except forminor cosmetic differencesthey are identical and operate in exactly the same way. ___ This video won't win any awards butit does an adequate job demonstrating how the payphone: Returnsthe deposited coinswhen a call is not completed. Holds the first deposited nickel until the second nickel is deposited. Returns both nickels after a delay when the call is abandoned. Collects the deposited nickels with a time delay, if 60 seconds has passed since the deposit was made. ___ Payclose attention to the timing of the various coin functions. Notice the time delay before the payphone returns or collects deposited coins. ___ The telephone audioyou hear isfrom a 'Spokesman' telephone amplifier connected to the phone line and out ofcamera view. ___ This payphone was designed to mirror every original characteristic of the way these payphones operated in actual service. _____ _____ A Suggestion If you have an interest in the history of the payphone you should own a copy of this book. 'Payphone History'is the most comprehensivestudy of the evolution of the payphone ever undertaken. It is the result of an enormous amount of research. Itcovers over 100 years of payphone history. The author, Ron Knappen, is a recognized expert on the subject. The book is available on . Do a search for seller: THISUNDTHAT5HNQ _____ Thanks for looking and have a great day! _____

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We reserve the right to cancel any offer for any reason.


Payment is by Paypal ONLY!

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Their isno charge for packing.

Packing material is a cost of doing business.

in2 inchesof bubble wrap.

Itisthen double-boxed withbubble wrapbetween the two boxes.

The outerbox isan extra heavy duty type ECT-44.


Every effort is made to insure that what comes out of the box at your end is in the

same condition it was in when it went into the box at our end.


An Antique Western Electric 233g 3-slot Payphone:

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