Arizona State_(5)_1 Mill_sales Tax Tokens_ Coins_collectable U.s. Currency

Arizona State_(5)_1 Mill_sales Tax Tokens_ Coins_collectable U.s. Currency

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Arizona State_(5)_1 Mill_sales Tax Tokens_ Coins_collectable U.s. Currency :

HelloToken, Coin and State Memorbilia Collectors - These Arizona Tax Tokens were issued between the years of September 1, 1937 and January 1, 1954. These beautiful Arizona Copper Tokens have the number ( 1 ) stamped on the front side. The number ( 1 ), or a mill is 1/1000th of a dollar or a tenth of a cent in monetary denomination. the face of these tokens also include the wording "TO MAKE CHANGE FOR CORRECT SALES TAX PAYMENT". The tokens size is about the size of the inside of the diameter of a DIME. The back of the coin reads "ARIZONA STATE TAX COMMISIONER" and DITAT DEUS. The beautiful design has a shield with pictures of the sun setting behind the hills and parcels of hillside farmland. Please look at the images that show a better picture of my description as these items are being sold as pre-owned and as is. Please keep in mind as you look at these images that most of the tokens that I am selling are all part of the same batch and thus are all in very similar condition to each other. I believe that they are uncirculated and according to token conditions which I understand are two, these are in EXCELLENT condition I am selling them in sets of five but if you purchase more than one set I can mail them in one package. "" Don't miss out on your opportunity to collect a piece(s) of Arizona and American History. Good luck offerding and happy ing.

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How and why were they used?

Merchants had to pay sales tax to the state on the total amount of sales made by the merchant during each day�s sales. You can imagine that if the sales tax rate is 3% and a child buys a 10c piece of candy there is no way to collect the three-tenths of one cent. If you rounded down that meant that the merchant could not collect anything for the tax. If you rounded up the state was gaining 7 tenths of a cent on every 10 cent sale. You can see that if the merchant sold 100 pieces of candy he was loosing 30 cents a day in tax revenues to the state, so the token was born. This allowed the merchant to take 11 cents for the first piece of candy and give change back in mills. The next time you wanted to buy a 10c candy you could present the merchant with the 10c and a token and complete the transaction. This allowed the merchant to collect the sales tax on each transaction.

A mill is 1/1000th of a dollar or a tenth of a cent. As you can imagine, people did not like having to carry a second set of coins, and to further complicate matters, different states issued different tax tokens. 1 and 5 mills are the most common denominations, but other denominations include: 1/5 cent, 1 1/2 mills, and "Tax on 10c or less."

There are over 500 different sales tax tokens that can be collected from 13 commonly issued states. I include Ohio stamps because most of the collectors do to. There is also anti-sales tax token memorabilia from many other states to collect. Most tokens are inexpensive and fairly easy to come by. All in all over a billion sales tax tokens are estimated to have been produced. Most coin dealers have no idea what to charge for these tokens, Many tax tokens are quite common, and can often be found in coin dealer "junk boxes" for as little as 10 cents. Others tokens are known to be much scarcer, however they too sometimes show up in �junk boxes� from time to time. A few, such as the New Mexico 5 mill black fiber are truly rare, and worth up to $100. There are also much sought after pattern tokens made by the manufacturers to win the contracts for minting from the states that issued them.

There are state sponsored and issued tokens as well as "Provisional Issues" from specific towns and specific states, usually Illinois and Washington. These are much scarcer than the state issues, but prices are still fairly low, as there are a limited number of dedicated collectors. In addition to tokens many towns printed sales tax "tickets" or scrip (sometimes spelled script) printed on paper or cardboard stock, usually on vibrant colors or security patterns. As you can imagine the survivability of 70 year old cardboard and paper is not very high. Best of all there are only two grades for sales tax tokens, circulated and uncirculated. This allows almost anyone with a modest education in coin collecting and any budget to collect sales tax tokens without loosing their wallet or their interest.

State issued sales tax tokens vary widely. Copper, brass, paper, cardboard, fiber, aluminum, zinc, plastic and even wood were used. Many were colored. The language ranged from Arizona's practical: "to make change for correct sales tax," to blunt in Louisiana: "Public Welfare Tax Token" and Oklahoma: "For Old Age Assistance." Perhaps my favorite is Missouri�s second generation Milk-Cap token. �� helping to pay for old age pensions, support of public schools, care of poor insane and tebercular patients in state hospitals and relief of needy unemployed in the state of Missouri.

Referenced from ATTS (American Tax Token Society.

There was a national sales tax proposed in 1921 that was taken to such a point that many millions of fiber tokens where printed and when the legislation was shelved they where all destroyed. Or so it was thought, there have been rumors of 4 to 6 pieces in existence.

Arizona State_(5)_1 Mill_sales Tax Tokens_ Coins_collectable U.s. Currency :

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