Complete 8 Day Fusee Chain English Congreve Rolling Ball Clock W Bell Striking

Complete 8 Day Fusee Chain English Congreve Rolling Ball Clock W Bell Striking

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Complete 8 Day Fusee Chain English Congreve Rolling Ball Clock W Bell Striking:


8 DAY Congreve Rolling Ball Clock -w/BELL STRIKING
--with Second Indicator & Angle Scale--

Here is a beautiful mystery Congreve rolling ball clock. The original clock is invented by an English - Sir W. Congreve in 1808 and it's valued over $10,000 if you can find one. This one comes with a matching display stand and protective dome. The glass dome has solid brass frames. You may have found similar clocks with a screw holding glass domes. That kind of glass dome is just about to fall apart anytime. On the other hand, all parts on our clock and dome are made of solid brass. And our glass dome even has a front door, which allows you to wind the clock safely without lifting up the heavy glass dome.

This Congreve clock comes with a second indicator on the zigzag track and a scale on each side to help you regulate the timing. It shows second from 0 to 30, as the ball rolls under it, you know exactly what second it is. When the platform tilts, the numerals change from 31 to 60. So you get a full indication of a minute. The scale on each side of the platform help you adjust the angle. Since greater angle makes the ball rolling faster and smaller angle makes it slower, you can use these scales to better regulate the time keeping of this clock. These are the exclusive features you won't find from any other similar clocks.

The clock is made of heavy solid brass as well. The time shows on 3 separated porcelain dials - second, minute, and hour. It's 3-1/4" in the center and 2" dials on each side. The clock is driven by a fusee chain movement. It is really fun to watch this clock running. It has an 8 day movement with hourly single bell striking. The small steel ball is rolling back and forth on the lower platform with a zigzag track. When the ball reaches the end of the table, it triggers the lever and the platform instantly tilts. Then the steel ball starts to roll back to the other end. It takes the steel ball 30 seconds to roll from one side to the other. The complete clock is 19" tall and 12-3/4" by 12-3/8" wide. This clock comes with a adjustable display stand, so the clock will work perfectly even the surface is not. The clock keeps fair good time as well.

offer on this one here!! You will get a running clock that keeps good time. Our clock comes with fully 8 day fusee chain driven movement with hourly striking. Bewared of the gold plated model of Congreve clock, because once the finish on the zigzag track wear off unevenly. The steel ball will no long roll properly. Since it's plated, it will eventually wear off. If you are going to spend a good deal of money on a clock, then get the one that will last for generations.

Remember this is a FULL featured Congreve Clock, and you won't find the Second Indicator and Angle Scale on any others!!

Please note for the safety of this clock, the dome needs a little assembly after delivery, which only takes less than 10 minutes and the only tool you need is a small screw driver. We will include an assembly & setup instruction for this clock and the glass dome. The glass dome is complete with glass on all 5 sides. Feel free to email us any questions you may have.

All winding clocks come with their key.

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Complete 8 Day Fusee Chain English Congreve Rolling Ball Clock W Bell Striking:

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