Civil War Trumpet Sheet Music Army Navy Trumpet Calls

Civil War Trumpet Sheet Music Army Navy Trumpet Calls

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Civil War Trumpet Sheet Music Army Navy Trumpet Calls:

This is an listing for the sale of one CD ROM CD ROM Title: Trumpet Instruction & Sheet Music

Civil War Era Trumpet instructions,
Army and Navy trumpet calls & Sheet Music.

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Trumpet and drum instructions with full code of signals and calls used by the United States army and navy. 1897, and Sheet Music, Trumpet of Freedom.Part I
Elements of music
The value of notes and their corresponding rests
Instructions for the trumpet
Exercises in time and single tongueing
Exercises on the Slur
Exercises on the dotted eighth and sixteenth notes
Double tongueingUnited States Army Trumpet Calls
Warning calls
Formation calls
Alarm calls
Service callsUnited States Army trumpet signals
Miscellaneous trumpet II
The Drum
United States Army drum and fife signalsTrumpet of Freedom (sheet music)
American Marseillaise
Banner of the sea
Battle hymn of the republic
Bonnie red white and blue
Columbia, the gem of the ocean
Deat mother, the battle is over
Do they pray for me at home
Far away the camp fires burn
From the red battle field
Garibaldi Hymn
Glory and honor, and deathless fame
Glory Hallelujah
Hail Columbia
He;s gone to the arms of Abraham
How do you like it, Jefferson D?
Hurrah for old New England
Joyfully, joyfully
Keep this bible near your heart
Maryland, my Maryland
Mother, is the battle over?
Mother , when the war is over
Mount, boys, mount (Cavalry song)
My country, 'Tis of Thee
Negro boatman's song
Not a star from our Flag
On to Savannah
Our banner shall wave forever
Our beautiful Flag
Picket guard
Rallying song
Rally round the Flag
Red, white and blue
Softly now, tenderly, lift him with care
Solder's chorus
Star spangled banner
Stripes and stars
To canaan
The flood, the fire, the Flag
Trumpet of freedom
Union and liberty forever
Viva L' America
Volunteer's Wife
We'll fight for Uncle Abe
When this cruel war is over

Review by Seller AmericanHistoryBuff:

So you want to understand the trumpet for military calls and purposes?Perhaps use your trumpet to bugle for your military unit or scouting unit?Perhaps just curious what exactly the sheet music actually looks like for the bugle calls used by the army and navy?This is the book for you!About 10 percent instruction or so and about 90 percent sheet music - it starts with some simple and honestly very
sound and wise advice, and proceeds to provide the sheet music for just about every bugle or military call you will
ever need and a few you are unlikely to use, such as "polish brightwork" or "abandon Ship" and such stuff (I don't
remember the list but it covers most everything)In short, the only thing I could find missing was "taps"From "commence firing" to "turn march left" this has everything else, nice practice session lessons too.Now today the only advice one need not especially heed is to "have a reliable instrument manufacturer make
you a nice trumpet - it is a trifling cost", as there are many good instruments available used, and the cost
for having one custom made is not any longer "a trifling cost". Otherwise, all advise is right on!How do I know? I grew up playing the trumpet and bugle, and was the official bugler for our unit (naval research) ...though not required,
simply for tradition. Probably the most educated bugle unit ever, with all Ph.D.'s manning the bugles (4).Anyhow, these calls are "the real McCoy" and make me want to run in the other room and grab a trumpet and see if the ole
"tripple tongue" and "whinney lips" can still make sounds that don't sound like the back end of a goat after a meal of beans!Please no contacts to me with jokes about "butt-trumpets" or "speedy tongues for fast women" or such stuff, ROFLEnjoy this one, whether you seek the authentic history scores or want to learn this is the place to fetch the needed know howTU
Trumpet of Freedom
this one is a piece of history indeed !All sheet music, there are pieces here you may recognize and many lost in the mists of our history.From "the negro boatman's song" to "rally round the Flag" these were mainstays of the time and are
worthy and honorable parts of our American heritage and history.Some of the tunes you will recognize, but be surprised by the lyrics of the times.These are the songs of hope, sorrow, pride, joy, vision of the times. The songs of the citizen, the
soldier, American of the time - with all the hope and hurt and feeling of the events of the time
that they could put into tune and lyric.To look back at this is to see a piece of the American experience we would otherwise not catch, to - for
a few brief moments be transported back in time to the battles, the hopes and sorrows of the ordinary
man of the times who loved, hoped, worked, created, and died to create our great nation.Rarely can we escape such an experience without being moved at the stirred imagination of who these
men and women of those times were, as with realization of their experience in song we read , we can
not help but imagine their lives and experiences.Great way to get a feel for history, wonderful way to appreciate the men and women of the times, and of
course, great pieces of music that are indeed , accurate historically - the actual tunes of the times.Enjoy, suspect you will be moved emotionally and intellectually - as well as educated - we were !

American History Buff.

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Civil War Trumpet Sheet Music Army Navy Trumpet Calls:

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