Custom Poster Wide Format Stretched Canvas Fine Art Painting Prints Re Printing

Custom Poster Wide Format Stretched Canvas Fine Art Painting Prints Re Printing

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Custom Poster Wide Format Stretched Canvas Fine Art Painting Prints Re Printing :

Dear Customers, we want you to make an informed decision, so please, you must read and understand our entire listing, follow the usage instructions further below and accept all terms (description , shipping time and handling) before buying this item, thanks!

Item Description

Images Contain Registered Copyrighted Material of Internetional Business And logistics and its owner(s)]
Welcome to our canvas printing service!

Each purchase is for an A0 canvas print of any file you send us.
A0 Size is huge at ~ 1189mm x 841mm. (fit as much as you want inside)

We may also custom print other sizes up to 18 Metres x 0.914m.
Please contact us to discuss prices.

We print on synthetic 'Poly-fiber reinforced photo-resin canvas'.
Inspired by aerospace carbon fiber technology, it is among the best
in the printing industry; high definition, super strong, water resistant,
lightweight, foldable and ironable to remove creases! (details below)

VERY EASY ORDERING: [Text & Images Contain Registered Copyrighted Material of Internetional Business And logistics and its owner(s)]
1: Upload your image file to a file hosting service,
(for example: or or
2: Buy this item and send us the download link,
(Message us with the image download link, print size, orientation).
3: All done, we'll print your file and post it to you.

If this is your first time ordering from us, please read the full
instructions below to prevent problems.

Also see how to get / make FREE picture frames further below.

Printing time is ~3 business days;
it's more efficient and saves you money. Simple image resizing is offered,
but no image modification services are offered to keep all costs down,
unless you want to buy in bulk. Please contact us for bulk discounts/other sizes.

About our default printing material
High Definition Poly-fiber reinforced photo-resin paper-canvas

(Note: the example shown below is just a small piece; A0 is about 16 times larger)

Complete Ordering Instructions:

(If you can't see the instruction step chart right above this sentence, please contact us and await our reply before purchasing this item)
Once you make payment and send us the download link, it may not be possible to make changes due to tight print scheduling, so double check first before sending the download link / your requirements. Thank you!

Please save / send your file in one of the following file formats: PDF, JPG, PNG, TIF, GIF, MPO, JPS.
For other files, please convert them to PDF first using a PDF converter;

Other sizes :

Default Size: A0 Poster (1189mm x 841mm)
Price: Shown above on . Each purchase gets you one A0 print of your choice..

Maximum Size: 18 Metre Banner (18000mm x 914mm) (One side must not exceed 914mm)
Price: Approximately ( price) X (number of metres).
For example, if you want a 5 Metre banner, it is the same price as buying around Five to Six A0 prints.
However, it's best to contact us first, we can usually give you a better price.

Smaller Sizes (A1,A2,A3,A4,B1,B2,B3,B4,C1,C2,C3,C4 etc..)
Price: Minimum Size is A0, so for smaller sizes, just arrange them on an A0 sheet for us to print. You can cut them out to size when you receive them.
(for example, eight A3 prints can fit inside a single A0 print, as shown in the image above)

Standard Printing Disclaimer:

By buying this item and service, you AGREE, ACCEPT AND CERTIFY that: the colour in real life on the final printout you receive may appear slightly different to what you see on screen, this is due to differences between your computer screen settings, and your ambient lighting where you view the final printout; however, you can still reasonably expect red, to be printed in a shade of red, and not orange or yellow, etc; also, ink doesn't fade naturally over time unless exposed to UV light or discolouring agents, which are not under our control, so by buying this service/item, you agree not to hold us responsible for ink fading or minor colour inconsistencies that may be apparent upon or after arrival. Also, by asking us to print any image or document, you also confirm that you are legally permitted to do so and you confirm that you have permission from copyright holders to reproduce the image/document in print as mentioned in this advertisement, and you agree to bear full and all responsibility for any legal consequences on our (the sellers' or printers') behalf if your order to print an image or document infringes any law; as due to due to commercial in confidence contacts, we cannot check with the copyright agreements ourselves about your license agreements; also, natural disasters may affect print schedules and printing machinery, and by buying this item, you also agree not to hold us responsible if we are unable to fulfill your order in any way; as long as we notify you, and fully refund your payment. We may also temporarily disable this advertisement/ listing as a result of natural disasters or scheduled equipment servicing.

Please avoid sending us a low quality file:
For example, to check a JPG / BMP / GIF file pixel size ( Width x Height ), right click on the file, Select " Properties" > click on the "Summary" Tab > select "Advanced >>"

MINIMUM File Size: 1527 x 1080 pixels or larger
At the very minimum, we do request the image to be at least 1.6 to 2 Mega pixels in size. This is because A0 is Huge; about the size of a 50" Full HDTV.
This gives our printing algorithms a reasonable chance to try and smoothen it out so it looks relatively decent from a normal viewing distance.
Documents are exempted from this rule: for example, PDF files (unless you have images in them). Smaller file sizes are ok for smaller sized prints or if you request a low quality printout..

RECOMMENDED File Size: 2378 x 1682 or larger
4 Mega pixel images will generally produce good results like those you see in commercial posters and banners
We recommended your original image size to be at least 4 Mega pixels;
2378 x 1682 or above.

FOR BEST RESULTS: 8268 x 11693 file size
We can handle around 100 Megapixels for ridiculously clear and sharp results. This is required if you have many small images in your A0 print.

Example of problems created with low quality images:

If the image is originally already blurry, resolution doesn't usually matter. No matter how high quality, you will get a blurry printout even if you increase the resolution.
Artificially increasing the image size of a low resolution image prior to submission does not necessarily improve the image quality and just wastes bandwidth.
(Unless you are using government level supercomputer based algorithms)

We can print various image shapes, sizes and odd Aspect ratios.

The chart below some examples of how we handle various image types for an A0 print,
For example, when a customer doesn't follow instructions carefully, the image is adjusted as shown below:

The best way to prepare your image is to create a blank image then position whatever image(s) you want inside that blank image file and send it to us as shown in the instructions.
The only situations where that is not possible are with 3D files (if you don't know how to adjust 3D files yourself)

Important! Usage and storage instructions:[Text & Images Contain Registered Copyrighted Material of Internetional Business And logistics and its owner(s)]


Dye ink fades when exposed to UV / Sunlight after a while (anytime from a few days to a few months of exposure).
This is a well known fact, and applies to pretty much most dye ink on the market, Not just us!

By purchasing this item you agree to apply UV protection like Human SPF30+ (or better SPF 50+) sunscreen and or frame up and cover the poster with UV resistant glass or plastic; which helps prevent colours from fading so they last for many years.
(Sunscreen is the easiest, but you can do an internet search for UV protection print sprays or laminates to see which method suits you best)

Why use Human SPF 30+ Sunscreen? Our canvas is Very special in terms of UV protection because it is designed to absorb most SPF30+ Human Sunscreens like those you find in the supermarket. It only costs around 20 cents worth to coat the entire print in sunscreen. Our canvas is special because if you tried this on other types of paper from other sellers, it would cause other seller's paper to warp or tear from the moisture, but our canvas won't even flinch or warp, so unlike paper materials, our canvas material saves you money on protection options. This is a really huge bonus because sunscreen is SUPER CHEAP compared to other UV protection solutions,

Note: Sunscreen changes from white to transparent clear when dry (just like on human skin) , so don't worry if it looks white initially. If in doubt, you can do a small test patch on clothes or your skin or on your print on arrival. It's best to use sunscreen that 'dries clear' for best results. Even if your sunscreen does not dry completely clear, remember that a slight white coating will still always look much better than a faded print!

To apply sunscreen: First iron the print gently to remove any creases (in case your sunscreen can't be ironed), then lay the canvas print on a flat surface and apply sunscreen to the printed / inked areas only (ignore any white areas as there's nothing to fade there).

You can use your hands or use a ruler to spread the sunscreen evenly. Apply a generous layer as you would on skin, (but not too thick otherwise it may not dry fully transparent).
As mentioned earlier, don't worry if it looks too white at first because sunscreen dries transparent.

Caring of sunscreen protected prints: Depending on what sunscreen you use, sunscreen may also need to be reapplied after a year or so as UV does eat away / erode some types of sunscreen, so reapplication may be necessary, unless you are using a zinc nanoparticle based sunscreen that doesn't decompose in UV.

Some sunscreen also washes away with water, so it's best not to expose the print to any water or other liquid after sunscreen is applied, and do not iron as sunscreen may not be compatible with irons. (iron before applying sunscreen, not after)

Sunscreen is not a complete protection, it just slows down ink fading by ~99%+, as it does on human skin. the remaining 0-1% will still erode your print over time, so for absolute protection, p rints should only be lit up using modern (non-UV) LED based globes in a gallery / room with absolutely ZERO sunlight coming through, with sunscreen applied.

Completely avoid all light that comes from the sun, both direct through windows and reflected of walls. We recommend you use LED bulbs or SMD's to illuminate your prints. LED bulbs are quickly replacing flourescent bulbs in houses due to their very low cost on and very high efficiency and lifespan.

For example, to check, turn off the lights in your house and if you can still see the print in the day, that means UV light is coming through windows somewhere. Glass windows do NOT block 'all damaging wavelengths UV light',

Please know that we do not use disappearing ink to annoy our customers, so we are warning you in advance to take precaution against UV Exposure (as stated above) and you agree not to hold us responsible for ink fading for any reason,
otherwise you are Not permitted to buy this item.

How to Get / Make FREE picture frames for stretch framing:

You can Save Hundreds of dollars with our canvas prints, as they are very special in regards to framing, as it is incredibly lightweight, and almost doesn't deform.
This allows you to use Free, Low Cost, Child Safe framing materials available everywhere to achieve a professional look that would otherwise not be possible with a typical heavy wooden frame.

For example, you can use safe light styrofoam, or cereal box cardboard. (which is extremely cheap or Free at your supermarket, like ALDI's or Woolwotths; they have lots of boxes lying around).
You can use a few cereal boxes, cut them in half so they are in equal thickness and just tape them together like tiles, then wrap the canvas over it and hang it on a wall (see picture below for some configurations)
You can also a single layer of cardboard, or stack them to get depth, or tape cardboard sheets together to get larger sheets and create an effect of thickness and depth like traditional thick wooden frames, by sticking cardboard strips along the sides to raise the edges off the wall like how a wooden frame would look,. alternatively, just stack cardboard or use thick foam. To keep things safer for young children, avoid using staples, but instead use small bits of office tape.

You can even simply wrap it over an existing picture frame without even taking out the old picture, which is probably the easiest, but the level of safety depends on the existing photo frame you use.
It's basically as easy as wrapping a present, just place the canvas over the top, fold the edges over and tape the edges around the back. The canvas won't warp or deform so you barely need to stretch it at all, meaning almost any simple material will do just fine.

To hang foam or cardboard frames, you can use a pen to punch a hole in the back on the cardboard or foam (just don't damage the canvas) then hang it up on a nail , or staple a loop of thread/string/disposable plastic bag handle to hold it in place.
It is so lightweight, this barely takes any effort, and even if it falls it is less likely to hurt anyone compared to a wooden frame, so it may be much safer for households with children in many situatoins.


If required, the print can be made water resistant if you perform the water resistant soaking as shown in the picture above;
This is Not required if you've applied sunscreen or other UV protection.

If you require water resistance, or if you need to wash your prints for some reason, you will need to cover the entire print in water evenly within 30 seconds, causing the entire resin surface to undergo an even chemical reaction which makes the entire print water resistant. You can do this by hanging / peg the print up on a clothes line Indoors at night and spray it gently with a garden hose or water mister bottle; spray the entire print with water evenly from top to bottom. Do not do this in the sun or on windy days. Ensure none of the print is overlapping or touching / folding back over itself when it is wet...

This process is quite risky and you risk damaging the print if you let it overlap or scratch it when wet (he coating is vulnerable when wet and may be scratched off)

So it's up to you to decide if you want to do it. Generally it's not necessary, and officially, we Do NOT recommend you do this since most prints don't come into contact with water throughout their lifespan.

Dye inks are mildly partially water soluble. They won't run upon brief contact with water, but may discolour and run a little after prolonged exposure. Please keep the print dry especially if covered with sunscreen.

Technical Information [Text & Images Contain Registered Copyrighted Material of Internetional Business And logistics and its owner(s)]
Feature Specifications - Size - Default A0 Size (1189mm x 841mm). Larger sizes up to 18000mm x 914mm available by negotiation - - Paper type - Poly-fiber(fibre) reinforced photo-resin paper-canvas, 120gsm (120gsm = 120 grams per square metre) A bit larger than A0 size. - - Surface - High Definition Matte - - Ink Used - Dye Ink. - - UV Resistance - Not applied by default. customer / buyer needs to do this (see above). - - Water Resistance - Moisture / humidity resistant, but NOT waterproof. Avoid water where possible. -

[Text & Images Contain Registered Copyrighted Material of Internetional Business And logistics and its owner(s)]

Accessories - Items Included or Not included
Item Qty Included Remarks - A0 poster by default (or size as negotiated / paid for) - 1 included (Size may vary based on negotiations) - As negotiated and advertised and paid for. Size may differ based on negotiated agreement and payment. - Picture Frames or Sretch frames Not included Not included See above for how to make or get them for free / at low cost. - Packaging Box or Corrugated board - Depends on Packaging method selected - See above for details. - - Tax Invoice - Available on request - Tax invoice is available upon request. -

Larger quantities and bulk orders may be available. Please contact us for more information.

Postage and Handling (Shipping, Packaging & Extra Services)

Your choice of packaging methods:

LETTER RATE Our default shipping method; (prices below)
Your prints will be folded down ~ 4 times to A4 size and sent as a low cost letter to you. As demonstrated above, our high-tech prints can be folded, crushed and iron flat to remove creases, so they will survive the postage even if we fold it.
Creases or folds will not damage these permanently unless damage is extremely severe. When you receive it, you can simply unfold it and hang it up or frame it. If you demand or expect 'no fold lines', then you must agree to iron them on arrival, if not, you are not permitted to use this postage method; contact us for the more expensive parcel rate; if not, please don't buy this item.
Fold lines and creases are temporary and removable by ironing (shown above), so if you wish to use (pay for) this method; you agree and accept that it is perfectly normal for fold lines/creases to appear on your printouts when you unfold them;

PARCEL RATE: (Optional) - Rolled up in Mailing tube/Box (contact us for prices ~$10 extra)
it's basically a waste of money since we now use hi-tech printing material which can be ironed.
This method is ridiculously expensive, a waste of time and unnecessary: Your prints will be rolled up and placed inside a long corrugated box or roll and sent at the cost of a large parcel.
The typical method used by most printing companies for customers who need prints to arrive in great condition,
Honestly, you're better off using the money to buy a hand iron at the supermarket for about the same price.

About the Handling Time:[Text & Images Contain Registered Copyrighted Material of Internetional Business And logistics and its owner(s)]

3 Business days handling time Saves You Money!
because it is more efficient for us to print these in bulk every 2 business days.
Therefore, we require about 3 business days for handling, so we can offer you this amazingly low price.

Services Available and Prices:[

Basically postage and handling involves: Australia Post charges (postage) + The effort and time (handling) it takes to pack, fold, label and courier your order all the way to the post office
This is the definition of 'postage and handling'.

Did you know? In reality Australia post spends around only 20 to 40 seconds handling your order due to economies of scale,
but it takes us about 1 to 3 minutes, so our handling fees could reasonably be higher than the post office, but are not.

Shipping Options Shipping and Handling Fee Based on Weight Estimated Delivery Speed from Dispatch Date - Local Services in Australia - - - - Regular (Risky) - AUD $5.00 - Handling time plus 1 to 7 business days - - Registered (Safe) - AUD $7.50 - Handling time plus 1 to 7 business days - - Express Post (Risky) - AUD $8.00 - Handling time plus 1 to 3 business days - - Express Post Platinum (Safe) - AUD $14.90 - Handling time plus 1 to 3 business days - - Local Pickup - Not Available - Not Available - - International Services - - - - Regular Airmail (Risky) - AUD $8.45 - Handling time plus 3 to 11 business days - - Insured Priority Airmail (Safe) - AUD $20.10 - Handling time plus 3 to 11 business days - - EMS / ECI (Safe) - AUD $53.00 - Handling time plus 2 to 5 business days - - Other Additional Services - - Optional Item Accessories - None Available - N/A - - Additional protective insulation - AUD $1.00 (Optional) - N/A - - Extra Insurance (each $100 ) - AUD $2.50 (Optional, insured services only) - N/A - - All Other Handling / Admin Fees - Included in Price - N/A - - Shipping Discounts - - For every subsequent purchase to be combined in a single shipment - At your request, we will give you a 30% discount off the shipping & handling cost for every subsequent item you purchase that is of equal or lower P &H cost. Please hold off payment till you have purchased all the items you require. Combined shipping discounts are available only for items that are purchased no more than 14 days of each other. Further postage and handling discounts are not possible apart from those advertised (Reason stated in shipping terms below) - - - -
How your order will be packaged: -

By default, your order will be sent in a within a layer of plastic, like a magazine, without any cardboard around it. This is because the print is super strong and durable as shown / stated above. If you feel that this will be insufficient or are worried about loss or damage to the item; eg: mail theft or by getting soaked in water, you must contact us to arrange an alternative postage method; otherwise you agree not to blame us if it gets lost or arrives damaged.

No single postage method suits every customer's needs (price, speed, time, extra options and risks are all different), We cannot force your hand in this because we don't know what you want, so we do not limit packaging and postage methods and can pack and post your order as securely as you want if you pay for the additional costs; just message us your request after purchasing the item, and wait for our reply before sending payment.


Legal Disclaimer: Terms and conditions of using a Risky service: Choosing a Risky / uninsured / non registered service is very dangerous for you, the buyer, as your item can get damaged and lost in transit and or stolen from your mailbox or doorstep after delivery, (depending on the type of Risky service). In our experience, this very rarely occurs, and we will often help you out of courtesy if anything goes wrong; however, by offerding on and purchasing this item and choosing any of the Risky shipping methods mentioned above, you certify that you are asking us to send you your order against our safety advice, and you hereby agree to not leave any negative rating or negative comment for us, and agree to release and discharge us the seller from all blame and liability which may arise from your your order getting lost, stolen or damaged. Never ever select a Risky service if in doubt. We will never force you to select a Risky service. If you are unable to select a Safe service, contact us for instructions before making payment.

If your order arrives damaged, please contact us as soon as possible; we will probably be able to assist you as per our non dead on arrival warranty policy. If your order does not arrive after 3 weeks, you can choose to file an item not received claim with PayPal for them to investigate if you paid by PayPal; If your claim is decided in our favour, we request that you respect PayPal's decision and do not to leave any response for this transaction as it shows we are not at fault and we really shipped your order and did not cheat you of your money. For official reasons, the warranty time period available for item's shipped by risky shipping methods is officially counted from the date of despatch, not on the date of delivery. (although in reality, we usually help customers for some time after warranty expires)

International Buyers – Please Note:
- Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility.
- Please check with your country’s customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to offerding/buying.
- We are not in control of the customs authority in your country. We cannot predict customs delays or clearance delays.

Additional Postage terms and conditions: You must not offer or purchase this item if you do not agree to any of the following conditions or statements: As reports our sales to the government's Tax Office, further 'un-advertised' postage discounts are not allowed after your purchase, otherwise the government may accuse us of illegally under reporting income. We don't live next to the post office, so the prices displayed include postage plus some packaging, transportation, handling and administration costs, and you accept the advertised costs as reasonable. The packaging method will be as advertised based on our description above; do not to judge it by the price. If you feel the postage price is too high, remember that in most cases, low postage costs are bad news for buyers, because the extra commissions + postage get passed on to you hidden in the sales price! (You pay more in the end for an illusion of cheap /free postage). Local Pickups are not available (due to higher insurance premiums). You agree that sellers are not responsible for delivery speed in anyway whatsoever once your order has been dispatched as it depends on the delivery service (even agrees). You agree that although we often help customers out of courtesy outside agreed terms, we are officially not responsible for items getting damaged or lost in any circumstances, which is why we offer various postage and packing methods to you of different risks, prices costs and options. One method does not suit everyone, so we do not limit your options in regards to safety and security. We can add insurance and extra padding if you require financial protection against damage or loss. You must let us know and wait for our updated quote/invoice before purchasing or paying if you need any extra postage services to protect your ***order. We do not dispatch shipments until payment has been identified and cleared. For insurance claims, we only send replacements or refunds after the claim has been paid (or a deposit made for a replacement). A business day does not include public holidays or weekends. Safe Insured services are not available for some countries outside Australia (eg: Mexico / some South American / African countries) unless you send the item by Registered post / ECI / EMS services.

Payment Accepted Payment Options Comments Estimated Time to Clear - Internet Banking Transfer - 1st Preferred method of payment - 1 to 2 Business days after payment - - Visa / Mastercard / PayPal - PayPal is the only accepted method of payment if paying from outside Australia - Within 24 hours of payment - - Money Order - - - 3 to 7 Business days after arrival - - Cheque - - - 3 to 7 Business days after arrival - - Bank Draft/Bank Cheque - - - 3 to 7 Business days after arrival - - Direct Bank Deposit (Banker Assisted) - You must email us the BSB Code of the bank branch you paid at. - 1 to 2 Business days from payment - - eCheque / Paypal - Note long clearing delays for eCheque - 3 to 21 Business days from payment - GST is included in the total. Tax Invoice is available on request

It is EXTREMELY important that you put the right identification with your payment. If you don't do this, we cannot identify your payment or send your order.

The correct identification should be your USERNAME only; please do not put anything else first.
Please Do NOT put the Item number as multiple buyers may share this number.

For Internet Banking: Please enter your username it in the "reference/message box for the payee / receiver"
For Cheque & Money Order: Please write your username on a piece of paper and send it together with your cheque or money order
For Deposits at the Bank: Please, you MUST tell the bank teller to put your Username with the payment so it appears on our bank statement. (Please ask them to check as bank tellers often mess this up). Next, you Must obtain that bank branch's 6 digit BSB code where you paid then send it to us in an message together with your username (especially if they can't enter your username)

Payment terms and conditions: You must not offer or purchase this item if you do not agree to any of the following conditions: Payments must be made in Australian Dollars and must be able to be cashed or tendered in Australia. The only method of payment accepted for payments made outside of Australia is by Visa or Mastercard or through all payment methods accepted by PayPal. Placing a offer on this item is a contract to purchase it. We will send you an invoice automatically or manually within 24 hours of your purchase. Unless otherwise stated, payment is due within 14 days of purchase to a maximum of 28 days (for combined shipments only). Payment deadlines can be reasonably extended upon request to a maximum of 28 days. If payment is not received after 14 days, we have the right to cancel the transaction, re-list the item for sale, sell it to another person, return you your payment (excluding costs) if it is received later, file a dispute, and or utilize a debt collection agency to collect any amount you owe. An item is not paid for unless the payment has cleared. Clearing times are estimates and we do not guarantee clearing times. We only dispatch goods after payment has cleared in full.

If you purchased this item and no longer want it, please let us know and we will consider cancelling the transaction for a small fee without penalty. This is to cover the 's listing fee and or administration costs.


This item comes with 7 days limited warranty from date of delivery.

Because posters fade in UV light, we cannot offer warranty longer than 2 months due to improper UV protection care by customers.

Posters are inanimate, in other words they won't damage themselves, so if they arrive in good condition, they will stay that way unless something damages them.
For example, as mentioned above, Dye ink DOES NOT FADE BY ITSELF, however Dye ink DOES fade when exposed to continuous UV light.

We do not (and have no reason to use) disappearing ink. If ink fades, it is not our fault, and by buying this service / item, you agree not to hold us responsible for ink fading, otherwise you are not permitted to buy this item.
The sun, fluorescent lighting or improper storage / would cause your ink to fade. So to prevent this from happening, cover with plastic or UV resistant glass as advertised above.

If the ink arrives discoloured, contact us within 3 DAYS of receiving it. (open immediately to check)

Prior to postage, all items are tested to be fully operational and intact in good condition advertised above. If they don't perform to expectations or arrive broken / damaged, there may be damage that occurred during transit. If this happens, we may help you repair / fix it out of courtesy, but you agree that you shall not blame us or leave us a negative rating or comment for any such fault of the postal service. We also pack exactly as advertised, so if you realise later that you don't like the packaging when your order arrives, don't blame us, because we informed you in advance in the postage section above about how we would pack it and also gave you the option to choose your packaging if you were not happy with how we would pack it.

Although we usually replace damaged goods out of courtesy after warranty is void; to prevent abuse of our courtesy, we will officially state that the following is not covered under our warranty: Ink Fading, Damage and or problems caused by the misuse, abuse, negligent handling of the device from its original purpose, attempts at repair, dropping or extreme wear, and deterioration, loss, injury or damage occasioned by, or as a result of the misuse or improper storage, intentional or accidental, as well as any apparent defects or lack of functionality or performance that has already been noticed by our staff and stated in the listing. We reserve the right to replace or repair the appliance within the warranty period. Postage fees are only refundable if the post office agrees to do so.

Officially, In addition to any warranty provided, to give you peace of mind, we also provide an extra personal guarantee that all of our products will work as advertised on arrival. This is our non dead upon arrival warranty, and is useful if your item doesn't come with warranty. Our personal warranty does NOT cover problems directly caused by physical damage in transit. To be eligible for our personal Non-Dead on arrival warranty, you must test the item and inform us if there is a problem within 3 days of receiving the item. You should then mail it back to us within 7 days of receiving the item, and include everything we sent you; such the packaging and all parts and accessories, in order to be eligible for a Full 100% Refund (excluding shipping). If you do not do this, we are not obliged to entertain any refund requests. However, you are still entitled to the original warranty service if it is available for your item.

We are not responsible for items getting damaged or lost during transit in any way whatsoever. You must purchase insurance if you require financial protection against damage or loss in transit. You must purchase additional insulation protection if you require additional protection against possible physical damage such as from shock or rough handling during shipment. If it does get lost or damaged, you will be able to arrange insurance compensation with the postal service or by using the warranty provided by item's manufacturer.

As a general rule, product failure can be caused by many reasons, and it is extremely difficult to decide who will be held accountable, and sometimes neither buyer nor seller is at fault as items can get damaged in transit through the postal service or through other unexpected non physical circumstances (eg; failure due to electromagentic radiation / Excessive high or low temperatures while in transport / security xray scans etc..) Therefore, if insurance compensation cannot be arranged from the postal service, both seller and buyer agree to share the shipping obligations for getting an item replaced. If an item is damaged and its warranty is not void or expired, the buyer agrees to pay all shipping fees to return the item to us. Likewise, and we will also pay all shipping fees necessary to send the item back to the place the buyer sent it from. If you do not agree to this, we recommend you select and purchase shipping insurance and additional protective insulation.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do you accept pickups?
Answer: I'm sorry, pickups are not accepted unless otherwise stated.

Question: Do you offer ICM / Image colour matching and proofing
Answer: We offer Proofing only for bulk orders (>5 sets); contact us to arrange details; additional fees may apply. We do not offer ICM at the moment.

Question: How long before the ink fades?
Answer: Depends on the amount of UV exposure. Fading can start as early as 2 days, or 2 weeks, or 2 months, or 2 years.. depending on how much UV exposure the print is exposed to, or whether it has been protected from UV exposure

Question: Is the print waterproof?
Answer: No.

Question: Can you print Two A0 prints side by side in 'portrait' mode? (1682mm x 1189mm)
Answer: We can print up to 5000mm on one side, but the other side must not exceed 914mm. Two A0 prints side by side in portrait mode has both sides which exceed 914mm, so it's not possible because it would be too big.

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Custom Poster Wide Format Stretched Canvas Fine Art Painting Prints Re Printing :

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'map Of The Sky' Wall Graphic On Metal picture
'map Of The Sky' Wall Graphic On Metal

Designart 'light Purple Watercolor Fractal Art' Abstract Throw Pillow picture
Designart 'light Purple Watercolor Fractal Art' Abstract Throw Pillow

Designart 'light Purple Watercolor Fractal Art' Abstract Throw Pillow picture
Designart 'light Purple Watercolor Fractal Art' Abstract Throw Pillow

Designart 'light Purple Watercolor Fractal Art' Abstract Throw Pillow picture
Designart 'light Purple Watercolor Fractal Art' Abstract Throw Pillow

America The Beautiful By Tara Moss,  Gallery Wrap Canvas picture
America The Beautiful By Tara Moss, Gallery Wrap Canvas

Crab' Wall Art On Canvas picture
Crab' Wall Art On Canvas