Fuel Saver Hydrogen Hho 21 Plate Dry Cell Start Kit

Fuel Saver  Hydrogen   Hho 21 Plate Dry Cell Start Kit

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Fuel Saver Hydrogen Hho 21 Plate Dry Cell Start Kit :

You are offerding on a complete 21 Plate HHO Version128 dry Cell Starter kit.

The Version1221Plate is one of the best designed HHO cells available and will supply enough HHO for up to a4.5 litrediesel or petrol engine.


30 AMP PWM ( Pulse Width Modulator)

This is no doubt the most complete Hydrogen on Demand Starter System you will find for these Prices - If you can find these HHO dry cells or HHO dry cell kits for Less they are not the same quality. please don't be fooled by those claiming to get better HHO production with some magical "processing" of the stainless steel plates or less holes in the plates, you need the water to circulate not percolate


Assembled 21Plate Dry Cell

1800mm reinforced 1/4" tubing

6Cable ties

12Self Tapping Mount Screws

8Hose Clamps

1 30 AMP Gauge

Purpose builtHHO 1 litreBubbler tank

1 Vaporizer/Scrubber/Spark arrestor

1 1/4 Check valve

30amp waterproof fuse

BONUS30 amp PWM (Pulse width Modulator)


All electrical tabs and fittings needed.

Please note: We do not include the wire . Suggested size 6mm auto wire for small 11 and 21 plate and 12mm for Brutus and twin cell systems. Wire size is relevant to distance from source and amp draw


At peak efficiency you can expect this cell to produce suffient HHO at around 10 to 14 amps at 13.2 volts to give sustantial benefit to up to a 4500cc (4.5litre) engine..

These HHO dry cells, and for that matter any Hydrogen on demand system added to a vehicle with a stock alternator, run at peak performance at under 20 amps. This is because at over 20 amps the alternator must work harder which in turn causes the engine to work harder, which uses more gas.

If more HHO is needed, it is better to add more cells than increase the amperage, as this can often boil the cell which will produce steam and give a false indication of HHO output.

This Cell is ready to go just add electrolyte and power up!



IF the question is not answered below please when requsting information give size of engine in cc. age, make and if diesel or petrol.

What are your cells made of?

We use only 316L 18 gauge Stainless Steel in all our HHO Generators. The Plates Used in Our Dry Cells Are All Laser Cut, this does have an effect on performance and production of hho gas!!

The Acrylic end caps are 100mmX100mm X12mm thick rated at145 degrees C. The 2 hose barbs are 1/4" The attachment bracket angles are aluminium 2 X 6mm wing nuts for easy connection to the power source

What size cell do I need.?

An 11 plate cell will do a 2500 cc engine with ease. For larger V6 V8 a 21 plate cell or two 11 plate cells together.

Does it make a difference if it is a Petrol or Diesel Engine?

HHO will work on both Diesel and Petrol engines . Customers with engines with intercoolers must do regular maintenance to clean out of the gas scrubber.

Is a HHO dry cell system hard to install?

It is very simple, All our dry cells and kits have complete detailed installation instructions delivered with them. On average with the right tools and some mechanical know how it should not take longer than a few of hours,

What is an EFIE ? and do I need one? .

Yes I do if my vehicle is fuel injected and has Emission sensors!

No I do not if my vehicle is pre computer

Fuel injected vehicles use a computer and sensors to maintain the correct air/fuel ratio. The main sensor is the oxygen sensor. Fuel injected vehicles have one or more oxygen sensors installed in the exhaust stream. The computer takes the information from the sensors and adjust the fuel flow accordingly. Because HHO causes the fuel to burns more efficiently. We must make an adjustment and so we install the Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer (EFIE)
The Effie tells the emissions computer that all is well. and this allows the engine run at peak.

Which EFIE do I need?

If your engine is pre computer you need not use an EFIE.

A Digital EFIE or a Wideband EFIE. Then we have a dual and quad version of each, and that just corresponds to the number of sensors that you have. Usually V6 and V8 engines need the quad version and 4 cylinder engines use the dual versions.

See below for more info on EFIE’s

Do I need a PWM ( Pulse width modulator)?

The pulse width modulator (PWM) has an onboard trim potentiometer to control the amount of RMS voltage and current to your hydrogen booster.
Your HHO Generator will run cooler and make more hydrogen which has greater ability to increase fuel mileage.

Is a HHO dry cell system hard to install?
It is very simple, All our dry cells and kits have complete detailed installation instructions delivered with them. On average with the right tools and some mechanical know how it should not take longer than a few of hours,

What Maintenance do I do on my Hydrogen on Demand system?
Make sure that the engine is off and the Generator is cool before servicing. For extra safety, also remove the fuse to the battery connection before servicing. At the same time you will want to check all the hoses and electrical on your complete Hydrogen on Demand system for good connections.
Check the water level about every gas fill up, keep it about 1"- 1 1/2" from the lid.

These "HHO Generators", will produce Hydrogen and Oxygen.

Hydrogen is a volatile colourless gas that has a low temperature ignition point. This gas also has no smell. Serious injuries and bodily harm can occur if the device is not handled or used properly! NQ Hybrids takes no responsibility in damage to mechanical or bodily injury!

Please, Safety First when dealing with any hydrogen generators.

This cell should not be operated without a bubbler or flash back device!


Now the installation of your unit should be complete. You are now going to Mix the Catalyst (electrolyte) with Distilled Water. KOH is Potassium hydroxide is an inorganic compound with the formula KOH. Its common name is caustic Potassium Hydroxide is the best electrolyte for a Hydrogen Generator. We wont use any thing else for catalyst in our HHO Dry
The strength of your electrolyte mixture is what controls the amps drawn by your dry cell. To keep my unit running at 18 Amps or less and get a least 1 liter per minute of gas or more)
Start with 100gms of KOH to 900 gms of distilled water for start up , you may need to add more to get higher amps but run your unit with a weak solution to condition it first.
** Use "Safety First" rules when mixing KOH or other caustic materials. Mix thoroughly in a separate container.
* Once this has been mixed add to the reservoir, you should be able to see the water flowing into the dry cell. Bring the level up to the 3/4 mark on the reservoir and make sure to put the cap back on.
*** Now you HHO Dry Cell System should be fully functioning and ready for a test drive. Before you take a test drive start the vehicle, you should now see the water in full circulation.Double check for air and water leaks at this time,use spray bottle and a teaspoon of dish soap once mixed spray on all of your hose connectors, bubbler cap and reservoir cap, if there are bubbles you have a leak and this needs to be fixed.

Always read MSDS data sheets when using corrosive / caustic solutions

Disclaimer In no event will we be liable for any loss or damage to any vehicle or person including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from the use of our products. NQ Hybrids recommends a competent person installs there units.

Fuel Saver Hydrogen Hho 21 Plate Dry Cell Start Kit :

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