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October 18th, 2014
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Firebird's "rasputin" And "chicken Chase" For The Commodore 64 And 128 For Sale


Here I'm offeringFirebird's "Rasputin" and "Chicken Chase" for the Commodore 64 and 128.

Included are a 5.25-inch disk, instructions and the square clamshell case with cover.

Caveat:Owing to the age of the media, I offer disk and tape-based games "as is" and without guarantee.

Contact:Feel free to write if you have questions or comments. I work at home and typically should be able to respond within minutes during the day (Pacific Time).

But first please read the full listing. It will answer most of your questions.

offerding:Please note that my sales are just that -- sales -- and not starting points for “Buy It Now” listings or veiled invitations for private offers. I don’t do either. Just sales.

- I am aware that tariffs on imports are quite stiff in certain parts of the world. However, this is something to be figured into your offersbeforehandand not negotiated with me afterward. I will not adjust the reported value of purchases on customs forms or treat merchandise as a gift.

-My sales end in the middle of the night in certain parts of the world. But note that you don’t have to be physically at the computer to offer: There are many “sniping” services on the Internet that will automatically enter your offer seconds before an sale ends. (One I have used successfully in the past is sale Sniper.)

Payment:After your sale ends, please wait for an invoice. I send them out after the day’s sales end. (If you want an invoice before then, just send a request.)

- If you are buying just the invoiced game or games, please pay promptly -- by PayPalonly and within three days.

- If you are planning to offer on additional games, this period can be extended.

Owing to some standardization in our packaging, we now have sufficient space to hold games for up to 10 days.

This extension does not kick in automatically. You’ll need to write to me to request it. (Unless I hear from you, I’ll be expecting payment within three days.)

-Please respect our limit for holding games.There’s a great deal of stuff flowing through here, we still have limited shelf space for storage and, with 13 sales ending on a typical day, we need to move parcels out quickly once the holding period ends in order to make room for new parcels.

Shipping:As of July 5th, we're shipping virtually worldwide. The only countries I've blocked are Iraq and Afghanistan.

- I’ll make every effort to get your purchase in the mail the same day I receive your payment -- the next day (including Saturday) or business day if payment arrives too late in the day.

- Unless otherwise noted in a listing, the buyer pays all shipping-related expenses.

However, Ikeep things as inexpensive as I can.

- No “handling” fees. We never charge for our time or basic costs of doing business like gas or packing materials.

- I always look for the cheapest or most efficient shipping allowable -- though I’m also happy to use whatever type of eligible shipping a buyer may request. (See below for details on available methods of shipping.)

- Icombine shipping at actual cost for buyers who win more than one item.

- And I don’t permit anyone to overpay. When shipping turns out to less than forecast (either because of a lower than forecast weight or the discount I receive from ), I pass the savings back to the buyer in the form of a refund -- even if it’s just a nickel.

- Here’s how I ship:

Domestic shipping: Parcels of 13 ounces or less go by First-Class mail. Parcels of 14 ounces to 2 pounds go by Priority Mail. Heavy parcels are typically sent by Parcel Select, though this varies dependingon the destination's proximityto our location. (Sometimes Priority turns out to be cheaper.)

Computer and video games are not eligible for media mail.

Abroad: Parcels weighing up to 4 pounds and valued at less than $400 are sent by First-Class International. Parcels of more than 4 pounds or valued at $400 or more go by Priority International.

Items valued at $2,500 or more will be sent be via FedEx or UPS both domestically and abroad.

- Games with built-in protective or hard-cased packaging may be shipped in a cardboard-and-bubblewrap sleeve. Games with cardboard boxes or other light packaging are always shipped in sturdy boxes to protect against crushing.

- Please note that I ship only to verified addresses. (I can’t use addresses that you email to me.) If you need games shipped to an alternate address, please request a total via the system using the address in question.

response:I leave it on receiving notification of payment. Please do so for me on receipt if you are satisfied with your purchase.

And pleasewrite to me firstif you are less than satisfied. I want people to be happy with what they receive and, if something’s amiss, I will quickly do my best to make it right.

My other listings:Check back regularly. I’m adding daily as many as 20 new listings of interest to computer-game (and, occasionally, video-game) enthusiasts and collectors and I’ll be at this for a good long while.

- I've added Atari ST, Acorn Archimedes and PlayStation (PS1) games to the daily listings.

- I also have a few non-computer game listings in the pipe, and I'm just looking for the right time and spot to filter them in. I’ll be listing a number of board war games (including some “monster” games from GDW), archives of Mad and National Lampoon magazines on DVD, a sealed edition of MS-DOS, a sealed iPod and an early Kindle.

- Finally, I’m also planning to offer a variety of vintage computers -- including Apple IIgs, Commodore 64, Atari 800XL, MSX 2+, Acorn RISC, Dragon 32, Thomson and possibly others. I’m not there yet, but would be happy to entertain any questions.


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Firebird's "rasputin" And "chicken Chase" For The Commodore 64 And 128 :

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