Huge Lot Of 98 Reggae / Roots / Dancehall / Dub 12"s (all 80's - 90's)

Huge Lot Of 98 Reggae / Roots / Dancehall / Dub 12

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Huge Lot Of 98 Reggae / Roots / Dancehall / Dub 12"s (all 80's - 90's):

You're looking at a huge lot of 98 Reggae records - Roots, Dancehall, Dub. To be sold as a lot only. The majority of these are in VG to VG+ condition with a few being EX. Nothing less than weak VG (still good play copies). Almost all of them have some writing on the label (by the DJ who owned them), plus some with stickers on the labels and/or sleeves. Great for any collection or if you're a Reggae DJ. Majority of them is 80's to mid 90's. No multiple copies. Almost all of them are from the US or Jamaican. 7 day sale. Free media mail shipping within Continental US. Please inquire about international shipping (between $150 - $200 / Priority Mail or Express Mail). Please ask any questions before placing a offer.Please note - I will ALSO include all the records from the individual listings that go unsold.1.) Sugar Minott/Steelie - Indeca/Promotion Style (Youth Promotion '87) VG2.) Sugar Minott with King Tubbys All Stars/Professor & Sogie With King Tubbys All Stars - Hard Time Rock/Them Nawh Sting (Waterhouse) VG+3.) Yami Bolo/Mickey Spice - More Than Gold/I Know Yah Love (Digital-B) VG+4.) Redrose/Fat Eyes Crew/Luciano & Louie Culture/Cocoa Tea - Chanting Down Babylon/Real Rastaman Riddim/Real Rastaman/Babylon Falling (Gred '95) VG+5.) Mykal Roze - I LOve King Selassie (Fashion '96) VG6.) Trevor Ranking - A So Me Chat/Life In The Ghetto (Greensleeves '82) VG+7.) Bunny Wailer - Food/Serious Thing (Solomonic '86) VG+8.) Louie Culture/Beres Hammond - Original Days/Nothing No Go So (Xterminator) VG+
9.) Ninja Man - Old Picture Frame/Protect Us Jah (Digital-B) VG+10.)Tenor Saw/Cool Out Dub - To Love Somebody/Chill Out, Chill Out (Night Life Posse) EX11.)Gregory Isaacs & Lady Saw - Night Nurse (VG '96) VG+12.)Israel Vibration - Feelin' Irie RAS '96) EX13.)Papa San - Dem Say Mi Wicked (Pow Wow '92) VG+14.)Sanchez/Louie Culture - Never Dis The Man/AFter So Many Years (Xterminator '95) EX15.)East Coast Crew/Merciless/Spragga Benz - Benz & Bimma Riddim/Hammer/Hot Girl (Gred '96) VG16.)George Nooks/Cocoa Tea - Movie Star/All Over Me (U.P.) VG+17.)Mikey Spice - Practice What You Preach (RAS '95) VG+18.)Al Campbell - Time So Hard (Top Rank) VG19.)Macka B - You're The Ladies/Don't Judge Me (Ariwa) VG+20.)J. Osbourne/Nicodemus - Budy Bye/Eagles Feather (Jammys) VG+21.)Rhythm Possie/Delroy Williams - Yardie Rule/In And Out (Carron '86) VG22.)Luciano/Anthony Redrose - Peace My Brethren/Slain (Gred '96) VG+23.)Beres Hammond - Sweet Lies (VP '96) EX24.)Lovindeer - Expect No Miracle/Find A Good Girl (TSOJ '93) VG+25.)Madd Cobra - Matie No Ready (Father And Son '93) VG+26.)Earl Sixteen/Jackie Mittoo - Young Love (Radio Spotlight) VG+27.)General Trees/Bunny Brissett - My Honey/True Love (Artistic '92) VG+28.)Bounty Killer/Scare Dem Crew/Round Head & General B - Model/Ready Or Not/Probably You Never Heard (Gred '96) VG29.)Beenie Man/Mad Cobra/Lady Saw - Blackboard/Hotty Hotty/You'll Never Find (Gred '96)30.)Luciano - Luciano Medley/Version (Xterminator '95) VG+31.)Mega Banton - Season Your Pot/Daisy Remix (Scorpio '94) VG32.)Gold Teet - Braggy Braggie/Searching For Love (THG '93) VG+33.)Ninjaman, Bounty Killer, Beenie Man & Ninja Ford - Bad Boy Like A New Shot (Jungle Bullet)/People Dead (Gred '94) VG+34.)Ini Kamoze - Me & My Gun/Me & My Girl (Selekta '91) EX35.)Lecturer & Foxy Brown - Tonight Is The Night (Steely & Clevie '91) VG+36.)Redrose & Malvo Crew - You're Real/Real Riddim (Gred '94) VG+37.)Redrose & Merciless/Beenie Man/Redrose & Malvo Crew - You A Mi Heart/Yu Better Listen/You A Mi Heart Riddim (Gred' 94) VG+38.)Beres Hammond - Groovy Little Thing/Groovy Version (Harmony House '85) VG39.)Joe Gibbs And The Professionals/Dennis Brown/Little U. Brown - Too Hot/I Can't Stand It/Locomotion (JGM '83) VG40.)Sammy Dread - Metal Detector/Security For Shoreity (Life Music) VG41.)Admiral Shirt/Papa San - Hackle Me Body/Grandfather (Waterhouse) VG+42.)General Tree/ord Sassa Frass - Bubee Egg - Butter Bread/Murder She Wrote (Shantites) VG+43.)J.C. Lodge - You Can Dance/You Can't Hurry Love (RAS '84) VG44.)Little Kirk - Ghetto People Broke/Version (Ruddy's Music) VG+45.)Paul Blake & The bloodfire Posse - Pink Panther/Every Posse Get Flat (RAS '85) VG+46.)Black Uhuru - COnquer The Tanker/Reggae With You (RAS '87) VG+47.)Winsome And Nerious Joseph - Rock With Me Baby (Fine Style '86) VG48.)Frankie Paul - Cassanova (Live And Love) VG49.)Super Barry - Don't Distress It/Sorry Fe You (Firehouse) EX50.)White Mice - True Love/Version (Intelitec '87) VG+51.)Sammy Dread - Miserable Woman/Road Block (Grade One) VG+52.)Junior Reid - The Original Foreign Mind/Junior Nature (Black Roots '84) VG53.)Gregory Isaacs - Hard Drugs (Tappa) VG54.)Steelie & Cleavie - Uncomparable Lover (Mr. Doo) VG+55.)Sanchez - Old Friends (Redman International) VG+56.)Johnny Osbourne - Rewind/Foreign Mind (Greensleeves '84) VG57.)Gregory Isaacs - Night Nurse (African Museum) VG58.)Sanchez/Papa Cat - Take It Slow/One Gal Friend (Gold Disc '92) VG+59.)Al Rounder - Too Much Car/Whey Going On/Innocent Jimmy (JW) VG+60.)Eek A Mouse - Wa Do Dem (Volcano) VG+61.)Beres Hammond/Jack Radics - That's The Way It Is/Purify (Star Trail) EX62.)Half Pint - Victory (RAS '87) VG+63.)Johnny Osbourne - I Am Gonna Make You Love Me/Version (Ruddys Music) VG64.)Tiger - Don't Be Greedy/Nuh Wanna Gut (C&E) VG+65.)Private P/Tiger Super Cat - Sex Walk/A Wa Do Them (Wild APache) VG+66.)Peter Metro & Dominique - Yardie And Cockney (Revolutionary) VG+67.)Gregory Isaacs - I'll Be On My WayTenement Yard (TAD) VG68.)Tiger - Ram Dance Hall/Version (Steely '86) EX69.)Tiger - Lyrics For The Money/Version (Kangal '87) VG70.)The Meditation - Woman, Woman/Wallah Up (Reality '86) EX71.)Joseph Hill & Culture - Crack In New York/I'm Worried (Blue Mountain '87) VG+72.)Worl-A-Girl - X-Amount (Two Friends) EX73.)Hopeton Lindo - Gang War/Version (Digital-B) VG+74.)Junior Murvin/Mikey Dread/Smokers Posse - Bad Man Posse/Badda-Badman Style/Bad-Boy Request (Dread '82) VG75.)Sugar Minott - Gimi-The Tu Shung Peng/Tu Shung Peng (SMJ) VG+76.)Inner Circle - Front And Center/One Way (RAS '87) VG+77.)Megga Banton - Sound Boy Killing (Super Power Record) VG+78.)Yankee B - The Original/Daddy Bleach (Massive B) VG+79.)Flourgon - Cute Face GalModeling (Wizard) VG+80.)Marcia Griffiths - Deep In My Heart/Version (Germain) EX81.)Marcia Griffiths - Everywhere/Version (Germain) EX82.)Frankie Paul - Africa We're Going Home/Warning (Gold Disc) VG+83.)Tinga Stewart/Phantom - Tinga Love/Knock Out Batty (Waterhouse) EX84.)Byron Lee & The Dragonaires - Gi We Dat Music/Police Man Soca (Dynamic '87) VG+85.)Worl-A-Girl - Pain A Back (Joe Frasier) VG+86.)The Lone Ranger - Dance Have Fe Cork/Feel The Vibes (Satta Rock) VG+87.)JC Lodge - Activate Me/Live And Active (RAS) EX88.)General Trees - Gone A Negril/Everything So So So So (Scorpio) VG+89.)Leroy Smart - Talk Of The Town/Version (Klap '86) VG90.)Skendgon All Stars - Wake The Town/Town Dub (Skengdon '87) VG+91.)Tony Curtis/Red Rose - Knockin Da Boots/Family Man(VP) VG+92.)Sugar Minott/Pad Anthony - No Vacancy/Black Man's World (Hit Bound '83) VG93.)Meditations - Tin Sardine (Reality) EX94.)Sister Carol - Remember When/The Music Nice (Black Cinderella) EX95.)Ruff And Reddy - Fat A Carry De Shot/Big Ting (RAS '86) VG+96.)Max Romeo - Rough Rider/Dub (Carron '86) VG+97.)Johnny Osbourne - On The Right Track/I Need You (Jammys '87) VG+98.)Jah All Mighty - Talking Twitch/Little Twitch/Jah Life Time (Jah Life) VG

Huge Lot Of 98 Reggae / Roots / Dancehall / Dub 12"s (all 80's - 90's):

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