Haunted House Props, Animatronics, Halloween, Costumes, Scare Factory, Hearse

Haunted House Props, Animatronics, Halloween, Costumes, Scare Factory, Hearse

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Haunted House Props, Animatronics, Halloween, Costumes, Scare Factory, Hearse:


Entire haunted house up for sale. These items are for sale locally and this sale could end at anytime. I am listing this for a friend and it is for sale only as an entire package. The items are located in Wahoo, Nebraska, about 30 miles west of Omaha. These haunted house items were in use in Omaha, Nebraska, for four years at the #1 RATED haunted houses in Nebraska, Screamers Haunted House. I encourage any prospective purchasers to inspect the items prior to sale end. The props and animatronics are hooked up and can be demonstrated. Static props, costumes, stereo equipment, masks, can all be checked out. The value of these itemsare worth well over$120,000.

Some items are brand new and still in packaging. If you own a haunted house or are thinking of opening a haunted house, you will not a find a better deal than this for the entire package. If this sale is not successful, we will hold an sale in Wahoo, Nebraska, sometimelater in the yearand sell the items individually. If you have any questions, please ask. Because this sale covers an extremely large number of items, I can not be responsible for an error in the listing of items or minor damage to an item. You are offerding on these items with the understanding that they are used items and were used in a haunted house. Most of the animatronics are from Scare Factory!

I require $1,000 non refundable deposit thru PaypPal within 24 hours ofsale end and the balance by cash, bank transfer or bank cashiers check within 5 days of the end of sale. No items leave until payment clearsthe bank.

If you offer, please plan on finishing the transaction. If you have less than 5 responses, you must call prior to offerding or I will delete your offer.

I have photos available on most all items.

You can go the SCREAMERS Facebook page at

or you can download this file,

In the file is theinventory of items and a photo. The file is large and may take some time to download. I can also get you more pictures of an item if needed. You can email me thru or call the owner at 4O2-318-2759

Thanks for looking and good luck offerding.

The following is a listing of the contents of this sale:

HAUNTED HOUSE INVENTORY Figurines: 2 Pirate Captain (Life size) 2 Pirate with sword (Life size) 1 Witch (Life size) 2 Dracula (Life size) 1 Gorilla (Life size) 1 Pirate with eye patch (full size) 1 Butler (full size) 1 Wizard (Life size) 1 Mummy (full size) 1 Mannequin grey suite/mask (Life size) 1 Mannequin with black coat/mask (Life size) 1 Mannequin black robe/mask (Life size) 1 Mannequin Nurse (Life size) 1 Tall tombstone hugging cross 1 Mannequin with brown robe w/mask (Life size) 2 Mannequin w/ black robe & mask (Life size) 1 Skinny pole doctor manican 1 Clown manican with mask/gloves 1 Mannequin w/jail pants and mask (Life size) 1 scary gambling cowboy smoking manican 1 Alligator (Life size) 2 Skinned Dogs w/ wood roller 1 Zombie in trash can 1 Stockade 1 Cannon with cannon balls 19 Drums 18 Hanging Zombies 1 Hanging green witch 1 Small standing kid manican with mask 3 Skull Angels 1 Hanging bride of dracula 1 Spitting snake 1 Half wolf 1 Sitting clown with knife on stand 2 Gargoiles 2 Gothic stands 1 Skeleton in cage small 2 Skeleton in cage large 1 Bleeding head in cage 1 Hanging skull with flame 1 Cobra curled up 1 Small butler 1 Small girl in black 2 Egyptian Cats 1 Small excorcist girl 1 Actual Bed 6 Body Bags wrapped with blood 2 Gothic chairs 1 Mannequin no head 1 lower half Mannequin 2 Coffins with bodies 1 Half crawling zombie w/ blood on face 5 Rubber skeletons 1 Body for doctors room 1 Hanging pirate skeleton 2 Dressers with drawers 1 Dresser no drawer 1 China Hutch 7 Bucky skeletons 1 Desk 2 Treasure chest with goodies in them 1 Dinner table with 5 chairs 2 Electric room benches with shock 3 Charis with grey seats 2 Pallets of foilage 1 Lifesize hanging pirate 1 256' Roll of camo 2 Giant hanging skull 1 Giant hanging clown face Pneumatics:

1 Electric chair guy with on/off switch (NU

1 Softy Clown rotating and pop up head 3 Creepers ($995.00 each) 1 Organ Player with organ 1 Coffin with pop up guy 1 Swinging reeper 1 Excorcist girl with scream 1 Pile of bones 2 Air cannons 1 Hanging guy from chains 4 Torture room guys 1 Hanging kicker 1 Captain Bones 1 Catacombs Scenic Package ----6 Large catacombs ----21 One sided catacombs

----3 Two sided catacombs

1 20' Vortex package

2 Stands for numatic creature 1 Giant Monster Stand, wings, sound system 4 Air Compressors 2 Large wooden boxes/detailed

Hearse (1992 Cadillac Brougham Hearse 79,440 Miles)

12 Styrofoam heads for wigs 1 Two headed foam baby 12 Skeleton heads 40 Zombie heads assorted/misc. 23 Small shrunken heads asst. 12 Shaking teeth heads 3 Lost souls head 1000 Spiders asst 30 Bats assorted 48 Jumbo flies 10 Black cats assorted 12 bloody arms in cast 20 Frogs squeeking 12 bloody legs in cast 2 Toads 10 Snakes giant 50 Snakes assorted small 14 Feet bloody 5 Voulchers 6 Crows 33 Hands bloody assorted 12 Rats giant 2 Brains 1 Heart 10 Hands packaged on foam trays 150 Rats assorted small 11 Feet packaged on foam trays 4 Bottles of blood 23 Half plastic manican with hollow back 20 Sticky tongues 1 Medium sized skinned bloody dog 1 Bucket of cock roaches 50 Sticky leeches 20 Organs assorted grow in water 3 Cases make up assorted 50 Reptiles assorted grow in water Costumes: 10 Wigs assorted 4 Hats assorted 3 Freddy outfits with kniffe hands 4 set of Clown shoes 80 Masks assorted 20 Costume hands assorted 1 Demon outfit with hands 50 Costumes new in package 85 Actors costumes / used/ open 1 Cemetary fence 11 Grave head stones 16 Blackk hose 3 Sets of skulls on sticks 2 Curved rows of skulls 1 Entryway roll of skulls 7 Hanging zombies 1 Large clown outfit 7 Large pumpkin heads-foam 4 Small skeletons in cages 1 Small bucky skeleton 10 Torture weapons misc. 1 Gothic candle holder 1 Dancing bride and groom skeletons 15 Pirate weapons assorted 2 Hard plastic skulls 6 Rubber skeletons 12 Skeleton hands rubber 28 Pictures in frame assorted 1 Stretchy checkered cloth 1 Road kill cadavor 2 Hanging evil pirate in new box 29 Scene setters 6 Hanging baskets black 12 Giant spider webs 1 Bell, can mount 4 Directional tape 1 Cemetary sign 1 Fortune teller globe 3 Halloween cluster lights 3 Rolls of table covering 1 Web gun 3 Web sticks (packs) 6 Goulish costumes rubber 2 Pirate sword plaques 12 Pairs of chain manicles for ankles 5 Roman soldier helmets 50 Dolls assorted 12 Lanterns copper 8 Black light bulbs 36 Flashing party strobe small 6 Bob Flame lights hanging 10 Jumbo strobe lights 2 Bubble makers 10 Pinspot lights 13 Party spot lights 4 Mini moon spot lights 1 Double derby lighting 3 Thousand watt mega fogger 2 Cases of fog juice 9 Large Flame lights 2 Warning lights 1 Party disco ball 10 Boom boxes 2 Special cobweb makers 7 Large swords 3 Sets of throwing knives 5 Machetees 2 Large meat clevers 2 Spiked Mases 8 Ball and chains 2 Battle axes 8 Skull archways plastic 1 Chucky clown 2 Standing dolls 1 Box of puppets assorted Misc speakers and stereo equip.

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Haunted House Props, Animatronics, Halloween, Costumes, Scare Factory, Hearse:

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