Marriott's Ko Olina Beach Club Hawaii 2-bedroom 5-star Timeshare For Sale

Marriott's Ko Olina Beach Club Hawaii 2-bedroom 5-star Timeshare For Sale

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Marriott's Ko Olina Beach Club Hawaii 2-bedroom 5-star Timeshare For Sale:

Fabulous Oahu, Hawaii Timeshare!
An Amazing "Five Star Premier" Marriott Resort!


This means that we have NOT set a minimum selling price. While I would certainly like to sell this wonderful timeshare at a higher price, I need to clear out some of our inventory. My willingness to sell this timeshare for such a low price is absolutely not a reflection on the quality of the resort. We are simply overloaded with inventory and need to move some out. Therefore, I am prepared to sell this timeshare at the buyer's winning offer amount, even if it is only for the starting offer price of just ONE DOLLAR! So if you’ve ever wanted to own a timeshareplease feel free to take advantage asthis could be your lucky day!

A Top Rated Interval International “Five Star Premier” Resort!

About The Resort

Beautifully situated in Ko Olina on the isle of Oahu, Marriott's Ko Olina Beach Club is surrounded by crystal-clear turquoise waters and white-sand beaches on one side, and the emerald fairways of the Ko Olina Golf Club on the other. This resort features numerous exceptional amenities. Marriott's Ko Olina Beach Club is just a short walk from the JW Marriott Hotel, which offers gourmet dining and a world-class spa. The resort is undergoing construction/renovation, which is a continuation of the resort's development.Please Note!!
Marriott has a Right of First Refusal clause in their contracts of ownership. This means that if you are the winner of this sale we must first inform them of your desire to purchase and the amount of the purchase. They then have the right to purchase it at the same price you offered, or waive the right to purchase, thus allowing you to buy it at the agreed upon price (your high offer plus any closing costs, transfer fees, etc.).

About The Condo

This beautifully appointed luxury vacation home (deeded as unit #3106) is in the resort's “Floating” system, which means thateveryyear when you call to choose your week you will then be assigned your unit, but you will always get at least a spacioustwo bedroom vacation home. The lovely homes at this resort are equipped with a full kitchen and two baths, convenient in-unit washer & dryer,an oversized soaking tub,plus a private patio or balcony with a beautiful ocean view!With1190 square feet of living area, the whole family (up to eight people) will be very comfortable in this spacious unit. All homes at this resort are professionally decorated and well equipped with everything you'll need to make your stay one you'll remember for a lifetime including all kitchenware, towels, linens, pillows, blankets, etc. All you will need to do is show up and enjoy!

About The Week

The week is also in the resort's "Floating" system, which simply means that you can call the resortevery year and choose the "Platinum" season week that suits you best for that year….ANY WEEK (except weeks 51 & 52)! This is an Interval International affiliated resort. Ownership and usage is annual.The ownership is permanently deeded, and the maintenance fees and taxes total only $1777, which is a great bargain for this amazing selection of weeks at this beautiful Hawaiian resort.

Bonus! Bonus! Bonus!

(While Supplies Last!!)

The lucky winner of this sale will have the opportunity to choose a second timeshare from a large inventory of great timeshares (including many great POINTS timeshares) absolutely FREE! That’s right…a FREE Timeshare…and we even pay the closing costs. No Gimmicks! No Kidding! All we ask is that you pay the resort’s transfer fee (if there is one) and possibly the 2013 Maintenance Fee as some resorts may require this to be forwarded along with the ownership transfer documents. The transfer fee normally ranges from $Zero to $150, with some exceptions being a bit higher. To view the list of available timeshares please click here. Please note that this offer is only available to the winner of the sale. You are welcome to keep the FREE timeshare for yourself or give it as a gift. We can deed it to a friend or family member of your choice. Best of luck!

Important……READ THIS BEFORE YOU offer !!!

Most timeshares are deeded property, and as such, they go through a relatively simple yet sometimes lengthy process in order to transfer ownership (just like any other real estate transaction). New deeds must be created and executed, then sent to the county for recording, and finally sent to the resort for their own transfer processing. While the closing company we use is the best and fastest in the industry (in many cases completing the transfer in just a matter of weeks), no one can control the county or the resort management and the time they may take to complete their portion of the process. Therefore, the purchaser of this timeshare must understand that the transfer of ownership into their name may take at least sixty days or even longer. If you are not clear on this or you are the impatient type, please contact us before offerding on this item so that we may help you understand fully. To us, a knowledgeable customer is a satisfied customer. Thank you!

Refund Policy

Our refund policy is pretty simple and straightforward. We go to great lengths to make sure that our sales are correct. We go thru an Estoppel process which means that we double check our information by getting the resort management to confirm our information in writing. But even with all that effort sometimes the information is wrong through no fault of our own. With that said, please know that if you find that we described the item incorrectly we will offer you a full refund and take back the item.

More Details There is no mortgage on this timeshare. Maintenance feesand taxes are up to date. You will receive a Warranty Deed, which means that you are guaranteed free and clear title with no encumbrances.

The purchaser will begin ownership with the 2013 week, and will be responsible for the 2013 maintenance fees, which will be due at the close of the sale.

Please note that the pictures you see in this sale are of a "typical" unit. They were supplied by the resort itself or one of the exchange companies. If you need more detailed information please feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to tell you anything we can, however please do so BEFORE you offer. We would hate for you to win the sale only to find out later that there was a question you didn't ask, thus making you back out of the transaction. does not look kindly on buyers who don’t follow thru with their promises, and we follow 's rules on reporting "Non-paying buyers". Please check out their "Three-strikes-and-you're-out" rule as they've gotten pretty strict on enforcing it these days.

Here’s Some Information About the Closing Process

The closing of this transaction will be handled by a professional closing company with many years of experience in the transfer of resale timeshares. They are used by many sellers throughout the Web, many of them are other sellers right here on .Their price for closing is quite reasonable and very competitive. We use this firm and this firm ONLY. Why? Because we've tried several over the years and most have disappointed us (and our customers) in one way or another. This company is fast, thorough, and responsive. And in the rare case that they make an error, they admit it and fix it. Please don’t ask us to close this transaction any other way because we will not be able to accommodate you. The cost to the purchaser will be only $435, and will include document preparation, deed recording, priority mailings, and all county, state, and municipal transfer taxes and recording fees. They will even register the new deed with the resort on behalf of the new owner. Should you like to contact them or have questions for them, they can be reachedToll Free at (800) 370-9336 or direct at (608) 849-6430. You can also email them at note: Although the listing states that this item is available for “pickup only”, this is a defaulted setting in this listing category that cannot be changed. The closing process will be handled via email and the mail system, so you will not need to travel to purchase this for any reason.

Here's a Summary of What Will Be Due at the Close of the sale
Your Winning offer Price plus:Closing Fee: $435 (includes document preparation, transfer taxes, etc.) 2013 Maintenance Fee: $1777
Resort Transfer Fee: $25
Marriott's Right of First Refusal Fee: $95

Purchaser of this Timeshare may choose any of the following payment methods: Cashier's Check, Personal Check, Money Order, Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card)

Would You Like To Finance Your Purchase?
You Can’t Beat Zero Interest!

With as little as a 25% down payment and a small processing fee, you can spread the balance over 1, 2 or 3 full months with No Interest! Financing will be offered to everyone who purchases one of our timeshares, and we do NOT require a credit check. You can finance all costs (excluding the small processing fee). The deed (or ownership documents) will be transferred to your name when the final payment has been made. The terms are simple and easy. If you would like anymore details just email us. Please note, however, credit cards cannot be used for financing.We respectfully ask that the lucky winner of this sale be prepared to make payment for their purchase within seven (7) days of the end of the sale or feel free to take advantage of the financing option offered.

After the close of this sale, the winning buyer will be notified by email with instructions to complete the transaction. If you do not see an instructional email within 48 hours, please be sure to check any “junk mail” or “spam” folders as our email address is often unrecognized by most people’s settings and gets filtered out. If you still do not see it, please contact the closing company immediately at (800) 370-9336 or

Don’t forget!! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email us!

Marriott's Ko Olina Beach Club Hawaii 2-bedroom 5-star Timeshare For Sale:

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