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Rare New Zealand Waitangi Crown - 1935 Proof - Hawaii Estate Find - No Reserve For Sale

Rare New Zealand Waitangi Crown - 1935 Proof - Hawaii Estate Find - No Reserve


WOW! DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS AMAZING sale! This is the very last Waitangi Crown acquired from this Hawaii Estate! The Waitangi Crown of the rarest coins out there, only 1,288 minted!

The coin was sold to us as Proof, but we leave it to you the buyer to decide its condition as-shown. We took two sets of photos for you to judge the coin. Taken with a Nikon Micro NIKKOR 40mm 1:28G Lens, the first set is under normal lighting while the second set is without lighting with a longer exposure. We have offered the best quality we can give with these photos.

Please read below on the incredible history behind this amazing coin!

Additional Information about New Zealand Crown, 1935, Treaty of Waitangi in 1840.
Numismatic specification data and valuation estimates provided by Krause Publications. ZealandSub GeoNot AvailableCoinage TypePound Sterling NumberKM# 6
SubjectTreaty of Waitangi in 1840.Obverse DescriptionCrowned bust leftReverse DescriptionCrown above standing figures shaking handsRuler NameGeorge VGeneral Note364 Proofs issued in sets, 104 issued loose.Diameter (mm.)38.8Fineness0.5Actual Weight (oz.)0.455

  • About Waitangi Crown, 1935 (New Zealand Government Encyclopedia):"The Waitangi Crown, which was issued in 1935, is not strictly a commemorative coin, but the circumstances of its issue means it functions like one. It was struck after the New Zealand Numismatic Society approached the government to suggest a new coin marking the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, New Zealand's founding document, in 1840. The coin was designed by New Zealand artist James Berry and adapted by British artist Percy Metcalfe. It shows Ngāpuhi chief Tāmati Waka Nene and the first governor of New Zealand, William Hobson, shaking hands above the legend 'Waitangi'. Because the issue was limited (1,128 coins were struck)and the government charged more for each coin than their face value, they were purchased as souvenirs and did not circulate. In the 2000s they sold for thousands of dollars."
  • About Waitangi Crown, 1935 (NZ Collection Key Pieces #1):"Over the next few months I will post information to the top 25 issues for a single country collection. The “key” piece to any collection of New Zealand coins is the commemorative crown issued in 1935. With only 1128 pieces struck, of those only 468 being proofs, it is a true rarity.Prior to the coins circulated in 1935 the commerce of New Zealand used a mixture of tokens, Australian and British coins. The commemorative five shilling piece was originally planned to be released in 1933 but delays in the design ment it wasn’t ready until 1935. The crown is made of an alloy which is 50% silver. The Crown weight is approx: 28.28 grams, and the Diameter is 38.61 mm. The design features the signing of the treaty by Maori and Pakeha that has become a cornerstone of New Zealand identity and law. The design is very spartan and indeed quite modern for the time. The Waitangi crown remains elusive for single country collectors and a true South Pacific treasure. If you find one DO NOT CLEAN, instead get in touch with a registered coin expert. In the imperial coinage system (used in New Zealand until 1967) a crown is quarter of a pound = 2 1/2 florins = 5 shillings = 15 groats = 60 pennies = 240 farthings. To keep it simple just think one pound = 20 shillings. One shilling = 12 pence."
  • About Treaty of Waitangi (Wikipedia):"TheTreaty of Waitangi(Māori:Tiriti o Waitangi) is atreatyfirst signed on 6 February 1840 by representatives of theBritish Crownand variousMāorichiefs from theNorth Islandof New Zealand. The Treaty established a BritishGovernor of New Zealand, recognised Māori ownership of their lands and other properties, and gave the Māori the rights ofBritish subjects. The English and Māori versions of the Treaty differed significantly, so there is no consensus as to exactly what was agreed to. From the British point of view, the Treaty gave Britainsovereigntyover New Zealand, and gave the Governor the right to govern the country. Māori believed they ceded to the Crown a right of governance in return for protection, without giving up their authority to manage their own affairs.After the initial signing at Waitangi, copies of the Treaty were taken around New Zealand and over the following months many other chiefs signed. In total there are nine copies of the Treaty of Waitangi including the original signed on 6 February 1840.Around 530 to 540 chiefs, at least 13 of them women, signed the Treaty of Waitangi. Until the 1970s, the Treaty (te tiritiin Māori), was generally regarded as having served its purpose in 1840 New Zealand, and was ignored by the courts andparliamentalike; although it was usually depicted inNew Zealand historyas a generous act on the part of the British Crown, which was at the time at the peak of its history.Māori have looked to the Treaty for rights and remedies for land loss and unequal treatment by the state, with mixed success. From the late 1960s Māori began drawing attention to breaches of the Treaty, and subsequent histories have emphasised problems with its translation.In 1975, theWaitangi Tribunalwas established as a permanent commission of inquiry tasked with researching breaches of the Treaty by the Crown or its agents, and suggesting means of redress. Today it is generally considered thefounding documentof New Zealand as a nation. Despite this, the Treaty is often the subject of heated debate, and much disagreement by both Māori and non-Māori New Zealanders. Many Māori feel that the Crown did not fulfil its obligations under the Treaty, and have presented evidence of this before sittings of the Tribunal. Some non-Māori New Zealanders have suggested that Māori may be abusing the Treaty in order to claim "special privileges".The Crown, in most cases, is not obliged to act on the recommendations of the Tribunal but nonetheless in many instances has accepted that it breached the Treaty and its principles.Settlementsto date have consisted of hundreds of millions of dollars of reparations in cash and assets, as well as apologies. The date of the signing has beena national holiday, now calledWaitangi Day, since 1974."
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Rare New Zealand Waitangi Crown - 1935 Proof - Hawaii Estate Find - No Reserve

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Rare New Zealand Waitangi Crown - 1935 Proof - Hawaii Estate Find - No Reserve:

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