Rare Unusual Antique Vtg Chad Valley Bear "branston" 1920-1923

Rare Unusual Antique Vtg Chad Valley Bear

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Rare Unusual Antique Vtg Chad Valley Bear "branston" 1920-1923:

Branston is a wonderful early Chad Valley bear made between 1920 and 1923. Pre labels and buttons, Branston was made during Chad Valleys experimental period and has a feature I have never seen on a Chad bear before. When he first came to us he was instantly recognizable as an aerolite bear, but the removal of his recovered pads unearthed the most thrilling surprise, he has paw claw stitching!! One can only imagine like the Farnell and Terry bears of the time that Chad Valley must have contemplated having paw claws on their bears, clearly it never caught on but how wonderful that Branston has held on to his, like a missing jigsaw piece of the history of the Chad Valley bear. His feet are also not card lined, much like the early cork filled bears. He is filled with kapok which we know Chad Valley started using in 1920, so although he is very similar to the aerolite bear, he is still evolving. He is a loved bear and has had restoration. I thought rather than trying to explain the repairs he has had I would take you on our journey with Branston, and would like to invite you to scroll down the photographs below.....
(the description continues underneath the sequence of photographs)

Branston moments after his arrival...Can you guess why he got his name!

The discovery of his amazing paw claw stitching!!!

So Branston... what can I do for you?

"Are you quite sure about this procedure, have you done it before?"

"Is it too late to change my mind?"

"Finished already, that feels marvellous!"

"Oh, there you are..I wonder can you help me?, I seem to have mislaid my ear, I lost the other one years ago"

"Oh there it is..."

"Oh dear, are you sure about this"

"Oh, I get it, I am starting to see where you are going with this"

"So, what do you think my chances are of regaining my full hearing?"

"Oh, I say!!!.. I am so thrilled, if only I could...."



"You are spoiling me now, this is so relaxing....one thing...it seems to have got terribly dark in here?.."


"I must say the whole experience was wonderful, I feel better than I have felt in years!"

"Oh, and I love the jacket, it is a bit roomy but wonderful all the same! "

So there we go, I hope you enjoyed seeing our time with Branston! he has had patch repairs to his muzzle, his one ear made into two using matching antique mohair. His mouth and the middle of his nose has been restitched and he has been given some replacement antique glass eyes. His original linen pads have given a little in places (see pic12 main listing pics) and he is missing one of the downward paw claw stitches on his right paw, but nothing is leaking or spilling out. His mohair is sparse in places and he is a very big chap measuring 25 inches long! He has has a kapok filled body and a wood wool filled head.

Overall Branston is wonderful, he is a loved bear but he is a happy ted and is full of character. He is probably not for collectors of perfect bears, but he is a rare old boy and quite a special chap.

If you have any questions I am always happy to answer them, he will sent by recorded delivery. I am afraid international postage will be very expensive due to his large size.

Rare Unusual Antique Vtg Chad Valley Bear "branston" 1920-1923:

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