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Transvestite Bilbrew Nutrix Female Impersonator E-books For Sale

Transvestite Bilbrew Nutrix Female Impersonator E-books

Product #464
two ebooks on CD
first listed, October 2007

Adonis in High Heels, ebook on CD
An Exotique Publication, 1959andLetters from Female Impersonators, Volume 15, ebook on CD
Nutrix, 1964

The content of both ebooks is derived from rare, mid-20th century fetish ephemera.

These products do not depict nudity or sexual activity.

Adonis in High HeelsA digest-sized book from 1959, Adonis in High Heels presents a third-person narrative by “Cynthia.” Diane has a beautiful husband who's penchant for wearing women's clothes is a source of amusement for her. She's aware that Tony has a special relationship with his secretary, Laura. As a surprise, Diane invites Laura to dinner, and she sees her boss en femme for the first time. Many discoveries that night.

The prose details the hair, makeup, undergarments, dresses, hosiery and footwear of the ladies involved. Frequent references to silk, leather, velvet, satin, skyscrapers and jewelry.

Although the physical construction of Adonis repeats the form of other Exotique publications, i. e., color covers and monochrome interior, the content of Adonis includes an unusual mix of themes. Although the short story has an obvious transvestite orientation, from its title to the last word, the book's other feature is a 16-picture album of Gene Bilbrew (“Eneg”) illustrations. While these show fierce females in sexy costumes, the pictures do not depict transvestitism. Most of the characters wear high-heeled boots, some with equestrian accessories such as spurs or riding crops. I have not seen most of the set anywhere else, which makes the material important for Bilbrew fans, including those who may not have an interest in the transvestite focus of the story. Of the six other pictures from Mr. Bilbrew, one or two reflect a T-V scene. One photo of Tana Louise.

As the original booklet is half text and half pictures, the ebook format is a hybrid that integrates the two in a single volume. Each page of text is positioned on its own ebook page. Larger than those of previous volumes, the ebook pages are proportioned to fill the screen. All of the the album pictures are optimized, with a complete image at one end of the rectangle and enlarged details, such as high heels or corsets, beside it or on the following page. Every word and picture of the original is included in the ebook.

Letters from Female Impersonators, Volume 15This Nutrix, digest-sized booklet contains letters from individuals who enjoy dressing as women at home. One or two aspire to become female impersonators.

Despite their amateur status, these people have developed impressive skill at crafting an image of femininity, as shown in the photos they sent to the Nutrix Company. Some write about their aspirations of presenting themselves as women in public while others go to the theater or parties in dresses and heels.

Letters tell about early experiences with women's dress, memorable events, and how they developed their current lifestyle. Several correspondents provide an inventory of dresses, shoes, undergarments and almost all discuss their wigs.

Each photo and page of text has been placed on a separate ebook page. The tonality of photos has been adjusted, some have been rotated and enlarged, and specks have been retouched. These enhancements improve the appearance of the images. The ebook contains every word and picture of the original, including two pages of ads.

These are the 122nd and 123rd ebooks we have listed on .

Pages were scanned at 600 dpi and the resolution subsequently reduced to 155 dpi. I adjusted the tonality of the photographs and illustrations slightly and cleaned up blemishes.

The scans were assembled as a book in a publishing program. Then, the file was exported to Acrobat .pdf format. Acrobat files are opened in Acrobat Reader, available without charge for both PC and MAC platforms at You can run an image viewer or video program at the same time you flip through the pages of an ebook in Acrobat Reader. Reader allows zooming and rotation. If you prefer paper pages to desktop images, Acrobat allows you to print .pdf pages.


Delivery of the CD is by mail. Whenmultiple ebooks are purchased, all ebooks will be sent on a single CD or DVD, ready for viewing on your PC or MAC.

If you have questions about shipping, please see the "about ME" page and contact mebefore making your purchase.

Ebook buyers from Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Japan, Sweden, Germany, Norway, South Korea, Hong Kong, Switzerland, New Zealand, Russian Federation, France, Denmark, Ireland, Czech Republic, Greece, Malaysia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Venezuela, the Netherlands, the US and the UK have left positive response.

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The content of Adonis in High Heels and Letters from Female Impersonators, Volume 15, is in the public domain. The scans of the pages and the ebook design are the property of the seller. All rights reserved.

The purchase of these ebooks or any ebook in this series does not include resale rights.

© 2007 30th Street Graphics
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Transvestite Bilbrew Nutrix Female Impersonator E-books

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