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Unlocked Linksys Spa3000 Sip Voip Fxs Fxo Phone Adapter For Sale

Unlocked Linksys Spa3000 Sip Voip Fxs Fxo Phone Adapter


Condition: 100% brand New

Linksys - Sipura SPA-3000 Analog Adapter
Ports: 1 FXS + 1 FXO + 1 Ethernet
Supported Protocols: SIP

Product Description:

Micro-Density PSTN Gateway + ATA Combo SolutionThe SPA-3000 continues to deliver on Sipura Technologys mission to provide market leading, best-in-class VoIP end points providing freedom and opportunity to service providers and end users. The SPA-3000 features VoIP adapter functionality found in the SPA-2000 and SPA-1000/1 with the additional benefit of an integral connection for legacy telephone network hop-on, hop-off applications. SPA-3000 users will be able to leverage their broadband phone service connections more than ever by automatically routing local calls from cell phones and land lines to a VoIP service provider and vice versa. A typical user calling from a land line or mobile phone will be able to reduce and even eliminate international and long distance telephone charges by first calling their SPA-3000 via a local phone number or by using a telephone connected directly to the unit. The advanced authentication and call routing intel-ligence programmed into the SPA-3000 will connect the caller via the Internet to the far end destination with security and ease. Using the SPA-3000 at the far end, calls can be answered immediately or further processed as a local call to any legacy land line or mobile phone allowed by the SPA-3000 dial plan.If power and/or IP network connectivity is lost to the unit or the VoIP service is down, calls can be sent to a traditional carrier via the FXO interface.

SPA-3000 Telephony Features:

  • VoIP to PSTN (USA) Service Call Origination and Termination
  • PSTN (USA) to VoIP Service Call Origination and Termination
  • Single or Dual Stage Dialing
  • Service Authentication via PIN, Digest, Caller ID (Bellcore Type 1)
  • Per Call Authentication and Associated Routing
  • Least Cost Routing Support
  • Terminating Impedance Agnostic - 8 Configurable Settings
  • Call Waiting, Cancel Call Waiting
  • Caller ID Detection (Bellcore Type 1)
  • Caller ID with Name/Number (Multinational Varients) Display
  • Caller ID Blocking
  • Call Waiting Caller ID with Name/Number
  • Call Forwarding to PSTN or VoIP Service: No Answer/Busy/All
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Call Transfer
  • Three-Way Conference Calling with Local Mixing
  • Message Waiting Indication - Visual and Tone Based
  • Call Return and Call Back on Busy
  • Call Blocking with Toll Restriction
  • Distinctive Ringing
  • Off-Hook Warning Tone
  • Selective/Anonymous Call Rejection
  • Hot Line and Warm Line Calling
  • Speed Dialing of 8 Numbers/Addresses
  • Music on Hold
  • Forward Calls to VoIP service - Selective, Authenticated, All
  • Forward Calls to PSTN service - Selective, Authenticated, All
  • PSTN Line Sharing with Multiple Extensions
  • Automatic PSTN Fallback (Loss of Power or IP Service to Unit - with Quiescence to Normal Operations)
  • Advanced Inbound and Outbound Call Routing
  • Single Stage and Two Stage Dialing
  • Independent Configurable Dial Plans - Up to 8
  • Force PSTN Disconnection
  • Sequential Dialing Support
    VoIP to PSTN Authentication and Routing:
    • VoIP to PSTN Gateway Enable/Disable
    • VoIP Caller Auth Method (None, PIN, HTTP Digest)
    • VoIP PIN Max Retry Setting
    • One Stage Dialing Enable/Disable
    • VoIP Caller ID Pattern Matching
    • VoIP Access Allowed Caller List (No Further Authentication)
    • VoIP Caller PIN and Associated Dial Plan

    PSTN to VoIP Authentication and Features

    • PSTN to VoIP Gateway Enable/Disable
    • Caller Auth Method: None, PIN, Caller ID
    • Ring Through to FXS Enable/Disable
    • Ring Through Tone - Configurable
    • Caller ID (Bellcore 1) for VoIP Service Access
    • Caller ID Enable/Disable
    • PIN Max Retry Settings
    • Access Allowed Caller List (No Further Authentication)
    • Caller PIN and Associated Dial Plan
    • Least Cost Routing (via Outbound VoIP - Line1 Dial Plan)

    FXO Behavior
    • VoIP Answer Delay Timer
    • PSTN Answer Delay Timer
    • VoIP PIN Digit Time-Out Timer
    • PSTN PIN Digit Time-Out Timer
    • PSTN-to-VoIP Call Max Dur Timer
    • VoIP-to PSTN Call Max Dur Timer
    • PSTN Ring Through Delay Timer
    • PSTN Dialing Delay Timer
    • VoIP DIG Refresh Interval Timer
    • PSTN Ring Time-out Timer

    PSTN Disconnection Detection
    • CPC (Removal of Tip/Ring Voltage Momentarily)
    • Polarity Reversal
    • Long Silence (Confugrable Time Setting)
    • Disconnect Tone (e.g. Reorder Tone)
    • FXO Port Impedance - Configurable to 16 settings
    • Ring Frequency - Configurable
    • SPA to PSTN and PSTN to SPA Gain Settings
    • Ring Frequency - Maximum Setting
    • Ring Validation Time Setting
    • Tip/Ring Voltage Adjustment Setting
    • Ring Indication Delay Setting
    • Operational Loop Current Minimum Value
    • Ring Time-out Setting
    • On-Hook Speed Setting
    • Ringer Impedance Setting
    • Line-in-Use Voltage Setting

    Regulatory Compliance
    • FCC (Part 15 Class B and Part 68) , CE , ICES-003
    • Password Protected System Reset to Factory Default
    • Password Protected Admin and User Access Authority
    • HTTP Digest - Encrypted Authentication via MD5 (RFC 1321)
    • Up to 256-bit AES Encryption

    • Quick-Start Installation and Configuration Guide
    • User Guide
    • Administration Guide - Service Providers Only
    • Provisioning Guide - Service Providers Only

    Data Networking
    • MAC Address (IEEE 802.3)
    • IPv4 - Internet Protocol v4 (RFC 791) upgradeable to v6 (RFC 1883)
    • ARP - Address Resolution Protocol
    • DNS - A Record (RFC 1706), SRV Record (RFC 2782)
    • DHCP Client - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (RFC 2131)
    • ICMP - Internet Control Message Protocol (RFC792)
    • TCP - Transmission Control Protocol (RFC793)
    • UDP - User Datagram Protocol (RFC768)
    • RTP - Real Time Protocol (RFC 1889) (RFC 1890)
    • RTCP - Real Time Control Protocol (RFC 1889)
    • DiffServ (RFC 2475), Type of Service - TOS (RFC 791/1349)
    • SNTP - Simple Network Time Protocol (RFC 2030)
    Voice Gateway
    • SIPv2: Session Initiation Protocol v2 (RFC 3261, 3262, 3263, 3264)
    • SIP Proxy Redundancy - Dynamic via DNS SRV, A Records
    • Re-registration with Primary SIP Proxy Server
    • SIP Support in Network Address Translation Networks - NAT (incl. STUN)
    • Secure (Encrypted) Calling via Pre-Standard Implementation of Secure RTP
    • Codec Name Assignment

    Voice Algorithms
    • G.711 (A-law and μ-law),
    • G.726 (16/24/32/40 kbps),
    • G.729 A,
    • G.723.1 (6.3 kbps, 5.3 kbps)
    • Dynamic Payload
    • Adjustable Audio Frames per Packet

    Fax Capability
    • Fax Tone Detection and Pass-Through (Using .711)
    • DTMF: In-band & Out-of-band (RFC 2833) (SIP Info)
    • Flexible Dial Plan Support with Interdigit Timers and IP Dialing
    • Call Progress Tone Generation
    • Jitter Buffer - Adaptive
    • Frame Loss Concealment
    • Full Duplex Audio
    • Echo Cancellation (G.165/G.168)
    • VAD - Voice Activity Detection with Silence Suppression
    • Attenuation / Gain Adjustments
    • Flash Hook Timer
    • MWI - Message Waiting Indicator Tones
    • VMWI - Visual Message Waiting Indicator via FSK
    • Polarity Control
    • Hook Flash Event Signaling
    • Caller ID Generation (Name & Number) - Bellcore, DTMF, ETSI
    • Music on Hold Client
    • Streaming Audio Server - up to 10 sessions

    Provisioning, Administration & Maintenance:
    • Web Browser Administration & Configuration via Integrated Web Server
    • Telephone Key Pad Configuration with Interactive Voice Prompts
    • Automated Provisioning & Upgrade via HTTPS, HTTP, TFTP
    • Asynchronous Notification of Upgrade Availability via SIP NOTIFY
    • Non-intrusive, In-Service Upgrades
    • Report Generation & Event Logging
    • Stats in BYE Message
    • Syslog & Debug Server Records - Per Line Configurable

    Physical Interfaces:
    • 1 10baseT RJ-45 Ethernet Port (IEEE 802.3)
    • 1 RJ-11 FXS Phone Ports - For Analog Circuit Telephone Device (Tip/Ring)
    • 1 RJ-11 FXO Phone Ports - For a Telco or PBX Connection

    FXS: Subscriber Line Interface Circuit (SLIC):
    • Ring Voltage: 40-55 VRMS Configurable l*
    • Ring Frequency: 10 Hz - 40 Hz l*
    • Ring Waveform: Trapezoidal and Sinusoida l*
    • Maximum Ringer Load: 3 REN
    • On-hook/off-hook Characteristics:
    • On-hook voltage (tip/ring): -50 V NOMINAL
    • Off-hook current: 25 mA min
    • Terminating Impedance: 8 Configurable Settings including
    • North America 600 ohms, European CTR21

    Power Supply:
    • DC Input Voltage: +5 VDC at 2.0 A Max.
    • Power Consumption: 5 Watts
    • Switching Type (100-240v) Automatic
    • Power Adapter: 100-240v - 50-60Hz (26-34VA) AC Input, 1.8m cord

    Indicator Lights/LED:
    • LAN Activity/Link LED, Status LED (In-Use, Povisioning, Idle, Alert)

    SPA Model Service Lines Active Calls 3-Way Conferences FXO Ports SPA-1001 2 2 1 0 SPA-2002 2 4 2 0 SPA-2100 2 4 2 0 SPA-3000 2 3 1 1

    The SPA-2100 supports up to 2 sessions using G.729. The SPA-1001, SPA-2002 and SPA-3000 support one G.729 session.

  • Package Contents
    • 1 - SPA3000 Phone Adapter Unit
    • 1 - 5v Power Adapter
    • 1 - RJ45 Ethernet Cable
    • 1 - RJ11 Telephone Cable
    • Dimensions: 4.05 x 1.1. x 3.75 in (102.87 x 27.94 x 95.25 mm) W x H x D
      Unit Weight: 2.15 lb (0.975 kg)

  • International Buyers Note:
    1) Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer ' s responsibility.
    2) Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to offerding/buying.
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  • We will ship the item to the Paypal shipping address. .You can leave us a note on the paypal payment or email us asap once you want to change the shipping address.
  • The shipping fee includes not only the actual shipping cost, but also the fee to cover inventory management, labor, logistic, warehousing, sales and marketing related costs. Since the item will be shipped from the manufacture directly,.
  • No shipping on weekend and public holidays.
  • Normally Shipping service: pls contact us if you can't buy it.
  • Shipping Country Shipping Method Shipping Fee Shipping Time

    United States,Canada,United Kingdom,Australia, Germany,Hong Kong,South Korea,Japan,etc

    Hong Kong Post air mail unchanging The average is 15-20 business days. Only Hong Kong Post registered mail shipping fee +USD$3 The average is 30 business days we can also offer EMS,UPS,DHL,FEDEX contact us 2-10 business days
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    Unlocked Linksys Spa3000 Sip Voip Fxs Fxo Phone Adapter

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