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Yorkie Tales Yorkshire Terrier Dog Magazine '89 Puppy Hopefuls Issue Specialties For Sale

Yorkie Tales Yorkshire Terrier Dog Magazine '89 Puppy Hopefuls Issue Specialties

This is the February-March 1989 (vol.9, no.6) issue of the magazine "Yorkie Tales", about Yorkshire Terrier dogs. It measures 8 1/4 by 10 3/4 inches, and it has 40 pages. It is chock full of photos and ads featuring Yorkies. The front cover features Ch. Hydcroft Thousands Cheer, with a color photo (all other photos are black & white). Features include show statistics, new title-holders, a letters column, report on YTCA Mid-west specialty, report on the YTC of Oklahoma City specialty, puppy care, worms and puppies, coccidiosis, & a cute poem. Kennels advertising in this issue include Glendening, Nikko (2 pages), Luv'N'Stuff (2 pages), Altratam (3 pages), Dimicris, Sunrise (2 pages), Bejaze (3 pages), Moonshadow Enterprises, Dot's, Goodpuppy (2 pages), Harlequin, Marchwyn, Penny Lane, Showoff, & Dynasty. The magazine is in very good condition. Great for pedigree research, art reference, or just bedside reading! Check out my other sales for more dog stuff, too!Postage is free in the U.S., $8.00 to Canada and Mexico, and $11.00 elsewhere, but I do combine shipments to save you postage, so if you win more than one sale let me know before you pay so I can invoice with the lower postage. Thanks for looking, and if you have any questions, just ask!

THE FINE PRINT (in big print):

You don't have to read this if you don't want to, but if you have any questions about me and my policies, check here first!

First, the good things about buying from me:

I am honest, and I am nice. I believe strongly in customer service, and if you have a problem I will do my best to fix it. I am a small (one-person) business and can give you personal, friendly attention. I'll almost always answer you in a timely fashion if you have questions about anything I'm selling. I do make mistakes on occasion, but not often, and when I do you won't have to suffer for them.

I always give you as complete a description as I can of the items I am selling, so you'll know exactly what you're offerding on. In my areas of expertise I am very knowledgeable. I'm a collector as well, and I love the stuff I sell. When I sell things that are outside my areas of expertise I won't make stuff up; I'll just tell you I don't know. I'm also an artist, and I have a good eye; if I gush about something it's worth gushing about, and if I say it's ugly, then it is. I generally don't sell things I don't like, and when I do I sell them cheap.

My house is smoke-free, and always has been. Most of what I sell, however, isn't new, but if something smells of smoke that fact will be in the description.

I pack really well. Items are bagged in plastic so that even if the package gets soaked, your purchase won't, and I put a second address inside the package, so if the outer casing somehow gets lost your purchase will still have a good chance of reaching you. Softcover books and magazines are mailed with a cardboard backer. Figurines are properly protected.

I do my best to keep your postage costs down. I try to get as close as possible to what it will actually cost me to mail out the item, and if you buy multiple items I will combine shipping to give you the best deal I can. I don't charge a handling fee, but sometimes what I charge for postage is a little higher than the actual cost of postage, depending on where the item is being sent. More often it is a little lower. I do round up and down, so I'll charge $2.50 for something that will cost me $2.47 or $2.66 to mail, for instance. Rarely will your postage cost be more than a dollar over what it costs to mail your package, and if I really miscalculate and the difference is a few dollars or more I'll refund you the difference.

Next, the things that are possibly not so good about buying from me:

Not surprisingly from the sort of things I sell, I live in a pet-intensive household. The pets don't climb and lounge all over the merchandise, but they are there, and some of them are pretty furry (we refer to Siberian Husky fur as a condiment around here...). Your package may well include a few stray hairs as a free bonus.

My sister is battling stage 4 cancer, and I'm helping, so I'm often away from home for several days at a time, occasionally unexpectedly. This is why I have listed my handling time for your package as 10 days, to cover any such absences. When I am home I typically send out packages within 2 days of payment, and often the next day, but I can't guarantee that. If I'm out of town it may be several days before I can get home to mail your package out. At such times I usually do have access to a computer, and will try to e-mail to let people know. I try to time sales so they will end when I'll be at home, but that isn't always possible. So MOST of the time your package will be mailed out no more than a couple of days after you pay, but occasionally it will take longer.

Who I am:

I'm Heather. I've had Siberian Huskies since 1974, and have been active in conformation, obedience, dogsledding, breed rescue, and historical research. I'm without Siberians now for the first time in 38 years, but I intend to change that as soon as the situation allows (with my sister sick and me therefore away from home so much it's not the right time to get a puppy). The other resident critters are 2 cats (Valourie and Strategem), 1 Soay sheep (Fenn), and 3 Guinea fowl (Lavande, Kohl, and The Mad Midnight Quarker What Quarks At Midnight). This does not count all the freeloader mice we DON'T want, or the very handsome huge black snake we've named GQ who hangs around the property and has occasionally been sighted in the house. I also love horses, and lived on Chincoteague Island for 10 years. I trail ride on "Colby" a friend's Tennessee Walker. A few years ago we took the horses and went on a camping trip to Yellowstone National Park, on the way riding in the Badlands, Bighorn National Forest, the Black Hills, and the Grand Tetons; if you ever get to do this, do not hesitate! I've been collecting dog books pretty much all my life, which grew eventually into this business, Best Beloved Books. I specialize in out-of-print dog and horse books and magazines, books on animals in art, and other things that interest me (wolves & wild canids, other animals, arts and crafts, costume, history, Gypsies, & Sherlock Holmes, to name a few). Thanks for checking out my style="margin-bottom: 0in;">

Yorkie Tales Yorkshire Terrier Dog Magazine '89 Puppy Hopefuls Issue Specialties

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Yorkie Tales Yorkshire Terrier Dog Magazine '89 Puppy Hopefuls Issue Specialties:

Yorkies In Europe Yorkshire Terrier Dressed Dog Book Great Gift Idea picture
Yorkies In Europe Yorkshire Terrier Dressed Dog Book Great Gift Idea

Yorkie Enameled Jewel Box & Matching Necklace #62522 picture
Yorkie Enameled Jewel Box & Matching Necklace #62522

Yorkie Enameled Jewel Box & Matching Necklace   62264 picture
Yorkie Enameled Jewel Box & Matching Necklace 62264

Yorkie Enameled Jewel Box & Necklace #3361 picture
Yorkie Enameled Jewel Box & Necklace #3361

Danbury Mint Yorkie Figurine
Danbury Mint Yorkie Figurine "playmate Wanted"

Yorkshire Terrier Dog Dogs Linda Picken Retired Christmas Stocking New W/tags picture
Yorkshire Terrier Dog Dogs Linda Picken Retired Christmas Stocking New W/tags

Rare #807  Realistic To Life 9
Rare #807 Realistic To Life 9" Universal Statuary Yorkshire Terrier Dog Statue

2 Large Yorkshire Terrier Coffee Mugs picture
2 Large Yorkshire Terrier Coffee Mugs

Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie Pair Etched Cobalt Blue Stemmed Goblets picture
Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie Pair Etched Cobalt Blue Stemmed Goblets

I Love My Yorkie - Wall Plaque - 9-1/2
I Love My Yorkie - Wall Plaque - 9-1/2" - Faux Stone - Built In Hanger - 3-d