New Lighted Gingerbread Snowman Pair, Faux Pas, Union Prod. Holiday Blow Molds

New Lighted Gingerbread Snowman Pair, Faux Pas, Union Prod. Holiday Blow Molds

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New Lighted Gingerbread Snowman Pair, Faux Pas, Union Prod. Holiday Blow Molds:

This Half-Baked Idea is sure to spread some Cheer to all Your Neighbors Far and Near. Decorated with a Licorice Smile, Guests alike will like Your Style! Need a little indoor Holiday Flair? No worries, You can grab a Snowman Pair here. Need more than 2 for Your Decorating Plan? Check to see if we have more on Hand. Please inquire within. From Non-Smoking / Pet-Free, Clean & Dry Environment.

NEW, Gingerbread Snowman Pair Faux Pas. **NOTE: GINGERBREAD SNOWMAN WITH BLACK HAT HAS A SECTION OF RUBBED OFF PAINT ON HAT. THIS IS HOW FIGURE WAS RECEIVED. SEE PHOTOS. We have taken this faux pas into consideration when pricing.** Never Used. Never Installed. This sweet Holiday Blow Mold Snowman Pair is White in color, and adorned with Two Black circles for Eyes; One Black circle for the Nose; Five Black circles for the Mouth; and Five Black circles for Buttons vertically placed in the center of the Chest. One White Gingerbread Snowman boasts a Red Hat, while the Other is wearing a Black Hat. These beloved Figures are Retired, Vintage 1990s, Rare, and Hard-to-Find. These Snowman Blow Mold Characters can Stand. Just Weight with Sand to keep strong winds from toppling them over. They can even hang too (using the Keyhole Cutout on back)! Drain any Sand used for Stabilization by removing plug on bottom of each Figure. UL Rated for Indoor & Outdoor use. Made in the USA. These Charming Blow Mold Characters, designed by the late Don Featherstone of Union Products, are constructed of durable, weather-resistant molded plastic that should last for years to come. Each Gingerbread Snowman Figure measures approximately 25-inches Tall by 14-inches Wide (at widest point) by 5-inches Deep (front to back). Additionally, each Gingerbread Snowman illuminates using the included C7-Bulb Cord Set. Ships Oversized.

BLOW MOLD DISCLAIMER: These Blow Mold Decorations were factory mass produced.

Opaque Items: Opaque colored Items are generally mass produced using dyed, colored plastic resin pellets that are melted and poured into molds to create Figures. Basically, all Blow Mold Figures may or may not contain inconsistent surfaces due to resin pellets not melting evenly or containing too many melted resin pellets in an area. So We've been told, 'This is a normal characteristic of the blow Mold Figures manufacturing process'. Note We have no part in this process and bear no responsibility. These products are usually opaque in nature and not painted. However, some Figures may contain paint for Eyes and other Accents. In addition, Opaque Color Shades may slightly differ if not from same dye-lot.

Painted Items: Mass-produced Painted Items are generally painted using spray guns. If familiar with Blow Molds, you probably already know, Blow Mold Decorations may not contain flawless paint jobs nor finishes. Moreover, paint jobs may or may not contain scratches, nicks, missing paint, slight oversprays, and speckles/dots from other paints used which can occur during the manufacturing paint process. Usually unnoticeable from Displays and Afar.

Removing Figures From Their Mold: These Blow Mold Figures may or may not contain Sharp/Rough edges, Jagged edges, Crushing, Sharp Plastic Shreds, Exaggerated Weep Holes, Cracks-Splits-Excess Plastic, Etc., around Holes or where Blow Mold was broken away from the Mold; All of which would be described in our Listing if present. Please exercise caution when having fingers in those areas. We are not responsible for any of the aforementioned Flaws that may be present due to the Manufacturer not taking care when removing figures from molds; Nor are We responsible for any scratched paint which also is common from the Manufacturer not taking care to pack/protect items for the rigorous Shipping Networks. As a result, Blow Mold Figures typically experience scratched paint on painted surfaces, scuffs on died color-matched surfaces, crushing from Carriers dropping cartons, etc., which we have no control over but if present, We would indicate any Flaws in the Listing. Just know, We will Pack & Protect the Blow Mold Figures we ship to the best of Our ability.

Drilled Holes: All Blow Mold Figures may or may not contain holes that are all perfect circles. CAUTION - This is not a toy! Some rough/sharp edges may be present around any areas where holes were drilled by machines. Some Drilled Holes may also contain sharp plastic burrs.

Candles: Candles may Occasionally contain Flames that have an oddly rounded shape or fit too loose in the hole. It has been suggested to use color-matched Waterproof Tape around the rim of the Flame to make Flame fit tighter in the hole. Such Tape can be found at a Home Improvement Store. Some Candle Flames may sit snugly in the hole at a slight slant while others may be fine. This is a result of the Manufacturing Process as well.

Manufacturer Labels: LABELS are placed on Items by the Manufacturer. From time to time, Manufacturers will print incorrect sizes on their Labels, and a simple measurement of the Item will give the correct size. Note, We measure all Items so Our measurements are accurate in Our Listings. Occasionally, Labels fall off and become lost due to age and adhesive drying out, causing Label to lose the adhesive ability to stick.

Summary: Mentioned above are typical manufacturing Characteristics of the Blow Mold Figures. Additionally, due to Manufacturers shipping their Blow Molds with inadequate protection / padding, Dings/Dents to Blow Molds and/or Scratches, Scuffs, Knicks, Chips, and Missing Paint to the Figures' paint finishes do occur as they rub/bang/jiggle/shake and press against one another in cartons while traveling through the rigorous shipping networks. This is why We Wrap/Protect Items, and reinforce Our cartons, to preserve the condition in which We received the Items.

After reading the Disclaimer above, we hope you have taken the opportunity to enlarge photographs to carefully view all details. Scratches/nicks/overspray/etc., may or may not be present and we would want you to see all characteristics of Items you have selected before purchasing, to ensure Items meet your satisfaction. We have a No Returns Policy. Please also read our Policy to avoid any misunderstandings.

Listing Price $379 USD.Item(s) non-Returnable, as we have a No Returns policy.

NOTE, We are open to all conversations pertaining to Orders. Send Us your Best REASONABLE* Offer! We seriously consider every REASONABLE* Offer We receive as long as it makes sense. *Offers that are at Half-Price and Ridiculously Low WILL NOT get a response; So, please be mindful when submitting Offers to Us. In addition to the price of the item, there are costs to also consider such as, Packaging Materials to protect items during shipping, Boxes/Cartons, Stickers/Labels, Fuel, Shipping/Handling, and associated Fees/Charges to sell/ship these items. Everyone enjoys a little humor once in a while, but please do not waste your time nor Ours, withhold the humor, and ONLY send SERIOUS Offers. Thank you.

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Ships within the 48 Contiguous States in USA, thru USPS. Although We utilize USPS as Our primary Shipper, other Carriers such as FedEx, UPS, or Freight, may be used in some circumstances. All Orders ship with Insurance, Signature, and Tracking included; Some Restrictions may apply with Higher-End Items. Ships to Alaska, Hawaii, and some US Territories via USPS. Ships Internationally to some Countries through ’s Global Shipping Program, when available; and We may also ship to other Countries via International Carriers. Buyers outside of the US, please contact Us PRIOR to Ordering to see if We ship to Your NOTICE —


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We make every effort to provide excellent Customer Service to ensure every potential Buyer has a trouble-free shopping experience. We require all Buyers to pay for items they commit to purchase. Please ensure all questions regarding items You intend to purchase have been answered to Your satisfaction, You fully understand all information read, and You are sure of Your purchase BEFORE clicking any button to place an Order. Please also ensure you have examined all photographs provided, enlarging all images as necessary.


Although we strive to describe all items accurately (to the best of our ability) and hope not to include information that may confuse or misrepresent any item, occasionally online, Links may become corrupted, broken, and inoperable; Photographs may become displayed with incorrect item descriptions or disappear altogether; Updates may revert to old information; Incorrect shipping amounts may be generated; Etc. Nonetheless, We reserve the right to update and/or correct discrepancies, errors, and omissions in listing descriptions, general verbiage, pricing and/or photographic representation, as soon as any of the aforementioned issues become known to Us. We also reserve the right to cancel any Order(s) derived from such erroneous information; and will not be obligated to ship such erroneous order(s).


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We recommend You inspect Your Order on same day of delivery, to meet the 11:59 PM, same-day Deadline to notify Us of any problems You may have had with Your delivery and/or item(s).


If Your shipment arrives damaged, take photographs of the damage, in the presence of the Carrier, while focusing on holes, rips, breaks, tears, severe dents, severe dings, and a shot of the entire damaged packaging along with shipping address label from Us to prove it’s the package (and carton) We shipped to You. Next, REFUSE the shipment and have the Carrier return shipment to Us. Note, DO NOT let Carrier carry damaged package(s) away BEFORE You take photographs, as this very important step would put Your Claim at risk of being delayed or denied. Finally, contact Us , submit a summary of what happened, include the photographs You took of all damages including entire package with shipping address label, and We will start the Claims process. Note, no decisions will be rendered until We receive the returned package/merchandise. After inspection of the returned damaged package(s)/merchandise, any and all missing items and items with missing parts will be totaled and deducted from any Refund amount until it is determined who took the missing items. If the Carrier lost the items, they will be responsible for the reimbursement. If the Carrier can prove they did not lose the items, the Buyer will be responsible for the missing items and no reimbursement will be forthcoming to Buyer, as we have a no-returns policy. In an occurrence where item(s) is set to be damaged out, some may feel inclined to take some items/pieces, etc., but doing that will compromise any return, refund or exchange. Attention to Buyers, in a discrepancy, have the Carrier take package with them rather than leaving package in your home. If items were lost on their watch, you may be held responsible.


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New Lighted Gingerbread Snowman Pair, Faux Pas, Union Prod. Holiday Blow Molds:

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