Halloween Haunt Hocus Pocus complete projection show, created by an Imagineer

 Halloween Haunt Hocus Pocus complete projection show, created by an Imagineer

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 Halloween Haunt Hocus Pocus complete projection show, created by an Imagineer :

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Amazing Hocus Pocus Projection show and full Set created by a former Disney Imagineer!

Would you like a Disney park quality show and set up in your yard or haunt next year to wow your neighbors, trick or treaters or customers? We spent months on our homage to Hocus Pocus so you don't have to! Hocus Pocus is one the most popular classics, and with Hocus Pocus 3 already announced, it's sure to be a big hit year after year!

Utilizing face projection (Think Madam Leota and singing busts in the haunted mansion) this 13.5 Minute Show of original content contains witty dialogue, the song from the first movie “I put a spell on you” a new scary spell cast by the sisters, and plenty of magic. Three talented actresses recreate the roles of Winifred, Sarah and Mary Sanderson. Our”Winifred” even recorded “I put a spell on you” in her recording studio. The witches interact with Billy Butcherson, and Binx (the cat) via a second projector, rear projecting the full characters with a transparent hologram effect. A Third projector provides the background with ever changing moon, and lightening strikes to match the other media.

You may have seen our other set ups of Beetlejuice, and Coco, both of which were sold to very satisfied Halloween Forum members!


Video: You will receive all three pieces of video content.

Witches/Binx and Billy/Background. The rich sound design, full of John Debney’s fantastic score, and amazing sound effects. Designed for 6 audio channels, the tracks (all timed the same) can be combined/paired down in any way you wish.

All three witch figures were mounted onto a steel armature to make the allusion they were floating, on their broom, mop and vacuum. Their faces were sculpted and painted specifically for our media projection. The faces/limbs/hands wigs, and richly detailed and layered costumes (down to their shoes) were very painstakingly invisible black light painted to make them appear to turn to stone in the finale.

The book was custom made of leather (YES leather) but sealed very thoroughly for outside use) with hand sculpted “metal” details, but most of all, with an eye that opens, and closes and looks around when triggered. Really the over all winner with the crowds.

The black flame candle, with glittery (yes black) moving flame and added LEDS inside to insure the it was the center of attention.

A custom made 36” fiberglass cauldron, with claw and ball legs, and cat handles. Contains 36 industrial humidifiers, in a smaller contained reservoir to make tons of fog. Integrated underwater RGB lighting to create whatever lighting fits your scene. Complete with float valve, hidden 1/4” water tube, and hidden drain (hidden inside the fire/embers below)

Flickering fiery embers, designed and built to sit under the cauldron, and also hide the drain.

A custom gothic bookstand we built to display our book was at the center of our scene. Designed to hide and house the face projector, it also hid a speaker, a black light, a laser star projector, and even more. It has integrated rgb lighting to uplight the book and set dressing any spooky color you’d like.

We created a 17’ x 12’ portal of plywood cut out branches, to frame a rear projection screen. We also added lots of dead branches on top. Our plywood was attached to an existing metal frame, but the intricately cut out branches, scenic painted with metallics are included. Unfortunately the dead branches were not sustainable and would not last or travel.

Also included is an 10’ x 8’ plywood frame with branches cut out, with atmosfx hollusion material already attached to create a stunning rear projection effect for Binx and Billy.

**Please note, any of the projectors, lighting equipment, speakers, any part of the graveyard elements, or any other items not mentioned are NOT included.

Happy to provide more specifics, and more photos to interested parties. (Please see my listing in General Halloween with more photos, and the YouTube playlist linked at the top for more details.) We are in Southern California, and we can not provide delivery.

*We are not affiliated with Disney, and obtain no rights to Hocus Pocus, this was simply an homage we’d like to recoup our costs from. Thanks for looking!

 Halloween Haunt Hocus Pocus complete projection show, created by an Imagineer :

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