International Day of Democracy Activities for Kids

greek art

September 15th marks International Day of Democracy. Even though this may not exactly be a top “day” that you think about celebrating with your child, it does provide an excellent educational opportunity. The idea of a democracy has historical roots in ancient Greece. Start there and try this ancient activity that helps to teach your young child all about how democracy came to be.

Research the Ancient Greeks

Head to the local library and check out a few non-fiction books that feature the ancient Greeks and their democracy. Books such as “Ancient Greece: Birthplace of Democracy” by Kim Covert, “The Greeks Pop-Up: A Pop-Up Book to make Yourself” by Pam Mara and “The Greeks: Leaders in Democracy” by Katherine E. Reece can all help your child to learn about democracy and this ancient civilization. You can also help your child do some online research as well.

Act It Out

Whether you start with a story from a book or make up your own play, acting out a scene that represents democracy in ancient Greece can help your child to better understand the concepts at hand. Dress up in togas made from bed sheets and become characters that are straight out of history.

Draw Democracy

After researching the concepts at hand, have your child draw a history-based picture of what she thinks democracy in ancient Greece looked like. Use crayons, markers or colored pencils to create a dramatic democratic depiction.