New Year’s Day Family Brunch Ideas


How are you celebrating New Year’s Day? If you have a family brunch planned, don’t let yourself get stuck in the kitchen all morning long. Enlist the help of your kids and create a menu that they can whip up too! While young children can’t use the stove or the oven, they can help with measuring, mixing, decorating and even some of the menu planning.

If you’re not sure what items to add to your holiday brunch menu, consider these tasty (and easy to make) picks.

Egg Sandwiches

You can handle making the eggs and the kiddos can out them together into super-sized sandwiches. Serve a New Year’s treat on crusty Italian bread, a baguette, bagels or your family’s other favorite choice. Give the kids plenty of extras to add in. Include lettuce (several different types), sliced tomatoes, cheese, sliced peppers, chopped onions and anything else your family enjoys.

Fancy Oatmeal

Dress up this breakfast treat with fruit, cinnamon and sugar, other spices, raisins, dried tropical fruit or chocolate chips. Step up the selection and created your own brunch bar. Have the kids place bowls of each topping out next to a pot filled with oatmeal. Each family member can mix and match their own toppings.

Salad Selection

Add a bit of lunch to brunch with a salad bar. Let the kids tear lettuce apart and plate other veggies. When it’s time to eat, everyone can create their own special salad.