Breaking the Fast with Yom Kippur Meals

healthy soup

As one of the Jewish High Holy Days, Yom Kippur is a fall holiday that is majorly important. Known as the Day of Atonement, this holiday is also a fasting day. While children aren’t encouraged to fast, adults often do. To break the fast, it’s advisable to eat an easy-on-the-stomach meal. Even though the kids aren’t fasting, they can still enjoy this meal too. What types of meals can you make for Yom Kippur, and how can your child help to prepare them?

Breakfast for Dinner

Literally break-the-fast with breakfast. A heavy meal (such as chocolate chip pancakes or blueberry waffles) probably won’t do right now. Instead, opt for something simple such as eggs or a veggie omelet. The kids can help by cracking the eggs or washing vegetables. You can also add on cut fresh fruit or toast.

A Simple Salad

Salads are beyond easy to make, healthy and perfect for kids to help prep. Your child can wash the lettuce (and other vegetables) and add them to a mixing bowl. Keep in mind, you may need to do the cutting for your child. Older kids and teens can chop the veggies, but little ones may need mom or dad to use the knife for them. Add in grilled chicken or tofu for a heartier meal.

Not-So-Stuffing Soup

Homemade chicken noodle soup is an easy pick for this breaking the fast meal. The kids can measure chicken stock or mix in cut vegetables (before you turn on the heat). Stir cubed grilled or baked chicken and noodles into the broth to complete the holiday soup!